[Short Story] Special family circumstances of the Lambert family – Part 2

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Her mother loves her father, so when she bothers him too much, she becomes angry.

Milka backed down when her mother became enraged, but Maribel couldn’t understand why she persisted until she was reprimanded in the first place.

How did she get to be this way when no one spoiled her?

At the dinner table, her mother never erupted into a rage.

Instead, her father and Milka went out the next day, and when they returned, she discovered a small bird with them. It appeared to be a small bird, purchased in a store from a distant southern country.

“My little bird is more beautiful than yours, sister. He’s very good at tricks and impersonating other people’s words. “

Milka declared, triumphant for some reason.

Milka’s little bird is lovely. It has a green belly and a yellow head. It has yellow and black striped wings and a blue feather on its cheek. It is extremely fashionable.

But that doesn’t mean that Pi is inferior.

Pi has its own unique beauty. And Pi, chirping on her shoulder, is the cutest thing she has ever seen.

Milka will realize the futility of comparison once she gets to know her little bird, allowing Milka’s words to fall by the wayside.

A week passed while she listened to Milka brag. Milka gradually stopped mentioning the little bird, and by the end of another week, she had evicted him from her room. She’d completely forgotten about the little bird.

From the start, she entrusted the bird’s care to the servants, and after being poked and prodded once when she tried to touch it, she did not take it out of the cage because he thought it was not cute enough, and she moved it to another room because it was too noisy.

Even though Pi and Maribel are good friends, she occasionally gets poked when he doesn’t like something.

Maribel went to check on the little bird who had been kicked out, thinking that such a small part of him was adorable.

The small tropical bird remained in its cage.

Pi jumps from perch to the other bird’s perch, even in a cage, chirps when he’s happy, bathes once a day while soaking the cage’s surroundings, and sleeps in the nest at night while scrambling around.

He takes naps as well, but is generally active during the day.

This little bird, on the other hand, does not even blink. It makes no chirps and simply stands there.

Maribel was sad. Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized this little bird had been brought from the tropics only to be locked in a cage like this.

Because Pi and the birds are pets, they are unable to return them to nature. They should, however, have some freedom in the house.

Milka wanted a little bird, but why was she so cruel to him?

When Maribel was crying, her father came over and stroked her head. Later that day, the little bird was taken from Milka and given to her father.

A month later, the little bird was secretly moved to Maribel’s room, bringing her bird count to two.

Maribel named him Poo because Milka had yet to name him. and because that’s what it initially sounded like.

Maribel took excellent care of the two small birds. She spoke to them frequently, especially Poo, who was unusually quiet.

Then, one day, he started saying Maribel’s words, and she clapped her hands in delight. In fact, the first thing he said was, “Good morning, Pooh.” when she greeted him.

When she sang a song to him after that, he began to imitate it as well. He is, however, out of tune and only repeats the same verse. But it’s adorable.

The two birds occasionally quarrel, but they generally get along well, and you can hear Pi’s twittering and Poo’s out-of-tune singing from Maribel’s room every day.

Milka continues to give her a hard time, but thanks to the two birds, it doesn’t bother her so much anymore.

But she’s gotten to the point in her life where she can’t just play with birds anymore.

Maribel and Milka, the Marquesses of Lambert, are sisters, and Maribel will be next in line for the title. Maribel is now thirteen years old and must choose a fiance to marry into their family as a son-in-law.

The plan was for Milka to find a fiancé before marrying elsewhere, but she didn’t, so the two of them ended up here together.

Maribel was troubled for the first time in a long time. Her fiance is to be the next Marquis, so she can’t possibly choose a bad person.

It must be a man worthy of her father’s approval, but if she selects a man who is too good for her, Milka’s “not fair” will resume.

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2 years ago

Random late comment: I think Maribel’s first bird is a Japanese tit, and the second is a budgerigar. Prove me wrong 😁.

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