Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 20

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The carriage comes to a halt in a safe zone where no goblins enter.

“Please wait here for a few hours.

“Aye, girls.”

Neneli gives the peddler instructions.

From here, they’ll have to continue on foot.

“There are goblins around.”

Neneli points to something in the bushes some distance away.

There were dozens of goblins hiding in the bushes.

“Ninya, I’ll do it first on my own. I’d like to experiment with my new magic.”

“I understand!”

Ninya gave a nod.

Neneli focused all of her strength on her staff and chanted.

“Ice spear, Lanzafiero!”

When she chanted this, an ice spear was generated and attacked a goblin.

The ice spear pierces the goblin’s body, killing him instantly.

Then all the other goblins turned their heads this way at once.

They appear to have been noticed.

Neneli raised his staff once more and chanted.

“Thunder Torueno!”

She summons a thunderbolt that deals damage in a specific area.

The lightning was then directed at the goblins who had gathered in one location.

It succeeded as expected.


A goblin appeared out of nowhere.

(Was there still some left?!)

Perhaps it was fortunate enough to avoid the lightning strike.

She was caught off guard.

Neneli shut her eyes.

“Physical-attack-power [buff/modified].”

Ninya smacks the goblin across the face.

” Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

The goblin screams and blasts off.

“Thank you for saving me, Ninya.”

“I’ve finally done something useful!”

Ninya celebrates by throwing her hands in the air.

Neneli noticed this and made a subtle expression.

She wonders why Ninya doesn’t realize that she is always useful.

Neneli decided not to worry about it since Ninya was so cute and happy.

“Let’s collect the goblins’ bodies first.”

They divided up to retrieve the bodies and place the remains in the item box.

“That’s done.”

A few minutes later, Neneli takes a breather after putting all the goblins’ bodies in the item box.

“We still have time, so let’s go a little deeper.

Neneli proposed.


That was the sound of a horse screaming.

” Huh?”

When they turned around, they saw a horse charging at them.

It was the same horse that had earlier carried Ninya and the others to the halfway point.

But there was a problem.

For some reason, the loading platform was not attached to the horse.

Did the horse jump off the loading platform and flee?

These were the thoughts that plagued Neneli’s mind.


The horse whinnied once more.

The horse’s torso was covered with what appeared to be a cut.

Thud! Then the horse falls to the ground.

The horse’s torso had been slashed, and blood was dripping from it.

The horse was no longer breathing.

It was as if the horse had galloped all the way here for this purpose…

The cut was obviously caused by a demon.

Neneli considered the possibility that the horse had come here to seek assistance for his master.


Neneli found herself yelling.


Ninya seemed to sense it too and immediately nodded.

“We’re coming to help!”

Neneli began to run after saying this.

” Agility [buff/modified]! “

Ninya begins to run as well.

” Eh?”

When Neneli blinks, Ninya is already far away.

“Wait a second, Ninya!”

Perhaps it’s her fault for being so slow, but Ninya is far too quick. She’ll never be able to keep up with her.

” T-That’s right!”

Ninya realizes something and rushes over to Neneli.

As she does so, the resulting wind causes Neneli’s hair to stand on end.

“Arm strength [buff/modified].”

“Eh? W-What are you doing, Ninya?!”

Ninya was lifting her up in her arms, and before she knew it, she was holding her like a princess.

“Agility [buff/modified]!”

Ninya then focuses her energy on her legs, and rockets to top speed in an instant.

“You’re going way too faaaaaaaast!”

Neneli’s exclamation echoed.


“Haaaaa, Ahhhh, Haaaa.”

Just as they arrived, Neneli was released and had to breathe on her shoulders.

“Are you all right?!”

Ninya inquired.

She notices the fallen peddler ahead of her.

“Aye, girls…”

The peddler squeaked his voice out.

It seems he is still breathing.

“But if things continue like this, he’ll die.”

They noticed that the peddler’s stomach had been slashed open and was bleeding profusely. He’d bleed to death at this rate.

“Please wait a moment.”

Neneli said as she rummaged through her bag.

She had a healing potion with her just in case.

“Natural-healing-power [buff/modified].”

Ninya was suddenly doing something to the peddler.

“O-Oh, this is…”

The peddler was amazed when he saw with his own eyes how the large wound healed.

“You can do that?”

“Hehehe, it’s nothing compared to Neneli’s magic.”

Ninya scratched her head.


Neneli smacked Ninya on the head.

“Wah?! Why did you hit me all of a sudden?!”

“Try to figure it out on your own!”

I digress.

“Could you please tell me what happened here?”

Neneli approached the peddler and inquired.

” Y-Yes. As a matter of fact, the goblins just showed up.”

“That’s strange. The whole area is supposed to be a safe zone.”

A safe zone is a place where demons do not appear for various reasons.

In this case, it is inhabited by a white-flowered plant called datura. Datura emits an odor that local demons find repulsive, which is why these areas were designated as safe zones.

“It wasn’t just the goblins who appeared. The goblins were engaged in combat with the adventurers. I happened to be present and was caught in the crossfire.”

“So that’s what happened…”

The fighting adventurers must have unintentionally drawn the demons to the peddler’s location.

It’s just that demons don’t like to enter safe zones, but they can if necessary.

“Can you tell me what happened to the adventurers and the goblins?”

“I’m not sure. Perhaps the adventurers noticed me and relocated with the goblins.”

If this is the case, the goblins and the adventurers may still be fighting.

“That’s concerning.”

Perhaps the adventurers are having difficulties.

“Yes, have you seen my horse?

(That’s right, I haven’t told him the horse is dead yet.)


Neneli was at a loss for words.

“That’s fine. I see, he’s no longer alive…”

Neneli’s expression told the peddler everything he needed to know.

“But he was brave to the end.”

Neneli then explained how the horse died.

It was injured, but it dashed to Neneli and the others to assist his master.

“…I see. Thank you for helping me as well.”

The peddler said with tears in his eyes.

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