Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 21

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“For the time being, I suggest that we cancel the expedition and return to the city.”

Neneli makes a suggestion.

They’ll have to return on foot now that the horse is gone.

Going back would take time, so even though it’s still early, it’s time to call it a day.

“Shouldn’t we go over there and help them?”

Ninya asked.

The peddler claimed that the adventurers and goblins were fighting and making their way somewhere. And Ninya must be thinking, “Neneli-chan can easily destroy goblins!”

“That’s not something you should do. They weren’t your average goblins. It’s a lot for you girls.”

Not your average goblins.

Concerning what Neneli said, the peddler appears to agree with Neneli.

“To be honest, we should leave right away. We must return to the city while escorting the peddler; otherwise, we risk traveling at nightfall.”

They had made no preparations for a night camp because they expected to return before nightfall. If they returned at night in this state, they would almost certainly be attacked by demons and killed.

“Anyway, walking from here to Wynn would take a very long time.”

“Then, if we use my agility [buff]… “

“No, please.”

Ninya’s proposal is rejected with a bite by Neneli.

She had firsthand experience of being moved around in Ninya’s arms and resolved never to go through it again.

“How about we go to Luster Village? It’s a lot closer from here than Wynn City, and Luster Village has accommodations. If you really need to get back to the city today, Luster Village has horses available to rent.

The peddler proposed.

(That does sound like a good idea.)

“Can you tell me how to get to Luster Village?”

“Of course, you can leave it to me.”

So Ninya and the others went to Luster Village.


(How did this happen?!?)

Zach the Swordsman, a C-rank adventurer, laments.

Three hobgoblins stood in front of him, and a massive goblin-king stood in the back, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Zach’s party, on the other hand, was made up of four C and D-rank members.

They had no chance against the Goblin-king.

Zach and his party were initially just looking for goblins to hunt.

But before they knew it, they found themselves surrounded by hobgoblins and the  goblin-king.

A total disaster.


A voice from behind him calls out to him.

When he looks back, he sees a hobgoblin about to attack him with a sword.


Zach uses his swordplay skill to successfully parry his opponent’s sword.

He then blows the hobgoblin backwards with a kick.

“You guys, go back even further!”

Zach moves further back while instructing the rest of the party to do the same.

Zach’s strategy against a superior demon was to flee for cover.

Fortunately, the opponent did not appear to have any long-range attacking means, and they would be safe as long as they kept a certain distance.

Furthermore, although hobgoblins are quick, the goblin-king is not, and they have yet to be attacked by the goblin-king.

“Listen, if you get within the goblin-king’s range of attack, you’ll be dead! So keep a safe distance!”

Zach yells.

(Come to think of it, I made the mistake of engaging the peddler and his horse in a fight earlier.

Is the peddler going to be alright?

I would have been devastated if he had died as a result of my actions.

Should I have at the very least assisted him in recovering from his injuries?

But, if I had waited that long, someone in my party might have been sacrificed.)


The voice called out to him once more.


As the hobgoblin’s sword approaches, he parries it.

Then she keeps his distance once more.

“Damn it, how long will they follow us?”

They had to have traveled a long distance from where they first encountered them.

Nonetheless, they persist in their pursuit of their goal.

The Goblin-king was grinning wickedly.

As if to say, “I can kill you whenever I want, but for now, we’ll play with you.”


“I know!”

Zach defends himself with his sword against the oncoming hobgoblin.

“No! Behind you! “


It is too late to react.

Another Hobgoblin lurks behind him and thrusts his sword at him.

(It’s too late!)


The attack hits Zach.

He was armored, but it passed right through him.

“Zach, I’m on my way to save you!”

Soott, a swordsman as well, rushes in and begins fighting the three hobgoblins by himself.

“I’ll heal you right now!”

The party’s healer, Merrone, rushes to Zach’s aid.

“Don’t worry about me, you guys get out of here without me!”

Even though he was severely injured, Zach insisted.

Soott is the only one in the vanguard now.

Soott couldn’t possibly take on three hobgoblins by himself.

Furthermore, Merrone’s healing him means she’ll be here for the duration.

If she does that, the Goblin-king will catch her.

“I can’t do that!”

Merrone insisted, tearfully.

“Just get out of here!”

At this rate, the party will be annihilated.


By the time they found themselves, Soott had fallen down, spitting blood.

The hobgoblins had severely injured him.


Coco, the archer, fights back desperately, but the arrows are easily knocked off by the sword.


When he came to his senses, the Goblin King was already in front of Zach.

And, as if to brag, the demon raises his massive sword into the air.

(I’m dead…)

Zach was certain of it.

Merrone covered him with tears to protect him.

“I’m sorry, guys.”

Zach expresses his regret, and then―

“What the heck is going on here?! It’s so noisy.”

A man with long blond hair suddenly appeared.

He wore a sword around his waist, and it was obvious that he was a swordsman.

And, despite his thinness, you can see through his clothes that he has a muscular and toned body.


The goblin-king shifted his gaze to the blond man.

The man remained motionless, also staring directly at the goblin-king.

His commanding stature suggests that he is a seasoned adventurer.

Seeing such a man, Zach said without thinking.


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