Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 23

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“I’m tired, Neneli-chan…”

“Hang in there, we’re almost there.”

On the way to Luster Village. Ninya is chastised by Neneli for complaining.

“That’s the Luster Village, girls.”

The peddler pointed ahead to a small village.

“Wow, at long last!”

Ninya runs with her hands in the air.

“Wait, Ninya, wait! “

She heard Neneli’s voice behind her, but she didn’t stop.

She was eager to get to the village and rest.

“Whew, we’re finally here!”

When Ninya reaches the village, she comes to a halt and stretches.

And then…

“Hey, run away!”

A shout was heard.

Hm? She turned her head to face the voice.


A goblin was approaching with a moaning sound.

It was a massive goblin.

It has dark skin, and she’s wondering if it’s a rare breed of goblin.

Anyway, she clenches her fist because she is about to be killed if she doesn’t do something.

“Physical-attack-power [buff/modified].”


The goblin is blown to pieces when she delivers the punch.

But she doesn’t feel any reactions from the large goblin.

After all, punches have their limitations.

Ninya then draws a dagger from her waist.

“Agility [buff/modified].

She quickly catches up to the goblin, who is still in the air.

“Physical-attack-power [buff/modified], sharpness [buff/modified]!”

She piles on the [buff] as she draws her dagger.

“Critical-hit-rate [buff/modified]!”

She then cuts the goblin with her dagger.

and lands on her feet. “Alright!”

With a thud, the undead goblin that had been so badly cut up fell to the floor.

It was larger than a typical goblin, but not significantly stronger.

After all, it was just a goblin.


Neneli came running from far away.

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah, it was just a weak demon.”

“I-I see…”

For some reason, Neneli was saying this with a frustrated expression on her face.

“H-Hey, how did you just defeat it…?”

They looked around, and there was a man.

Given the sword on his back, he must be an adventurer.

He was the one who was yelling “Run!” earlier.


How did she beat the demon? Ninya had no way to answer.

She tilted her head and said,


because she has no recollection of doing anything noteworthy.


The man exclaimed.

Why is this the case?

“Hey, the large goblin is dead!”

It was the voice of another person.

It sounded like a villager who lived here.

“No way…”

“W-Who killed it?”

The villagers streamed out of the woods.

“That adventurer had to have slain it! “

“I-I saw him fight! “

Maybe he’s a great adventurer?”

“Yeah, of course he is. “

“Then, he’s our hero! “

With these words, the villagers approach the male swordsman.

He has claimed credit.

(Well, we went goblin hunting today, so I don’t mind if he takes one of my goblins.)

“What are we going to do now, Neneli-chan? Are we going to spend the night? Or are we returning by carriage? “

Nina was more concerned about going home.

“Well, I’d like to go home if I can, because I’m worried about my parents, but can we find a carriage?

“Well, let’s go find out first.”

Ninya said and was about to head for the center of the village when―

“No, no! I didn’t kill him!”

There was a deafening denial.

“I-It’s her! She is the one who killed the goblin-king!”

Ninya can hear a voice behind her.

“He’s pointing at you, Ninya.”

Neneli, who was standing nearby, says.


Ninya was not very happy about it.

(It’s just one goblin. Who cares who killed it?)

“This girl killed it.”

“Does that make any sense?”

” Is she even an adventurer?”

Ninya is regarded with suspicion by the villagers.

At first glance, Ninya looks like a frail girl. Her dagger, the only thing that could make her look like an adventurer, was now hidden in her cloak, so it was no wonder that she did not look like one.

“Well, it wasn’t me.”

The adults were suspicious of her, and she was surrounded by so many people.

Ninya was in a difficult situation.

So she lies in order to get out of this situation as soon as possible.

“Hey, that swordsman over there killed the demon!”

“Thank you for saving the village!”

“Hey, what’s your name?”

Ninya denies it, and the villagers resume their praise for the swordsman.

(Sigh. That’s a relief.)

“Are you sure about this, Ninya?”

Neneli inquired abruptly.

“What is it?”

“Nevermind, I think it’s cute that you’re so pure and innocent.”

Neneli expresses her resignation.

She doesn’t understand what she is saying anyway.

“Everyone, I’ve kept you waiting! This Krassis will knock the demon down right now!”

A man suddenly leaps out in front of everyone.

He’s a tall, blond man with long hair.

He’s a very flashy individual.

“Zach! I apologize for being late! Are you all right?!”


Aside from the blonde, there is a girl who appears to be an adventurer.

“I’m glad you’re safe, Zach.”

“I’m sorry I worried you.”

When the girl, who goes by the name Merrone, confirms that Zach is safe, she collapses to the ground, possibly relieved.

