The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 33

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“I love the night breeze…”

Marguerite and I returned to the garden with the fountain where we first met after the party.

Lilies were in full bloom, taking the place of Margaret, who had been in bloom since last month.

“Lilies and Margaret are lovely, but Lily also looks lovely on Marguerite.”

“Fua!? Di, Dietrich-sama, what are you doing all of a sudden?”

Marguerite responded with a cute voice and a red face to my honest impression.

Haha… After all, Marguerite is deserving of a compliment.

“However, I’d like to see you surrounded by different flowers as the seasons change. Until the end of the world.”

“M-Me as well—I want to spend my entire life with Dietrich-sama…”

When Marguerite said this, she leaned on my shoulder, which was unusual.

“Since we’re here, why don’t we sit on the fountain’s edge?”


I draped a handkerchief over the edge and let her sit.

“Ufufu…Dietrich-sama is a true gentleman.”

“What exactly do you mean?—Isn’t that the kind of attention you deserve?”

“Isn’t that right? I don’t think we can expect that from His Highness Oscar, do you?”

“Haha, you’re right.”

Marguerite laughs and looks amused, and I join her in her laughter.

“Hey… Marguerite.”

“…what is it?”

“Since I met you and got to know you, my heart has grown so much richer.”

“Dietrich-sama—I am as well. I’ve been thinking about you ever since I first met you that day, and you prayed for my mother…”


Marguerite murmurs as she looks up at the full moon in the night sky.

In the moonlight, her soft, smiling profile was fantastic and mysterious, and I couldn’t take my gaze away from her.

“Marguerite… I dreamed…”

“A dream?”

Marguerite looked at me strangely, as if she didn’t understand what I was saying.

“Yes, it was a dream. I was beheaded on the decapitation table in that dream.”

“…Even if it’s just a dream, I don’t want to see you like that.”

“I don’t either. I never want to go through that again.”

As she listens to me, she turns her head to the side, and I gently take her white hand in mine.

“But, as Marguerite discovered today, I have a lot of enemies. Oscar, and the first queen, my mother. Maybe even my sister Josephine.”


Marguerite’s expression remained unchanged, but she tightened her grip on my hand.

She must be feeling a mix of rage, sadness, and frustration.

“But even in my dreams, I was clumsy, but you stayed by my side and supported me, and I… kept you away from me by pressuring you to call off your engagement.”


“…I was scared. I was afraid you’d get caught up with the Cold-Blooded Prince and lose your life.”

Sigh… Hearing all of this must be perplexing for Marguerite…

I’m still unsure of whether it was a dream or reality.

“…That’s what happened in the dream to that stupid… me…”

“Stupid? You’ll never be stupid…No, it’s me who’s stupid.”

I try to correct Marguerite, but she refuses to listen.

“I should have spent my entire life with you. Why couldn’t I have saved Dietrich-sama from such a fate? And why did I abandon the helpless Dietrich-sama…”

Tears welled up in Marguerite’s amber eyes.

Really……such eventually…

“Hahaha… In my dream, you were there until the very end. You were praying for me in the midst of abusive people until the moment I died…”

“…No, prayers will not save Dietrich-sama…!”

“No, you rescued me—that prayer undoubtedly saved my life.”

I gently grasp Marguerite’s shoulders as she sobs uncontrollably and appears distressed.

“And when I awoke from my dream, I had made up my mind—I’m going to make Marguerite happy. I would answer your prayers.”

“Dietrich, sama…”

“You changed this stupid me, Marguerite…”

Yes… and my kind of feeling for you is limitless.




She looked at me with tear-filled amber eyes when I said her name.

as if she was anticipating something.

I’m going to tell you now.

My true emotions.

“Marguerite… I love you.”


Marguerite was taken aback by my confession.

“Your dignity, grace, beauty, and strength… I adore everything about you, from the tips of your hair to the tips of your toes! To protect you… I’d give anything to make you happy!”

I couldn’t keep my feelings for Marguerite to myself and found myself holding her close to my heart.


“I, too—I love Dietrich-sama as well! I love you! Since the moment you prayed for me, No! I’m so full of thoughts for you right now! Every time I touch your feelings! Every time I touch your kindness…!”

Marguerite looks at me from the bottom of her heart and tells me everything she is feeling.

Seeing her like that makes my feelings for her grow stronger…!

“That’s why! That’s why! I’m going to make Dietrich-sama happy! With everything I’ve got!”

“Me too—Me too! I’ll make you the happiest woman in the world! And… We’ll be happy together…!”


Marguerite and I hugged, surrounded by moonlight and the sound of fountain water.

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