Thanks to Being Expelled From the Clan, I Was Released From the Hardship of [Buff] Ing Everyone in the Clan – Chapter 13

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Ninya and Neneli were on their way to sell materials at the Adventurers’ Guild.

The Adventurers’ Guild is not like a clan, which is a group of adventurers who work together. Instead, it is a kind of public organization that buys materials and mediates with requests.

” Am I allowed to sell materials?”

Neneli approaches the guild’s receptionist.

“Of course, but let’s look at the material first.”

The receptionist looks at Ninya and Neneli.

As far as she can tell, neither of them has anything resembling materials.

“Sorry, the quantity is a little excessive. Could you please take us to the warehouse?”

“Yes, that would be fine…”

The guild has an attached warehouse where large quantities of demons are frequently transported.

Demons are dismantled in the warehouse.

As a result, the receptionist directs them to the warehouse.

“I’m sorry, but where are the materials?”

For all intents and purposes, nothing in their hands resembled materials.

“Take it out, Ninya.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Then she focused on the ring.

The ring transforms into a box, and many giant ant’s carcasses emerge from within.

“Wait, wait a minute, what is this?”

“Did those girls hunt so many demons on their own?”

Surprisingly, the adventurers around them exclaim in surprise at the sudden appearance of demon carcasses.

“Y-You’ve hunted a lot of demons…”

The receptionist was astounded as well.

“There’s still more.”

A carcass of a Man-Eating-Ogre was then discovered in the item box.

“Really…they even killed a man-eating-ogre?”

The onlookers were even more taken aback.

“How much are you willing to pay for all of them?”

“Yes, I’ll do the calculations right away.”

The number of materials was counted by the receptionist.

“I’m hoping we make a lot of money.”

“Well, with this much, I don’t think it’s cheap.”

Ninya and Neneli decided to wait until the calculations were finished.

Meanwhile, the other adventurers begin to gossip.

Two unknown and still young girls hunted a large number of demons. It was natural for rumors to spread.

“Hey, hey, you’ve hunted quite a few demons there.”

Suddenly, they were approached by an adventurer.

He was tall and muscular, and he carried a large axe on his back. He looks like a strong adventurer.

“You didn’t get those demons through some shady means, did you?

The axe-wielder grins.

“What do you mean?”

Ninya looked startled and backed away behind Neneli.

On the other hand, Neneli gave a firm response.

“Am I right? I’m pretty sure you’re an E rank. And I’ve never seen “her” before, but she’s clearly an F-rank. It’s odd that two people like that would bring so many demons.”

The axe-wielder declares loudly.

The other adventurers who had been watching the situation began to agree with him, saying, “That’s true, isn’t it?”

“What if it’s strange? The fact remains that we brought this many demons with us.

Neneli said, thinking that they had gotten themselves into trouble.

(Perhaps I’m bragging a little too much.)

Neneli is wondering as to how to resolve the situation peacefully.

“No, that’s the major issue. For example, we have to think about the possibility that you took credit for someone else’s work.”

With a sly grin, the axe-wielder said.

In fact, it would be a major issue if it was discovered that you had taken credit for the work of another adventurer. In the worst-case scenario, you may be expelled from the guild.


Ninya took a bold step forward.

The adventurers watching were eager to hear what the girl who had remained silent for so long would say.

“Listen, Neneli-san is a great magician! She has no trouble defeating demons of this caliber!”

Ninya declared proudly.

Neneli’s heart screamed, (Eh? What are you talking about?!)

Ninya’s [buff] was the only reason Neneli’s magic was so powerful.

“Wahahaha, you’re a great magician?! I don’t think so!”

“Are you questioning her?!”

“Yes, I do. I’d like to see her in action if she’s really good. So, how about a fight with me?”

“Okay, she’ll do it! Go for it, Neneli-san!”

Ninya was the one who was directing the conversation for some reason.

“W-What are you deciding on your own, Nina?!”

Neneli couldn’t stop grumbling.

“Eh, by any chance, was I wrong…?”

Ninya fell silent.

“I just wanted to let him know that Neneli-san is a fantastic magician…”

Ninya apologizes with a raised eyebrow.

Neneli, who’s watching her, thought.

(You’re an angel…!)

Unintentionally, Neneli’s nose is about to bleed.

“W-Well, I can’t help myself because my younger sister asked me to.”

Neneli turned to face the axe-wielder.

“I will demonstrate this big sister’s power!”

As a result, Neneli and the axe-wielder fought.

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