The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 32

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“Thank you so much for being here for Marguerite and me today.”

“I “Thank you very much.”


At the exit of the hall, Marguerite and I greet the nobles who have attended.

More than half of the nobles have already left, and the remaining ones are from the faction of the first queen. No, it appears that they have all switched sides, from the First Queen’s faction to the Second Prince’s faction.

“…It appears that many of the nobles have deserted the First Queen.”


Marguerite nods softly as she overhears.

Hannah had made a list of the factions of the first queen and the second prince ahead of time.

Marguerite appears to be a very capable individual, as she was able to understand so much just by reading at the reception.

“””Your Highness Dietrich.”””

“Well, this is Count Bachmann, Baron Trader, and Baron Boltz. Did you have a good time today?”

“Haha, we had a good time today, yes—I’m going to sleep soundly tonight because of you.”

Count Bachmann responded with a smile.

After that night, it appears that the nobles of “my” first prince’s faction were able to strengthen their friendship.

“Well, I hope to hear from you again soon.”

“Yes, please be careful.”

They were in a good mood as they exited the hall.

“Ufufu… Are these Dietrich-sama’s new friends?”

“Yes, they are—but, you know, they’re also your allies.”

“Yes—Of course, I am aware of it.”

Marguerite smiled and nodded in response to my words.


“Hello there, Marguerite. And also, Elder Brother.”



Oscar calls out to us from behind, which surprises us.

But why did he call Marguerite first, despite the fact that I was present?

…Well, Marguerite is staring at Oscar with the expression of someone staring at an insect.

“It’s late already, but you haven’t returned to your room?”

“Wahaha, I’ve been quite busy myself. However, since I’d only recently been released, I decided to spend the evening breeze with Marguerite.”

Oscar moved his gaze from Marguerite’s face to her torso, then to her feet, and back to her face.

Marguerite covered her mouth with a fan and looked away.

“Don’t be ridiculous. We have to send all of the guests away, and I would never leave her alone with anyone other than me.”

“”Is that so? In a way, Marguerite and I are…family.”

…Who do you think you’re talking about family to?


“Ufufu—Your Highness Oscar says something interesting.”

Marguerite laughed as her fan covered her mouth.

“Well, I’m glad Marguerite was pleased. So…”

“Of course, I refuse.”

Marguerite declines, interrupting Oscar’s conversation with a happy expression on her face.

“Ufufu… You see, I’m a bit picky. Unfortunately, Your Highness Oscar was not up to my standards.”

“…Heh. Isn’t that a little disrespectful, even though you’re Older Brother’s fiancée?”

Oscar glared at Marguerite and was upset that she made fun of him.

“Really? You, who have no regard for propriety, are discussing disrespect? So, how are you going to make amends for your extremely impolite treatment of my fiancée, the first prince, and your brother?”

I stood between Marguerite and Oscar, my back to her.

“…whatever. I’m exhausted, so I’ll retire to my room.”

Oscar, who had been pushed in the wrong direction, left here as if he couldn’t deal with it anymore.

“…a characterless individual. Even if he becomes king, he will be destroyed by the nobles’ and people’s displeasure, or he will be underestimated by other nations and invaded and destroyed.”

Marguerite said, with a sigh.

…The former is my reality, so it hurts my ears…

“W-Well, thinking about people like that also makes me feel uneasy. Anyway, there are no more visitors.”

“T-That’s right…”

Marguerite reacted nervously as soon as I said that.

“Please excuse me. I’ll assist with the cleaning.”

“P-Please excuse me as well.”

Hanna and Nora then walked away.

Apparently, both of them were attentive to us.

“So, Marguerite, shall we go?”


I took Marguerite’s hand in mine and we exited the palace.

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