Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 5

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Few demons could match Ninya’s agility 【buff/modified】.

As a result, Ninya was free to roam the dungeon.

She could ignore dragons on the road, as well as attacking dryads and Griffins.

(I guess the demons can’t follow me because I’m getting closer to the upper floors.)

Ninya was thinking frivolously.

In reality, Ninya was making her way to the dungeon’s lower floor.

Nonetheless, Ninya had one concern.

(I haven’t seen any other adventurers at all.)

Generally, the higher you go, the more likely it is that you will meet other adventurers.

But she didn’t notice any.

Why is this the case?

(It doesn’t really matter!)

Ninya-chan gave up thinking.

It was pointless to think about it because she would never find out anyway.

In fact, Ninya-chan had no idea she was going deeper into the dungeon at all.

Right then—

“Damn you—Dirty creature!”

An angry man’s voice could be heard.

Then there was a clash of swords with a demon.

(It’s another adventurer!)

Let’s go check it out for now.

But, she can’t just show up and surprise them, so she’ll hide in the bushes for a while and see what’s going on.

(Fufu…a five-person party.)

A swordsman with a sword in his hand faces a demon as the vanguard.

A magician is chanting an incantation behind him.

A priest is healing two injured adventurers further behind them.

The opposing demon is called Gigante-Conejo.

Its size can reach 5 meters, making it the largest of all rabbit demon species.

Its rank is A-class.

(What a massive rabbit! It’s also adorable! I’d like to fluff it up.)

Ninya-chan imagines herself jumping into the big rabbit’s stomach and shouting “Yay!”

(It’s large, but I doubt it’s as powerful as it appears—Afterall, cute demons can’t possibly be that powerful.)

Ninya was a little silly.

But you can’t blame Ninya.

She had been persecuted by the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 for a long time and had suffered from headaches. That experience turned Ninya into a moron.

Yes, Ninya-chan was just a hapless victim.

(However, those adventurers are in trouble. They must be newbies.)

The dungeon’s upper levels are usually a hunting ground for inexperienced adventurers.

By the way, the people fighting right now are all A-class adventurers and skilled fighters.

(The best time to grow as an adventurer is when you can get rid of the hardships. Good luck, newbies!)

She was speaking from the position of a veteran.

Ninya has been an adventurer for eight years, so she can be considered a veteran.

The adventurer in front of her, on the other hand, was clearly older than Ninya.

When the swordsman facing the Gigante-Conejo was blown away, Ninya was watching the battle with bated breath.

Only the magician was left.

The magician desperately casts his magic, but the Gigante-Conejo appears unfazed.

At this rate, the adventurers will perish.

“Isn’t it a veteran adventurer’s job to help newbies?”

Ninya says, leaping out.


Then she threw a punch.


The Gigante-Conejo lifted off the ground with a loud thud.

However, because of its size, it appears that it cannot be defeated with a single punch.

“Then another shot! Physical-attack-power 【buff/modified】!”

She delivers another punch. But the Gigante-Conejo still won’t go down.

“Then, I’ll just keep hitting!” uryaaAAAAa!!”

She delivered the punch over and over again.

And when she came to her senses, the Gigante Conejo had fallen.


Ninya wipes off her sweat.

(I guess it’s hard to do damage with only punches after all.)

When Ninya escapes the dungeon, she decides to purchase a sword.

“T-Thank you a lot…”

The female priestess expresses gratitude to Ninya for her assistance.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s also my job.”

(It is one of an adventurer’s responsibilities to assist newbies!)

“No, we’re grateful for the assistance. By the way, you’re very strong.”

It was only natural for Ninya, the “veteran” to be stronger than the “newbies.”

“W-Well, I suppose so hehe~…

On the other hand, she doesn’t mind being praised.

Ninya was embarrassed.

“Don’t flatter her, Myktis. She’s part of 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】. She’ll make us owe her and charge us a lot of interest!”

Suddenly, the party’s swordsman lunged at Ninya.

(Eh?! How did he know Ninya-chan was a member of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】?)

“A-Are you an esper?!”

Maybe he’s actually an amazing person.

“I can tell you’re a 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 member by your outfit!”

“My outfit?”

The 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】, as the name implies, wore trendy gray clothing.

Of course, Ninya was dressed in a gray cloak.

“Oh, I see.”

Ninya is convinced.

“Anyway, I despise the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】! So don’t expect a thank you for saving us!”

The swordsman declared.

It’s understandable that the swordsman would say something like that.

The 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 ruled Nelsoy City, where the S-class dungeon is located.

In the city, there are differences in how you are treated depending on whether you are a member of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 or not.

For example, if you are a member of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】, you have first priority when purchasing weapons and preferential treatment when selling materials.

Furthermore, the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 can eat without having to wait in line.

This is because the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 gives away a lot of money, but it is also true that other adventurers find it annoying.

Furthermore, many 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 members are arrogant, which frequently leads to conflicts with other adventurers.

Most adventurers now avoid the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 as much as possible, because fighting them in Nelsoy City makes it impossible to survive as an adventurer.

As a result, the A-class party held a grudge against the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.

Even though they are an A-class party, they are not part of the clan, so they have had to deal with many disadvantages.

“But she’s a girl, and we owe her thanks for her help.”

The priestess consoled him.

“Hmph! She must have gotten stronger using some rumored 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 secret potion. They’re full of guys who got strong through deception but still exude bigotry! I despise them!”

Ninya, by the way, is the rumored “secret potion”.

The 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 wanted to keep Ninya’s existence as hidden as possible so that it would not be discovered by other clans.

However, advertising Ninya’s existence is the quickest way to attract people.

As a result, the plan was to advertise that the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 possessed a secret potion that would strengthen them.

By doing so, they have succeeded in attracting people while concealing the existence of Ninya.

“Hey, Randy—Leave it at that.”

“Why do you have to fight her just because she belongs to the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】?”

Randy, the swordsman, was also condemned by the other party members.

They were blaming Randy partly out of conscience but also out of fear of making an enemy of the 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】.


Randy, the swordsman, became quiet.

“I’m really sorry. You must have been offended.”

The priestess stated.

“No, it’s all right.”

In fact, Ninya was fine.

On the contrary, she wanted to sympathize with him, saying, “Yeah, I understand. The【Gray-Brigade-Clan】 It’s the worst, isn’t it?”

“But still, to easily defeat the Gigante-Conejo, you must be at least in the SS class.”

The SS class.

(Isn’t she overpraising me?!)

But Ninya did not feel bad.

“Well, I’m definitely stronger than you newbies.”


Ninya didn’t mean anything negative when she said those words.

However, their party was the best of the best that could reach the dungeon’s lower levels.

True, they struggled against the Gigante-Conejo, but that was due to repeated battles, and if they had been able to fight under ideal conditions, they would have easily defeated the demon.

They, too, have pride.

The priestess, who always treated Ninya calmly, was no exception.

And yet, just now, they were mocked as “newbies”.

“Fu, fufu bullcr*p!! You don’t have the right to call us newbies just because you’re a member of 【Gray-Brigade-Clan】!!”

“Even I’m upset about that.”

“That’s true.”

“Y-Yes. That is something I would like to see corrected…”

(Eh? Why are they angry?!)

Ninya had no idea why they were so angry.

Potato-tan: This chapter explains Ninya is currently between the ages of 15 and 16.

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    1. If I remember correctly, the original is Gigante Kunejo Usagi. The author has a habit of repeating words in different translations. Editor-san didn’t like that, so the name sense was simplified.

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