The Clumsy Cold-Blooded Prince, Who Lost His Life Due to His Brother’s Scheming, Became the Wise King After Fighting in His Second Life for the Clumsy Marchioness – Chapter 34

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“Hmm… What’s the matter…?”

Marguerite began squirming on my chest while I was hugging her.

“No…” I couldn’t help but rub my cheek against Dietrich-sama when I realized he felt the same way I did…”

…How sweet of my beloved fiancée to say that…

“I-I see, well… I’m a little worried about the smell of sweat…”

“What do you mean—Dietrich-sama has a gentle and calming scent… and your heartbeat is relaxing…”

“Then I’m relieved… You also have a lovely lilac scent, don’t you?”

“Ah… p-please don’t smell too strongly…”

She hid her face in shame when I told her this.

I can’t stop admiring Marguerite’s every move.

I just want her to myself…

“Hey… Marguerite.”

“What is it~?”

“…I love you.”

“Fua?! I mean, I’m already aware of that…”

Haha… She has such a sweet voice when I tell her how I feel… That was not my intention, though.

“No, you’re a little off topic—I want to make you, my special lady, more of my own. “

“W-What do you mean by that?”

“Well, at the very least, to demonstrate that Marguerite is my own precious lady, I’d like to address you by your given name—What are your thoughts?”

“Fuaaaa~a?! Di, Dietrich-sama’s nickname for me?”


Well… This has been on my mind for some time.

Aside from her father, the Marquis of Friedenreich, Oscar is the only person who addresses her by name. It was intolerable.

And when Oscar addresses her by her first name rather than her honorific title… that is unforgivable.

“I’m going to give you a unique nickname. So, other than Marguerite, what other names have you had?”

“Fua?! W-Well, let me think… My late grandmother loved me and called me “Mari.”

“Ah, I see…”

Marguerite’s cheeks flushed with nostalgia as she said this.

“Mari,” you say? So, in that case…

“I’m afraid I can’t call you “Mari.”

“Eh? Why is that…?”

“Because it’s a special memory of you and your grandmother. We must treasure it.”

She nodded when I told her.


“…Really, Dietrich-sama, how nice you are…”

“Is that so? But if so, it’s all because of you. Let’s leave it at that…”

“Fufu… then I’ll do that.”

Marguerite loosened her lips and happily rubbed her cheek against my chest.

Haha… I never expected her to be so sweet to me, despite her clumsiness. I’m glad I told her how I really felt about her.

If it’s not Mari, it’s Marguerite, so she’s a “Rite”….I don’t believe so.”

For some reason, this name makes me think of a princess who is a little bit naughty…

Perhaps we are similar in that we are devoted to the one we love…

“…What about “Liz”?

“Liz… Dietrich-sama’s nickname for me alone…”

Marguerite timidly repeated her nickname, “Liz” over and over again.

“Dietrich-sama—Thank you for bestowing such a lovely name on me…”

Marguerite—No, Liz gave me a debauchery smile.

“I’m glad you liked it. Now let’s move on… I guess it’s Liz’s turn now.”

“It’s my turn?”

Liz cocked her head, unsure of what I was saying.

“Well, I’d like Liz to call me by a special name as well.”


You don’t need to be surprised…

“I-I mean, Liz, you don’t want to?”

With puppy dog eyes, I inquire.

I already know Liz likes me, but she’s a clumsy girl. I’m sure she’ll be terrified and consider it disrespectful. There is no denying that she may reject it for whatever reason.

Even if its is a little cowardly, she is still a kind and caring person, if you will. I’m confident she’ll accept it.

“Fua… Dietrich-sama, that’s a cheating expression to use…”

…rather, you’re the cheating one…

I mean, what a lovely creature. It makes you want to love it with all your might.

“So, Liz, will you call me by a special nickname?”


Liz nodded shyly, and I mentally pumped my fist several times.

“W-Well, then, since I’ve only been called Dietrich, it doesn’t matter what nickname Liz calls me, does it?”

“Oh, I-I see… Then…”

Liz paused for a moment, her amber eyes moistened, and she looked at me.

“…How about Dee-sama…?”

“‘Dee…Dee! I love it!”


I was so overjoyed that I picked up Liz and twirled around in front of the fountain.

“Hahaha! Liz! Liz!”

“Fufufu! Dee-sama! Dee-sama!”

Liz and I kept calling each other by our nicknames with big smiles.

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