Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 4

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“So, where am I now?”

Ninya is looking at her surroundings.

“No matter how incompetent I am, I know this is a dungeon!”

She intended to make a sound effect. However, there is no such thing.

“Well, there are only weak monsters here, so it must be the dungeon’s upper level.”

The truth is that it was the dungeon’s lower level.

Multilegged-Dragons, by the way, are B-class monsters, which means they are extremely powerful.

“Oh my goodness, I have no idea why I’m here… Oh well, I guess I’m incompetent.”

Ninya was depressed.

The headache was to blame for everything.

Nina’s ability to think had been hampered for a long time due to the headache.

So she’d spent many days simply doing what she was told in a subconscious state.

She had no idea where she was because of this.

Nina is a naturally talkative person, but she had a headache that made it difficult for her to speak.

This was the real Ninya.

“Well, first of all, I was taken in by the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 and then they…”

She remembers a lot of things.

She recalls being beaten, given strange medicine, and forced to fight demons with a sword.

(Heh? Wasn’t I terribly mistreated?!)

Nina finally realized what was going on.

(In particular, I believe clan master Garga did a lot of things to me! I’m getting kind of angry now that I remember.)

“Hmph! Hmph! Hmph!”

Nina’s feet stomped on the ground.

(I’m surprised I’ve survived this long.)

Ninya thought about this deeply.

If Ninya had been more sober, she would have experienced a crisis and chosen to flee the clan.

But her headache kept her from thinking that far.

“I’m tired of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】. I have to keep 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 from finding me.”

If they find her, they’ll probably put her back on drugs and force her to use the 【buff/modified】 all the time.

Ninya wishes to avoid this.

To do so, she must leave the range of the【Gray-Brigade-Clan】’s activity.

(Well, before that, I have to get out of this dungeon first.)

But Ninya had no idea where the exit was.

(I’m in a pickle.)

She was at a loss for words.

Ninya didn’t have a map of the dungeon with her, and her headache made it difficult for her to remember how to get there.

“Ugh, I guess I’m incompetent after all.”

Ninya’s favorite word is “incompetent” because it’s a remark that the clan’s members have frequently made to her.

“It’s pointless to cry over spilt milk; let’s go exploring first.”

She has no choice but to explore the dungeon on foot because she doesn’t know.

“Agility【buff/modified】, Strength【buff/modified】.”

She ran through the dungeon while wearing two 【buff/modified】 stats.

Her speed was so fast that she could easily outrun an S-class adventurer.

although she didn’t realize it.

“There, the exit!”

A few minutes later, she finds a way out.

However, the exit is only for this floor to the previous or next floor.

There is still no escape from the dungeon.

You need to enter a blue or white glowing transfer station to teleport to another floor.

But there is one issue.

“Maybe it’s the entrance to the next floor.”

Ninya isn’t sure which one is an exit to the previous level or an entrance to the next.

As she recalls, one of the circles is blue and the other is red.

Ninya was supposed to be used to exploring the dungeon and switching between floors, but she couldn’t remember which was which.

After all, headaches are the root of the problem.

“Well, whatever works.”

Worrying about it does not guarantee that an answer will be forthcoming someday.

So she decided to charge headlong into the blue transfer line.

“Oops, maybe this is the next floor?”

There’s also a chance that this is the next floor up from where she was before.

“It doesn’t look that different from the previous level, does it?”

A forest unfolds before her eyes.

The sun was rising even though the dungeon was beneath the earth. And to this day, no one understands the reasoning behind this.

“All right, let’s run once more and find a way out!”

So she 【buff/modified】 her agility and strength and ran in all directions.

Then she heard a rustling noise in the front.

“Oh, there’s a demon!”

A poison-clawed dragon stood directly in front of Ninya.

She suddenly realized something.

“If I fight this demon and compare its strength to that of the dragons with many legs, I’ll know whether this is the next or previous level!”

The lower you go in a dungeon, the stronger the monsters become.

Even Ninya was aware of this.

If she fights the Poison-Clawed-Dragon and is weaker than a Multilegged-Dragon, she is on an upper floor, and vice versa.

(Perhaps Ninya-chan is a genius?!)

Ninya-chan was pleased with herself for her inventiveness.

“Okay, agility【buff/modified】!

Ninya is prepared and charges in.

The Poison-Clawed-Dragon became aware of Ninya’s presence and expelled a large amount of purple mist from its mouth.

“Oh no! It’s poison!”

It’s easy to guess that the purple mist is poisonous.

She can’t attack unless she can get rid of the poison.

(Oh, that’s right!)

Ninya has a brilliant idea.


It’s not a problem if she’s poisoned and healed at the same time, right? Perhaps Ninya-chan is smarter than she thinks!

With this, she can get closer to the Poison-Clawed-Dragon.

“Keh-hoh, keh-hoh.”

She feels a little pain when she is hit by poison, but she can force her way through with her Natural-healing-power【buff/modified】.

“Physical-attack-power【buff/modified】! Take this!”

Upon getting close enough to strike, she punched the demon.


The strike sank the Poison-Clawed-Dragon in a single blow.

It was so weak.

“So this is the upper floor!”

Ninya was ecstatic.

(If I keep looking for the blue transfer station, I might be able to escape the dungeon someday.)

“Let’s get to the next blue transfer station as soon as possible!”

So Ninya continued her journey, 【buff/modified】 her agility and strength and looking for the next exit.

It’s worth noting that the dungeon is designed so that when you go into the blue transfer station, you go down to the lower floor.

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