Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 11

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Ninya ended up partying with Neneli.

(I want to thank her for the dinner, so I need to give it my all!)

Ninya was excited.

She realizes she’s never been close to a girl her age, except when she was in the orphanage. Ninya was ecstatic in that regard.

Neneli possessed a slim back and curly hair.

She was holding a staff and was most likely a magician.

“Yes, you said you wanted a weapon,” Neneli, who was ahead of her, said to her.

“But, I don’t have any money…”

(My only possession is the ring in the treasure chest. Would I be able to recoup my investment if I sold it? But, I like it and have no plans to sell it.)

” Then I will buy it for you.”

“Eh, I feel bad…”

Unlike rice, weapons are not cheap.

She doesn’t think it’s appropriate to accept it.

” Don’t worry about it. I have money. “

” B-But…”

“And having a party with you will be difficult if you don’t have any weapons.”

Neneli stated, but Ninya was still unconvinced.

Neneli sensed this and said, “In that case, how about I lend you the money and you buy a weapon with it? You could repay me gradually with the money you earn from hunting demons with me.”

“That’s a good idea.”

“Then, let’s go to the weapon shop right away!”

As a result, they went straight to the weapon shop.

“What kind of weapon are you looking for?”

“I’d prefer something light.”

Because it will be difficult to carry if it is heavy when it is not [buff].

“I suppose a dagger.”

Neneli then pulls out a dagger.

“It looks expensive.”

The one Neneli brings appears to be expensive, with gleaming decorations.

“Because you’ll be using it for a long time, you should get a good one.”

But, as Neneli points out, there must be a limit.

“This is fine.”

Ninya chose a dagger that was lying in the corner like trash.

It was rusted, and the blade was a bit jagged.

“Is that what you want?”

“Yes, I don’t want to waste money on weapons.”

Ninya’s plan was that any sword would do the job, as long as it had [buff/modified] on it.

The shopkeeper told her it was junk, so she was able to purchase it for a very low price.

“Thank you very much, Neneli-san.”

Ninya bows her head.

“If you want to thank me, you can call me Onesama.”

“I’m not sure what that means, so I won’t.”

Neneli frequently attempts to persuade Ninya to call her “onesama,” but she refuses because she does not understand why.

Neneli’s lips purse in frustration, but she doesn’t show it.

“I can’t wait to go hunting now that I have weapons.”

Ninya was insistent, so they went hunting.


A forest lies beyond the city walls of Wynn.

The forest is said to be home to demons that are easy to hunt for beginners.

“By the way, what is Nnya-san’s rank?”

“I’m F rank.”

“Then you must be a novice. Don’t worry; I’ll teach you everything you need to know. By the way, I’m already ranked E.”

“T-That’s incredible…”

Ninya has been an adventurer for eight years, but she has never killed a demon, so she is classified as ranked F.

She could have denied being a novice, but that would have required her to explain the [Gray-Brigade-Clan], which she did not want to do.

So it was safer to pose as a novice.

“There’s a wolf-wolf around here.”

Suddenly, they saw a wolf-wolf in the distance.

Because wolf-wolfs are fast, it’s best to attack them from as far away as possible to avoid detection.

“That’s right, I’d like to put your support skills to the test.”

Neneli makes a suggestion.

“Yes… But, don’t get your hopes up. It won’t have much of an impact.”

Ninya remembered that she had been thrown away because her [buff] skill was getting much worse.

So it wouldn’t have much of an impact, she reasoned.

“Isn’t Neeneli-san a magician?”

“Yes, I am.”


Ninya activated her skill.

“Then I’ll give it a try.”

Neneli then took her staff and began to chant.

” Flamebullet-Varaderama! “


A loud, deafening bang rang out.

“Oh my goodness…”

Ninya mumbles involuntarily.

The entire area is engulfed in a massive blaze.

It would be too much of an attack to kill just one wolf-wolf.

