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Maribel’s parents are responsible for everything she says and does. What are you revealing to your children? Keep those things hidden at all costs.

She’s not sure what it means, but she believes it’s the key to her parents’ good relationship.

Maribel’s mind is still immature. It is detrimental to her education to discuss their relationship.

That’s not good. Raul must protect her.

In any case, he told Maribel that he was “pleased” to do simple things with her like drink tea, talk, and go out with her.

Raoul began to spend his days at the Lambert household after that in order to succeed in the marquisate.

He mostly helped the Marquis of Lambert with his work and occasionally went to his estate to learn new things.

Raul, who had no idea how to manage a territory, learned everything he needed to know from the Marquis of Lambert,

He is a respectable future father-in-law.

However, in the case of “confined,” this is not the case.

When they got to know each other a little better, he asked him about Maribel’s remarks about “confinement”, and he responded, despite his eyes being unusually big.

He claimed that the “confinement” was only for a few months in a remote villa with his wife.

They brought a few servants with them, and they spent some time together, but that was all.

Because none of the servants will speak, it’s unclear how they will spend their time at the villa. “I don’t escalate when I’ve had a chance to vent,” the Marquis says. He speaks as if it has previously escalated.

He became even more nervous when he began to ask questions.

Are you certain that’s okay? At the very least, don’t be a bad influence on Maribel.

He didn’t care about his brother or what people thought of him as he spent more and more time with the Marquise family, worrying about Maribel and her hidden problems.

Regardless of his actions, he appreciates the Marquis, and Maribel is lovely and expresses her feelings openly.

He hated being treated as nothing more than a shadow of his older brother when he was a child.

He wished his parents would at least look out for him, but this never happened, and he learned to give up as he grew older.

However, when he stayed next to Maribel, he felt like he should never give up. Maribel’s love is uncomplicated and unrelenting. And you’ll never look anywhere else.

Perhaps she is similar to Madame Lambert, who is completely devoted to the Marquis. Although Raoul is displeased by Madame Lambert’s behavior, he is not afraid that Maribel will treat him similarly. She must have craved affection rather than want him to be attached to her.

Maribel lavished him with love and affection in order for him to live up to Raoul’s expectations. As a result, Raoul is unable to function without Maribel with him.

Maribel is the only person he’d rather have.

Such a thought occurred to him, and he quickly dismissed it.

She’s a negative influence. Never, ever let that happen. Ironically, his reputation grew the moment he lost interest in anyone other than Maribel.

He was relieved to be free of his brother. He was excited to meet more people of the same sex in the future, but he was irritated by the opposite sex, who sent him autumn waves.

Ninety percent of these women had previously courted him on his brother’s behalf.

Maribel’s sister is also disgustingly involved. “I’m going to be your sister-in-law sooner or later,” Milka said, “so please get along with me.”

While Maribel was away, she approached him.

Naturally, he politely declined her.

Neverless, Raoul’s disparagement of Milka sparked Maribel and Raoul’s engagement.

He appreciates it, but he has no intention of getting along with Milka.

He tried to avoid meeting her, but his adversary was tenacious.

Raul, who had become agitated, pushed Milka towards his brother, whom she appeared to admire.

Maribel has reached an age where she appears to be an adult, but she retains her innocence and youth.

She considers herself plain, but this is only due to her subdued coloring.

She’s grown into a stunning, sexy woman of wonderful proportions who men can’t stop staring at. He’d like to go around blinding the eyes of those who look at her with dirty thoughts.

Maribel, such a lovely lady, has no regard for her brother.

When his brother became involved with Maribel, she asked Milka to look after him.

Surprisingly, the two of them got along well, and he eventually stopped bothering her.

In reality, he realizes that what Milka desires is not his brother.

Milka’s only desire was to be loved by her mother.

She has a problem: she has an unusual mother. The Marchioness of Lambert is completely devoted to her husband.

Maribel, who resembles her husband, is a little more special.

When the Marquise is not present, she spends her time staring at Maribel.

She doesn’t even blink much, which frightens him.

Milka may have perceived this as favoritism, which led to her hostility toward Maribel.

In some ways, she is the victim of a terrible mother.

But he’s not sorry for her. Because she’s been bothering Maribel for a long time,

Raoul is happy as long as Maribel and her little birds are happy.

He doesn’t want to have the thought in the back of his mind that Milka is a victim.

After that, those cute little birds died in their lifetimes, and Maribel cried as if all the water in her body was going to vanish, but other than that, nothing else happened, and they married the year Maribel turned 18.

They were blessed with two children after their marriage, and a friend of the Marquis who had previously given her a bird gave her a new one, so she was very happy.

He never imagined he’d have such a happy marriage, so he was grateful to Maribel.

It’s been ten years since he met Maribel, and the Marquis is considering relinquishing his title.

He has no objections to Raoul, but for his in-laws, this will be the beginning of a full-fledged life of “confinement.”

He is not sure if the Marquis is okay with it. So, since retirement and confinement are the same thing, he figured it’s fine.

Raoul will let it go as long as it doesn’t turn into an ugly story about his in-laws.

In terms of the title, he has been able to solidify his position over the last few years, so he is unconcerned about retaining it.

Milka, the most likely to speak up, is currently in a neighboring country. Much to their surprise, she used her brother as a stepping stone to meet and marry a prince from a neighboring country.

They were taken aback, but relieved to be physically separated from Milka.

On the other hand, the older brother, who was used as a stepping stone, may have had his pride hurt, so he proposed to the Princess of this kingdom and won her hand in a fit of pique.

However, following the marriage, the princess appears to have been extremely constrictive and suffocating.

She kept their distance from them except for weddings and funerals because she didn’t want to get involved in any kind of trouble her husband might cause, but thanks to the Princess, he believes he can keep a better distance from them.

His wife, who is still stunning after giving birth to two children, told him in her ear the other day, “I was told not to say such things,” she said. “After all, I’m not bothered by Sir Raul locking me up.” Maribel must be reminded of this. As a result, Raul is now actively looking for a secluded villa.


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Special Family Circumstances of the Lambert Family

Special Family Circumstances of the Lambert Family

Lambert-ke no Tokushu na Katei Jijou, ランベルト家の特殊な家庭事情
Score 6.6
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Maribel, the eldest daughter of the Marquis of Lambert, is living a happy life, surrounded by kind parents and cute pets. However, her younger sister, Milka, would often say, “Its not fair!” so she was puzzled as to what was unfair. She didn’t want her sister to think she was being unfair, so she got engaged to someone who wasn’t being “unfair.”


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