“Huh? What the hell is going on?”

Krassis looked at the lifeless undead-goblin-king.

“Oh, about the goblin, this boy slayed it.”

“What did you say?”

Krassis was perplexed.

“It wasn’t me who slayed it; it was that girl!”

Zach yells.


Ninya yells in her head.

(Why is everyone so obsessed with such a trivial thing?)

“It wasn’t me.”

“Why do you continue to tell lies?!”

He screamed at her.

(Why…Why do I have to get involved in such a difficult situation simply because I defeated a goblin?!)

Ninya-chan burst into tears just thinking about it.


“You, stop it! She says it’s not true, so it isn’t! Ninya, don’t cry; Onee-chan is on your side. “

Neneli embraces her.

She’s so lovely.

“I didn’t mean to…”

Zack was shocked.

“W-What’s going on after all?”

The villagers were puzzled.

They were so divided that they couldn’t agree on who had beaten the demon.

“I, in fact, see her. I witnessed the girl defeating the large demon.”

One of the villagers suddenly claimed to have seen it.

“I-I saw it as well. It’s difficult to believe, but she knocks the large demon with one punch. Although I wasn’t sure because I was watching from a distance.”

“M-Me as well… I couldn’t get a good look at her from a distance. But I believe it was the girl who defeated the demon…”

The other villagers followed suit.

“I certainly saw her knock it down with my own eyes. I didn’t tell because I knew she’d deny it.”

The peddler responds.

“I-Is that true?”

“Are you certain that this is the same girl who killed the demon?”

The villagers, who were initially skeptical, gradually came to believe it.

“Ninya, have you calmed down?”


Ninya was in the middle of being nursed by Neneli.

“I’m sorry I doubted you before, young lady. Are you sure you’re the one who killed the goblin?”

A village representative approaches her.

Ninya nods her head.

“Well, then, young lady, everyone in the village should be thanking you.”

Ninya thinks that would be alright.

(But I’d rather stay at home.)

“Wait! Did that little girl truly defeat him? It’s unbelievable! “

A certain someone poured cold water on the spot.

It was Krassis, the S-ranked adventurer.

“Hey, you! What is your rank?”

“It’s D…”

“D-rank is so low that it’s beneath me!”

(Why am I being yelled at yet again by a stranger?!)

“Hey, wasn’t Krassis weak to begin with?”

“It’s a demon that even a girl can defeat. Was it really such a big deal?”

“Krassis, on the other hand, loses…”

“But he’s an S-rank adventurer.”

“I’ve heard of adventurers who take credit for other people’s accomplishments and use them to climb the ranks. “

Some of the villagers began to have suspicions about Krassis.

“Hey, you guys, you’re being disrespectful! “

Krassis chastises.

He then turned to Ninya and declared

“If you really beat the goblin, you’ll have to prove it by fighting me! “

She doesn’t know what’s going on anymore.

Ninya only defeated a goblin that attacked her.

(What’s happening?!)

“I want to go home…”

Ninya blurts out.

Neneli must have heard her.

“I object!”

Neneli spoke up on Ninya’s behalf.

“Can’t the people of the village provide us with a carriage?”

“Yes, but we would like to thank you.”

“Are you the village’s chief? “

“I am, indeed.”

Neneli spoke softly in his ear after confirming that the man in front of him was the village headman.

“I am the Elgard family’s third daughter. Please follow my instructions.”

She spoke in hushed tones so that the others would not hear.

“I’m so sorry. Get these people a carriage right away! “

A few moments later, a carriage comes to pick up Ninya and the others.

“Please accept this small token of our appreciation. “

The village chief presented them with a small bag.

There were several gold coins inside.

” I-I can’t accept this…”

“Ninya, take it. Not ignoring kindness is a virtue.”

” O-Okay, I understand. Thank you very much.”

“Do you also want to load the goblin’s body?”

“No, that’s fine. I was already compensated for it.”

(it’s just one goblin anyway.)

“I’m sorry about earlier. I didn’t think it would come to this!”

A man suddenly approaches Ninya and bows deeply.

Zach is an adventurer and a swordsman.

There were also several others who bowed behind Zach.

They were most likely adventurers from Zach’s party.

“Well, it’s nothing serious.”

“Yes, I did not do anything serious.”

“You’re so humble…”

“Thank you so much.”

Ninya and the others boarded the carriage after Zach and the others thanked them once more.

Krassis challenged her once more as they were getting into the carriage, “Are you trying to run away?!” but Neneli successfully rejected the challenge.

Meanwhile, Ninya was thinking in the cart that she could finally go home.

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