[Short Story] Special family circumstances of the Lambert family – Part 4

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“Is that so?” Raul queried. “You don’t have to be concerned about it.” He quickly forgave her and said he would keep the engagement going.

Is it possible that Raul is a saint? He’s far too nice.

The silence they had just experienced became a lie from that point on, and they got into a lively conversation that ended with her inviting him to her room and introducing Pi and Poo.

Raul complimented both birds on their cuteness and laughed at their mismatched duet.

Maribel had fallen head over heels in love with Raoul. She no longer cared about what Milka would do.

She’d like Raoul to marry her. On the other hand, she has nothing to offer Raoul.

She’s not sure what to do.

She was suddenly reminded of her parents. They’ll always be as close as they’ve ever been.

Maribel wants to have that kind of relationship with Raul in the future.

Why don’t we just imitate them?

“I’m ready to be confined by Sir Raoul!”

Raoul froze for a moment, then warned her not to say anything like that again.

Her mother used to say that confining her father made her very happy, but apparently not Raoul.

She failed.


What would you do if you told yourself ten years ago that you would build a family with a beautiful wife in the future, have two cute children, and that you would eventually inherit the marquisate?

Maybe you laugh with your nose and don’t believe it.

Raoul had always been an afterthought to his older brother.

“They look so much alike.”

Everyone who saw them together said so, but then ignored Raoul. This was due to the fact that Raoul and his brother were very similar, but only marginally inferior to him.

When two people are similar, everyone prefers the better of the two. The older brother would be chosen rather than the degraded younger brother, Raoul.

It comes as no surprise. That being said, he had no desire to work hard in order to be chosen, no rebellious spirit to oppose those around him, and only an apathetic and cynical personality to do his duty to his parents without complaining.

Only when he got engaged to Maribel did he change.

She could have remained silent, but she foolishly revealed her reasons for wanting to marry Raoul. Maribel looked guilty, her eyes welling with tears, but he was simply carrying out his family’s wishes.

Maribel had the best conditions of any of the girls he had in mind to marry, so the engagement was finalized.

Besides, Maribel looked straight at him. That was very reassuring. The majority of people who speak with Raoul notice his brother’s shadow behind him.

Maribel was adorable in comparison to those who wanted to be connected to him in some way and were so friendly towards him, with her cheeks flushed as she talked about how cute her little bird was.

He was a little panicky when she invited him to her room, despite the fact that they had never met before, but he felt very relaxed when she introduced him to her two little birds.

It was a win-win situation, but he was relieved to learn that they would get along better than he had anticipated.

Maribel was lost in thought until she exclaimed, “I’m ready to be confined by Sir Raoul!”

He’s not sure why the word “confined” was mentioned there.

In any case, he warned her not to say anything like that and left the next day.

He turned his head the next day as he remembered Maribel’s words.

Something isn’t right.

He only had a few brief conversations with her, but he got the impression that Maribel was mentally younger than most girls her age.

Why would a girl like that want to be confined?

He heard that some racy romance novels for women exist.

But he doesn’t believe Maribel is reading them.

Or was that innocent play with the two little birds all a ruse?

If that were the case, he’d be shocked.

When he returned to the Lambert household a few days later, he inquired carefully about the remark she had made.

“I’m not very good at anything, and I didn’t know what would make Sir Raul happy… so I went by what my mother had said before. But I was wrong. I talked to my mother about it and she told me to ask Sir Raul first. “

Maribel responded with a shy smile, which was endearing.

“What would make you happy, Sir Raoul?” She continued. Do you want me to put shackles on you or leg cuffs? I’ll do my best to accommodate your request! “

He didn’t know what to say or how to look.

He just wants to shout at the Marquis and Marchioness Lambert.

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    Ahh… The poor normie was shocked.
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    That seems out of nowhere.

  4. Chuukichi Nezu says:

    I don’t know If Maribel is stupid or she is really just naive. The title would be passed on to her husband. Her prospective husband’s appearance is the least of her concern. She should not be depressed just because their appearances do not match. She should be looking for a serious husband that is faithful and would not plan on taking her life just to take over the marques age, and maybe introduce a mistress. Really, she is fussing over the least important thing.

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