[Short Story] Special family circumstances of the Lambert family – Part 3

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With some hesitation, she went to a tea party with Milka’s potential fiancé.

Milka is having a tea party to get to know several potential fiancées, but for some reason, she invites Maribel to the party.

Maribel and Milka’s fiancé have different requirements, so her presence would be a hindrance. She’d prefer not to, but she can’t say no because she believes Milka is afraid of being alone with strangers, even though she is with a servant.

Today, she is with the legitimate daughter of a count family that she has known for a long time. In that awkward situation, Milka’s words came out like a revelation.

“Have you ever met Raoul, the second son of the Duke of Sacred? I saw him the other day, and he’s not as bright as his older brother. “

She looks at Milka’s face, taken aback by the words that could be construed as disrespectful.

Milka, on the other hand, is smiling, and the other person is also smiling in agreement.

“That’s what everyone says. He’s a degraded version of his brother. “

Besides, she says that. Is it okay if the other party is a duke?

Maribel has no idea what Raoul, the second son of the Duke of Sacred, is like. His brother is well-known and is said to have incredible beauty; there are even photographs of him floating around.

Maribel also saw a picture of what Milka had gotten from somewhere: a stunning nobleman with gleaming blonde hair and cerulean blue eyes. She imagined that any young lady would be impressed by this.

Raoul, on the other hand, she hasn’t heard anything about. Milka, who once met Raoul’s brother and was eager to become his fiancée, now appears to be uninterested in Raoul.

This is a fantastic idea.

She is not sure who Raoul is, but if she chooses someone Milka isn’t interested in, she won’t accuse her of not being fair. She’ll call her father as soon as she can.

She waited for the tea party to end with bated breath, then went to her father and told him about her plan.

Raoul had already sent them a letter of arrangement, which surprised them, and the engagement was quickly finalized.

She believes they are destined.

Maribel was overjoyed because everything was going as planned.

The day had come for her to meet Raoul.

Maribel was perplexed.

Raoul and she met at the Marquis of Lambert’s house, but Raoul’s appearance was not what she expected.

Milka said he was dull, but he wasn’t.

He’s just as lovely and noble as his brother. Why on earth would anyone refer to him as degraded? She doesn’t get it.

She’s willing to bet it’s because he has dull blonde hair. Perhaps it’s his grayish blue eyes. Or maybe it’s because he has a stern expression on his face.

Anyway, she was surprised when he appeared with the Duke and Duchess of Sacred and didn’t know what to do while both parents were talking to each other.

because Maribel is much more straightforward than “dull” Raul. Her hair is a dark brown color, and her eyes are gray. Nothing too fancy. Her face is similar to her father’s: well-groomed but unremarkable.

She might have been able to stand next to Raoul if she had resembled her mother, a fragile beauty with pale blond hair and emerald eyes like Milka.

While she was cringing at the prospect of being in trouble, she was sent out for a walk in the garden with him alone.

They don’t know what to say to each other.

They walked silently through the garden, which was full of seasonal flowers in bloom.

Today’s sky is cloudless and blue, and the sun shines brightly. The butterflies appear to be moving at a slow pace.

Maribel became increasingly depressed in the midst of such a beautiful sunny day. It was because she realized she had nothing to be proud of other than her appearance.

She studies hard, but she’s not particularly bright. She enjoys physical activity, but she isn’t particularly athletic. Maribel is also five years younger than Raoul. She’s like a child in his eyes.

Raoul’s only advantage from their marriage is that he will be heir to the title. What is she supposed to do?

The more she thinks about it, the less she believes she deserves Raoul.

Maribel wanted to marry Raoul in the first place for the terrible reason that she didn’t want Milka to call her “unfair.” When she was in a good mood, she didn’t think much of it, but it was only convenient for Maribel and had no benefit for Raoul.

Maribel shivered at her own lack of empathy.

She told Raul everything, trembling. She also told him that she was too self-centered and that she would be okay if he broke off the engagement.

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gosh, maribel is so nice, why does milka is so different even though they are blood related

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