” Eh…?”

Neneli was astounded as well.

She’d never used such potent magic before.

“That’s incredible, Neneli-san! I’ve never witnessed such powerful magic before!”

Ninya praised her with open arms, which made Neneli feel good.

“Eh, y-yes, this kind of magic comes naturally to me.”

Neneli couldn’t stop herself from getting carried away.

“But it’s too powerful to retrieve the wolf-wolf’s material.”

She examined the wolf-wolf body, which had been charred into black with no trace of it remaining.

“Well, in that case, I’ll try to keep my power under control the next time.”

Neneli searches for her next prey with these words.

She finds it.

A wolf-wolf pack is prowling around in the distance.


Ninya [buff]’s Neneli.

Then she chants, “Flamebullet-Varaderama. “


Again, a deafening sound.

Not just the Wolf-wolf pack, but the entire area burned to the ground.

“Wow, that’s some amazing magic!”

Ninya exclaims joyfully.

Neneli thought she had already suppressed the power of her magic.

(Is it because of Ninya’s [buff]?)

But that would make Ninya’s reaction strange.

“However, if you don’t hold back a little more power, we won’t be able to retrieve the materials.”

“Y-Yes. I suppose so.

So they continue walking and come across a wolf-wolf.

“You don’t have to [buff] next time, Ninya-san.”

” Uh, yes. I understand. “

So Neneli starts chanting without the buff.

” Flamebullet-Varaderama. “


A flame bullet the size Neneli is accustomed to is unleashed.

The wolf-wolf is killed by the flamebullet.

“We should now be able to safely retrieve the materials.”

Ninya rushes to the wolf-wolf with a dagger in her hand, saying this.


Neneli was contemplating something.

(No matter how you look at it, it was Ninya.)

“U-Um, Nīnya-san…”

“Yes, what is it?”

Ninya, who was disassembling the wolf-wolf, comes to a halt and turns around.

“Isn’t your [buff] unusual?”

“That is correct—Because It’s a unique skill. “

It’s true that being born with a so-called unique skill is uncommon, but that’s not what Neneli wanted to hear.

“No, that’s not what I meant, but how much power does your [buff] increase?”

“It isn’t much. I’ve often been told that it’s completely useless.”

Neneli scratches his brow. (How can that be?)

Neneli wondered why she was so oblivious to this.

“You know what I mean? First and foremost, this is what I am capable of doing without your [buff].”

Then Neneli displays her Flamebullet-Varaderama in its normal state.

“And this is the power of the Flamebullet-Varaderama with your [buff].”

After Ninya [buff] ‘s, she cast another Flamebullet-Varaderama.


The Flamebullet-Varaderama is released and inflated numerous times.

“Do you understand what I mean?”

Neneli reasoned that Ninya would have understood if she had explained it this clearly.

“Neneli-san’s magic is truly incredible! I believe you can defeat even more powerful demons with this!”

Ninya regarded her with admiration.

(This is it, isn’t it?! )

This was what Neneli was looking for.

to be adored by a lovely little sister. This was Neneli’s deepest desire.

“…Nevermind. Yes, you can show me more respect!”

“But, I can’t do anything compared to Neneli-san, so would it be a nuisance if we formed a party together?”

Ninya looks at Neneli like a small animal.

(H-How adorable!)

That was Neneli’s thought.

“Yes, you can have a party with me in the future if you call me Onesama.”

“No, I don’t understand, so I decline.”

She was bitterly refused.

Neneli was taken aback.

“I-I can’t be your little sister, but I’d appreciate it if we formed a party so I could repay you…”

Neneli reflected on Ninya’s anxious plea.

(I really want her to be my little sister.)

“Ninya, I will never abandon you!”

Neneli hugged Ninya as she said these words.

(And one day I will make you call me Onesama!)

Neneli swore to herself.

In addition, the strange power of Ninya’s [buff] had long since been forgotten.

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