Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 24

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The day after the goblin hunt, Ninya and Neneli came to the Adventurers’ Guild.

They had returned directly to Neneli’s house by carriage the day before, so they came to sell some of their materials today.

They hoped to get some requests for demons as well.

“It’s truly incredible…”

When the receptionist at the guild’s warehouse saw a large number of goblin corpses coming out of the item box, her tongue curled.


Ninya is in a good mood.

For Neneli, hunting this many goblins is no big deal.

Because of the recent demon subjugation, Neneli’s rank as an adventurer went from E to D.

“Shall we go hunting for stronger demons today?”

Neneli makes a suggestion.

“Neneli-chan can now easily defeat a goblin, isn’t she?”

“Yes, I guess so…”

Neneli, who didn’t mind being praised by Ninya, nodded her head in agreement, although it was thanks to Ninya.

Ninya would have misunderstood if she had been corrected, so Neneli simply agreed with her.

“I hope we get another good request. Let’s see…”

They examine the sign board with the emblazoned request.

It lists the various demons and their locations.

“Well, flying demons like the Griffin are too powerful for us, and fire-salamanders can only attack from a distance.”

They can’t seem to pick demon requests who suit them best at the moment.

The truth is that Neneli and Nina didn’t have much variety in their attacks.

With Ninya, though, it appears that they can defeat any demon by using her buff skill.

Neneli was contemplating this when she overheard the following words.

” Hey, you guys…”

A voice spoke from behind.

They noticed a girl when they turned around.

reddish-brown hair, Her hair was tied back in a bun with a large ribbon at the end. Her clothes were also frilly, and she was dressed more fashionable than in adventurer’s gear.

“Yes, what is it?”

As she turned around, Neneli said.

“Hump, you can be Valla-chan’s servant!”

The young lady was blowing her nose.


Neneli was speechless.

She didn’t quite understand what she was saying.

“Hey, what’s your rank?”

“I’m a D.”

“I’m a D as well.”

“Fufufu, Valla-chan is a C! Isn’t that wonderful?!”

“That’s… great.”

“Fufufu, give me more praise!”

“Wow, you’re amazing!”

“You look like a good girl, so Valla-chan will make you a special servant!”

Ninya is likely to become a servant at this rate, so Neneli pulls Ninya close to her.

“Ninya, don’t get too involved with weirdos.”

“Wait, Valla-chan isn’t a weirdo!”

The girl raises her hands in protest.

“L-Let’s hear her first…”

Neneli steps forward to protect Ninya and confronts the girl.

“Can you explain what you mean by servant?”

“A servant is a servant! Don’t you know what that word means?”

“Ninya, let’s go.”

Neneli takes Ninya’s hand in hers, deciding she is the wrong person to be involved with.

“H-Hey, where are you going?!” Neneli ignores her and continues walking.

“I-Is that all right?”

“It’s best to avoid getting involved with someone like that.”

They walked out of the Adventurers’ Guild while ignoring her.

“Don’t ignore me! Valla-chan, a C-rank, will make you her servant! You’re supposed to say yes!”


“Hey, wait a minute! At least listen to me!”


“P-Please, just listen to me first…”

Finally, she started clinging to them in tears.

Crying on a busy street, they’ve been getting a lot of stares from the people around them.

“Neneli-chan, let’s at least listen to her.”

” I guess so…”

They couldn’t afford to ignore her if she was that desperate.


They had come to the nearby restaurant to talk.

“Fufu…so you’ve finally decided to become Valla-chan’s servant?!”

“…Let’s go home.”

Neneli stands up, wondering if talking to her was a mistake after all.

“Wait, wait! I’m sorry, I got carried away!”

“Neneli-chan, she apologizes. Let’s wait a little longer…”

“…We’ll leave the next time you mention the word servant.”

” Y-Yes.”

Neneli persuaded herself to listen a little longer after Valla nodded.

“Yes, I should introduce myself before we talk. My name is Neneli. “

“My name is Ninya.”

“Valla-chan is Valla-chan!”

“I already know that.”

“What? How?!”

She knew her name without having to introduce herself because she had been calling herself “Valla-chan.”He doesn’t appear to be aware.

” So, what’s the deal?”

“It’s about being Valla-chan’s serv…. No, it isn’t!

Neneli stood up silently as she was about to say “servant,” and Valla quickly corrected herself.

“W-Well, I’d like you to have a party with Valla-chan.”

“A party?”

(Just when I was just thinking about having more people in our party.

I mean, if she wanted to join the party, she should have stated it from the start.)

“By the way, what kind of skills do you have?”

“I’m a healer.”

A healer is an absolute necessity in any party.

Neneli and Ninya aren’t healers, so they’d appreciate it if one joined their party.

“I’m also an astrologer! Isn’t that wonderful?!”

Valla declared, with a smug look on her face.


Amazing, to be sure.

Priests, who use the power of gods and angels, alchemists, who make potions from medicinal herbs, and astrologers, who use the power of the stars, are the three main types of recovery professions.

Astrologers are rare and few in number.

On the other hand, Neneli decided not to say anything about astrologers because she felt Valla would get carried away if she said they were amazing.

“Can I ask you a question? You said you were a C-rank astrologer, correct?”

“Of course I did!”

“I’m sure there are a lot of parties out there looking for a C-rank professional healer, so why us?”

Nina and Neneli are both D-ranked, which is not very high.

If Valla is C-ranked, she can form a party with higher-ranked adventurers, so forming a party with lower-ranked adventurers didn’t make sense.

“Look, because Valla-chan is cute!”

Valla declared proudly.


Neneli was starting to feel like walking out again.

“That’s why the previous party I was in fell apart.”

“What do you mean?”

Because the context isn’t connected, Neneli doesn’t understand what she’s saying.

“Well, the party split up because the men were fighting over Valla-chan.”

“I-I see…”

It’s a common story that a party ended due to a love affair.

“So, because we were the only women in the party, that’s why you approached us.”

“That’s right! I’d had enough of men and was looking for a girls-only party, but I couldn’t find one. I couldn’t go hunting by myself because I’m a healer, so I was in big trouble.”

Neneli decided that, although she had a character flaw, she did not appear to be malicious, so there would be no problem.

“What are your thoughts, Ninya?”

“I think it’s OK. I don’t think she’s a bad person.”

“If Ninya says so, then alright. Let’s form a party.”

“Wow, thank you! It’s a crime to be cute, isn’t it~”


Neneli wondered if everything would go smoothly.

“By the way, what do you mean by servant?”

“When I was there before, I used to call the men servants and they were happy to hear it, so it’s like a habit from that time?”


Neneli began to wonder if she had made the right decision.

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