The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 39

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“We’ll be back in about a month after the inspection—everything is up to you, Nora.”

“You can rely on me!”

Nora came to see us off at the entrance of the palace and bowed reverently.

Basically, when we are away for political reasons, we have Nora stay at the royal palace.

This is, of course, to watch what the first queen and second prince are up to.

The Marquis of Friedenreich has sent several agents to the palace, and Nora is in charge of giving them instructions.

Nora is very good at this kind of administrative work, so I’ve asked her to help me while she works as Liz’s lady-in-waiting.

“… And will you look after my room? Especially the administration seal.

“Yes, Linda and I are the “only” ones in the palace who know where the seal is.”

“Umu, that’s good. You’re excellent, after all.”

I nodded in satisfaction at Nora’s words.


“…Could you also please express your gratitude to me, Your Highness?”

Hanna told me this on the way out of the carriage.

Although her expression did not change, Hanna seemed a little… sulky.

“Naturally, I am grateful to Hanna. Liz and I can spend our days in peace because of your constant vigilance.”

I’ve had a food poisoning incident once in the last year and a half.

I had no idea who did it, but Hanna didn’t overlook anyone suspicious at the time and stopped the poisoning, so we’re all safe now.

“But that isn’t all. You are also an excellent secretary who manages my schedule and looks after me perfectly. What more could I want? What’s the problem?”

“… N-No. It’s nothing.”

Hannah suddenly put her hands over her face. I was worried, so I asked her, but she just turned away by answering.

“Ufufu… Dee-sama is far too honest and reserved with those he cares about—But, to be honest, I’m a little envious…”

Liz smiled as she looked into my eyes.

Her amber eyes, however, are clearly unhappy, despite her expression.

Of course, a jealous Liz like this is adorable as well.


“Haha… You’re still good at making my heart skip a beat. It makes me want to hug you until we get to today’s lodging to soothe my heart.”

“S-Seriously, Hannah is looking.”

Liz points out, her face flushed, and I look at Hanna… She’s staring out the window…No, she’s looking out the glass window and glancing at me…

…I have no choice but to give up until we arrive at the inn.

I pick Liz up and return her to her original position, and she now looks at me with a disappointed expression…

So I squeezed her hand even tighter.


Liz appears to be in a better mood now.

“By the way, how is the survey going in Mainrich, the target of this inspection?”

“Yes. Although the city appears to be peaceful on the surface, there are clearly more people missing than in other cities, according to information from an agent who has already infiltrated it.”

“Hmm… So it’s quite possible that human trafficking is still widespread…”

Iit is still fresh in my mind that we had a similar incident during our previous inspection, in which a human trafficking ring was involved, and we thoroughly crushed it.

“Hanna, are you saying that a human trafficking ring is involved again this time?”

“Yes, that is a strong possibility. It’s just…”


“The traffickers appear to be linked to Viscount Reinke, Lord of Mainrich.

…I see a pattern between the nobility and the human traffickers.

If that’s the case, this visit was a wise choice.


“…This is a lucky find.”

In fact, I had purposefully chosen the locations for my inspection mission.

Around 70% of them are ruled by nobles from the faction of the second prince.

In fact, compared to other nobles, many of the cities run by the nobles of the Second Prince faction are unsafe. Oscar and the others haven’t done anything yet because this is a good reason to do inspections…

This time, though, we found a link between the nobles of the Second Prince faction and criminal groups.

So, if we find it in this investigation, we’ll have a good reason to look into the other nobles’ involvement in criminal organizations as well.

“Fufu… This will make it easier to dismantle the second prince faction.”

“Yes, and as Minister of the Interior, my father-in-law will be able to expand his powers.”

Originally, His Majesty the King assigned me to the inspection mission on the recommendation of the Marquis of Friedenreich, who is in charge of the kingdom’s internal affairs.

As a result, the other nobles will be even more attentive to my father-in-law than they were before.

“Fufu… Dee-sama isn’t just being nice.”

“Obviously, Kindness alone will not suffice to govern a country. Above all, kindness is insufficient to protect Liz, Hanna, Nora, and everyone else I care about.”

Yes, I realized after seeing Liz’s who prayed for me.

To protect the women you truly care about, you must be strong.

“I hope you both show your strength in Mainrich.”


“You can rely on us.”

I burst out laughing when I saw their confidence.

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