Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 12

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Ninya and Neneli ventured deeper into the forest, where they might come across more powerful demons.

Neneli’s original plan was to hunt only F-ranked demons and be done with it, but since Ninya’s [buff] was known to be powerful, she decided that going to the deepest part of the forest would be no problem.

“There they are.”

A swarm of giant ants was in front of them.

” Magic enhanced [buff/modified].”

Ninya [buff]’s Neneli, and she chanted.


The dozens of giant ant ants are then engulfed in flames.

“I believe we can salvage the materials from this!”

Ninya stated as she gazed at the dead giant ants.

Because the giant ant is more resistant to fire than other demons, it retains its original form.

“But we can’t transport this many demons at once.”

They have bags, but they cannot carry all of them.

“Well, after everything we’ve done to beat them…”

Ninya sighs and hangs her head.

Then, suddenly, she felt her ring glistening.

Was it my imagination? Ninya examined the ring.

The ring then took on the form of a box.

“My precious ring!”

The lovely ring had transformed into an odd box, and Ninya was outraged.

“N-Ninya…That can’t possibly be an item box, right…?”

For some reason, Neneli appears to be very shocked.

“What’s an item box?”

She had never heard of it before.

” You have no idea what an item box is?! “

An item box, according to Neneli, is a magical item that can store anything.

It is said to be only found in the deepest part of the dungeon and is highly sought after by many adventurers.

“Really?! It can’t be such a fantastic item. I stumbled upon it by chance.”

The ring was found in a treasure chest in the room where she awoke.

Such a ring couldn’t possibly be a great item.

“T-That’s right… Such an incredible item cannot be obtained easily. But it is possible, so let us try it.”

Neneli places the giant ant’s carcass in the box.

The carcass is then sucked into the box and vanishes.

“W-Well, it hasn’t been decided whether or not it will be an item box yet!”

As she spoke, Neneli kept putting the carcasses into the boxes one after another.

Eventually, all of the carcasses vanished.

“W-Well, it isn’t… We haven’t decided yet that it is an item box… If it’s an item box, we should be able to take out what we put in it…”

Neneli spoke in a trembling tone.


Nina nodded and reminded the box.

The carcass of the giant ant that had just been sucked into the box was then thrown out all at once.

The ring Ninya was holding turned out to be a real item box.

“Y-You…, where did you get the item box?!”

Neneli asked, shaking Ninya.

“I-I discovered it in a treasure chest in the dungeon! I only just found out that it was an item box…”

“So you’ve been in a dungeon before—By the way, where did you find it in the dungeon?”

“Well, it was on the upper floor because there were only weak demons in the dungeon.”

“T-That’s right… There’s no way Ninya could have conquered the dungeon by herself.”

” Haha, there’s no way I could do that— “

“Yes, that’s correct.”

For the time being, Neneli was convinced.

She reasoned that it’s just a coincidence that Ninya can get an item box on the dungeon’s upper floors.

“A-Anyway, if you have an item box, why not make use of it? “

That’s why Ninya keeps putting it in the giant ant carcass in the item box.

If Nina wishes, the item box can be changed from a box to a ring.

Ninya is relieved when the box becomes her favorite ring again.

“We still have some time. Should we go any further?”

As a result, Ninya and Neneli venture deeper into the forest.

“Wait, there’s a man-eating-ogre in this place.”

Neneli stopped suddenly.

Man-eating-ogres are D-rank demons. Based on their ranks, they are not yet prepared to fight it.

“We’ll take a quiet retreat so it doesn’t find us…”

“Eh? Why?”

“It’s too soon for us right now to fight a man-eating-ogre.”

“Eh? I’ve previously defeated a man-eating-ogre. It’s a demon that even a novice can defeat. “

“No, that will never happen.”

Once you defeat a Man-Eating-Ogre, you qualify to be a D-rank adventurer.

Because it is customary for adventurers to graduate as novices when they reach D rank, the Man-Eating-Ogre is regarded as a stepping stone to advancement.

Therefore, novice adventurers often set a goal of defeating a Man-Eater Ogre.

Even so, fighting a Man-Eating-Ogre requires a party of at least four people.

There are only two of them right now.

“Anyway, it’s a piece of cake if it’s Neneli-san’s amazing magic!”

“W-Well, you’re right…”

As a result, she cast a spell.

” Flamebullet-Varaderama!”


Sure enough, the Man-Eating-Ogre died with a single blow.

Ninya then placed the corpse of the Man-Eating-Ogre in the item box.

We’ve collected enough demons. Let’s go home for today.”

They decided to return to the guild under Neneli’s suggestion.

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