Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 3

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—○Skill 【buff】has attained level 99. Now that it has reached level 99, the skill will now evolve○—

(A voice from heaven. That’s something I’ve never heard of before.) 

Ninya thinks.

Someone had once told her that when she mastered a skill, she would hear a voice from above.

Ninya had never heard the voice from heaven before because she had never learned any skills.

She was aware that the more she used her skills, the stronger they became, but she was unaware of the concept of levels.

That was new to her.

Did the other adventurers find out?

But, she was not surprised that she reached level 99, because she had been using her skills all the time.

Of course she would have gotten there.

—○The skill 【buff】 has evolved to 【buff/modified】.○—

Ninya was attentively listening to heaven’s voice.

—○By evolving to 【buff/modified】, the restriction that “one cannot 【buff】 oneself ” was removed○—

(Oh, I can 【buff】 myself now…)

She wondered if she could have contributed more to the clan if she had evolved to 【buff/modified】 sooner.

( Huh? My headache is better. )

I wonder why? I wonder.

Ninya suddenly realizes she is not applying  【buff】 to anyone anymore.

Perhaps the 【buff】she used to give others has faded with evolution.

The headache was caused by the pain of buffing all the clan members.

Ninya’s mind was clouded by a terrible headache, which meant Ninya subconsciously buffed everyone in the clan.

She gradually regained her lost ability to think as the headache subsided.

(Yes, I’m going to be eaten if I don’t do something…)

The massive multi-legged dragon moves slowly, getting closer and closer.

(I’ll give it a try.)

Ninya stands up and thinks.

“All status 【buff/modified】.”

She feels a surge of strength.

However, if you think about it rationally, this usage is inefficient. Even non-essential ability values are being boosted.

“Unbuff. Physical Attack Power【buff/modified】.

Once all 【buff/modified】  statuses have been removed, 【buff/modified】  is only applied to attack power.


The Multilegged-Dragon snarls and leaps at her.

Then she aims at its head as it gets closer to contact.


and unleashes a fist.

The multi-legged dragon’s head retracted with a thud.

“It unexpectedly works…”

She thought as she watched the Multilegged-Dragon get blown away.

“Could it be that it’s weak…?”

She had no idea how strong she was.

And Ninya had never considered herself strong. This is because Ninya grew up being called “incompetent”. That explains Ninya’s low self-esteem.


It appears that Multilegged-Dragon worked in groups.

When they saw that one of their own had died, a swarm of Multilegged-Dragons attacked at once.


As she speaks, she delivers a punch, and any Multilegged-Dragons who are hit are blown to pieces.

“I’m still weak.”

Ninya scores yet again.

A single blow blew away the Multilegged-Dragon.


Ninya suddenly realized that a Multilegged-Dragon claws had sunk into her back.

The attack hit Ninya, and she was blown away.


As she is hit by a wall, Ninya falls with a strange cry.


The wound heals as she chants.

Ninya thinks to herself, (this is a convenient way to use it.)

“I was so focused on the attack. I kind of regret it.”

There were still a few Multilegged-Dragons ahead of her.


She then applies 【buff/modified】 to not only attack power but also agility.

Then it became possible to travel at breakneck speed.

She annihilated the Multilegged-Dragons one by one.

“Haa, they’re all dead.”

There were several dead bodies of Multilegged-Dragons in front of her.

“I knew it was weak monsters.”

(They only looked strong on the outside.)

“Oh, my headache is gone before I even realize it?!”

(I can finally concentrate on my thoughts!)

“Now, what should I do?”

Ninya ponders in the lower levels of the dungeon.


Ninya’s 【buff】 held another important secret.

A normal buff, for example, increases attack power (1.1x the attack power of the entire party); regardless of how many people are in your party, the attack power remains 1.1x.

If there are two players in the group, one player’s attack power (except the caster) is multiplied by 1.1; if there are three players in the group, the attack power of two players is still multiplied by 1.1.

As a result, whether the party has four or five members, the value of 1.1x remains constant.

This, however, was not the case with Ninya’s 【buff】.

Although Ninya posses incredible storage of power, as the number of targets increases, Ninya’s 【buff】 becomes less and less effective.

Ninya’s buff is a giant pound cake that everyone can share.

Now that Ninya is no longer buffing everyone in the clan, she can reap the full benefits of the 【buff】 all on her own.

As previously stated in the pound cake analogy, she can now have the entire pound cake to herself, which was previously shared by everyone.

What happens if you have access to a level-crested 【buff/modified】 all to yourself?

The strongest are born.

Nevertheless, it is a long way off for Ninyaherself to know about it.

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