The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 37

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•Oscar Tu Estline Perspective 2

“Ha!? Why did that guy’s name appear?!”

I lost my cool yet again and kicked the wall.

Why does he always get in the way?!

I’m superior to him! Everyone praises me!

He’s just a few months older than me!

“Your Highness! What’s the matter?!”

I kept kicking the wall, and Linda, the chambermaid, came running in a panic.

“Ah Linda… Which is better, me or Elder Brother?”


“I asked, who’s better!”

“…O-Of course, His Highness Oscar!”

“Then why am I second?!”

I then started yelling at Linda.

I allowed myself to become engrossed in this angsty feeling.

After that…

“Fufufu… It’s all right, Oscar.”


“Listen. We all know you’re the better prince, but being the second… you can’t let Dietrich get ahead of you, can you?”

“That’s right! I don’t want to be behind him!”

I expressed my thoughts to Okasama.

That’s right! He irritates me! He’s getting in my way!

“Then tell everyone how great you are. No, you have to show them that Dietrich is hopelessly inferior, that he’s just the firstborn, evil thing who gets in the way of Oscar, right? “..

“Yes! Yes, I see!”

Okasama’s words opened my eyes.

That’s right! I have no doubt that I am superior to him!

Then we should tell everyone that the first prince is even worse than he is!

“Linda! Spread it as soon as possible in the royal palace! That he is nothing more than a blot (stain) on the kingdom!”

“Y-Yes, your highness!”

“Ufufu. Don’t worry, I’ll assist you. It’ll spread throughout the palace in less than a month, and throughout the kingdom in a year. The first prince will be dubbed the “Cold-Blooded Prince.”

“The Cold-Blooded Prince! That’s precisely what he is!—Wahaha! That’s right! Then everyone will know! Marguerite, too!”

“Marguerite? Who is she?”

Okasama inquired with interest after I exclaimed happily.

“Marguerite Friedenreich is Marquis Friedenreich’s daughter!”

“Hmm… I see…”

Okasama then displayed a cold expression.

I’m wondering if I said anything strange…

“Well, it doesn’t really matter. Anyway, aren’t we going to knock that Dietrich down?”

“You’re right, Okasama!”

Okasama smiled as I responded cheerfully.


Then Linda began spreading rumors about him among the court ladies, and Okasama complained to many wives at tea parties.

Okasama was right. Soon after, all the nobles began referring to the puppet bastard as the “Cold-Blooded Prince” behind his back.

Although the name “Cold-Blooded Prince” has not yet spread throughout the country due to his lack of public appearances. However, when he reaches the age of 15, he will be a Cold-Blooded Prince both in name and in reality.

That’s not all.

“Haha! I’m curious about what Marguerite is thinking about him right now! After all, the guy she liked is a useless prince dubbed the “Cold-Blooded Prince”!

I laughed to myself, picturing Marguerite’s disappointment in him.

That’s right! I’m not sure why she was interested in that guy, but she now knows!

I am the only man who would be suitable for Marguerite!

“Ah…! I’m so excited to meet Marguerite! And how will she react to that puppet? No, I want to hear her say something negative about the “Cold-Blooded Prince!”

I had been looking forward to meeting her, but she never showed up at any of the social gatherings, so I never got to meet her.

I became intrigued and asked Linda to investigate, and it appears that she is studying to become a respectable lady.

Wahaha… since she’ll be used for my benefit, it’ll be interesting to see the well-educated grown-up Marguerite.

I will wait for that moment and think even more about that beautiful fairy.



“H-His Majesty Dietrich is set to marry Marguerite-sama, the daughter of the Marquis of Friedenreich…”

I discovered she was engaged to the “Cold-Blooded Prince.”


“…it’s all because of the “Cold-Blooded Prince” and that obnoxious king!”

“Eh?! Y-Your Highness?! It’s a bad thing to criticize His Majesty the King!”

“What?! Please tell me again!”


I glared at Linda, who chastised me for my words, and she just stammered and slumped down after.

“Sigh…We did, however, manage to attract one-third of the nobles from the First Queen’s faction to the party, so it was a success. I think that’s enough for today.”

This time, I used today’s party, which gathered all of the kingdom’s nobles, to try to break the first queen’s faction.

This was the idea of Marquis Collengel, who had been working for the First Queen, and it worked out quite well.

He was obviously laying the groundwork for today.

But I was tired of the aristocrats who were always recommending me for a fiancée.

“But, as expected, Okasama is incredible! I was so close to being on par with that Old-Hag!”

Yes, the number of nobles who joined has already surpassed that of the First Queen, and their wealth and military power rival that of the Duke of Wallenstein.

That stupid First Queen isn’t aware of it, so I can’t help but laugh.

“Wahaha… I wonder what the Old Hag and the Cold-Blooded Prince will look like when I reveal this to them when it comes time to choose the crown prince?!”

When they become desperate, it will be ugly for sure.

More importantly,

“Marguerite… I’m going to save you—and this time I won’t make a mistake.”

I muttered, my mouth hanging open as I imagined her clinging to me, tears streaming down her cheeks.

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