Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 25

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“So, what kind of demon are we going to hunt?”

The group’s three members, Ninya, Neneli, and Valla, had formed a party, but they hadn’t decided on the most important thing: what kind of demon they should hunt.

“How about a fire salamander?!”

Valla insisted.

Fire-salamanders are a C-rank, but they are considered too difficult for a party of two D-ranks and one C-rank to handle.

“Neneli, you are a magician by the looks of it—can you use ice magic or water magic then?”

“Yes, I can use ice magic. But I’ve heard that fire salamanders are extremely fast. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ll be able to hit it.”

“Hmph, what do you think Valla-chan is here for?!”

So Valla confidently snorts.

Neneli wonders if she has a strategy in mind.

“By the way, Ninya, what can you do?”

“I can only offer support…”

Ninya mutters nervously.

“Support? What exactly is it?”

“Ninya can fight with a sword. That’s good enough. “

“… I’m honestly sorry for leaving the fighting to Neneli-chan.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

While saying so, Neneli wondered when she would realize her strength.

“But a swordsman can’t attack a fire salamander directly.”

True, fire-salamanders are engulfed in flames. If you attack it at close range, the flames will immediately spread to your body.

“Ninya, can’t you use a bow and arrow?”

“Well, I don’t have any bow and arrow skills…”

“But, don’t you think, if you use [buff], you might be able to use it a little?”

“I-I’ll give it a shot!”

As they reached an agreement, they decided to get the tools they would need to fight the fire salamanders.


“Hey, what’s that…?”

Valla is surprised.

“It’s an item box…”

Ninya was storing the bow and arrow she had purchased when she went to the weapons shop into the item box.

“Is this really that rare?”

“No, it’s not just a rare item, it’s an extremely rare item!”

Valla explained, but Ninya was skeptical.

“If you have an item box, you don’t need to bring a lot of luggage.

Normally, if you intend to hunt a large number of demons, you would bring a cart to transport them, but this is unnecessary if you have an item box.

(You will not be able to survive if you are taken aback by something like this.)

Neneli thought to herself.


They then took a horse-drawn carriage ride.

This time, there was a horse-drawn carriage that ran regularly to the village at the foot of the Grande Newde volcano, where the fire-salamanders dwell, so they decided to take it and walk there after arriving.

“Okay? Defeating demons will be a piece of cake if you leave it to Valla-chan!”

Valla, who was leading the way, was proud of herself.

“Wow, Valla-chan is so reliable.”

“…Yes, she is.”

Valla appears to have a lot of experience, so for the time being, Neneli decided to delegate the task to Valla.

“What do you have in your left hand?”

Neneli was intrigued and inquired.

Valla held in her left hand an object made up of various circles floating in the air.

(I suppose it was a magical tool.)

“It is a celestial globe. It is an essential item for astrologers.”

“What does it tell you?”

“It can tell you where demons are!”

Having said that, Valla is leading the way.

Neneli is taken aback because she assumed they were just wandering aimlessly.

“How can you use the power of the stars to track down demons?”

“Exactly because of the stars’ influence and the aether they bring. We can predict the future to some extent if we measure the concentration of this aether.”

“Predicting  the future?”

“Yes, well, the truth is that we really don’t know what the future holds, so all we can do is predict the level of danger. If you go to the darker danger zone, there will be demons there!”

“Wow, that’s really impressive…”

“Fufu, you can continue to worship me.”

“You’re incredible!”

“Muwahaha! Because Ninya is a good girl, Valla-chan will make her a special serv―woohoo!” “

Neneli  hand chopped Valla’s head silently.

If this continued, Ninya was going to be her servant.

If Valla hadn’t gotten carried away like this, Neneli could have also honestly praised her.

“Does this risk assessment count as a skill?”

“It is, indeed, the skill’s name is Danger-Prediction!”

Neneli thought that Valla’s skill would make it much easier to find the demons than she had thought.

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