Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 46

Chapter 46: The Last Despair│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

“This is it…”

Nadia and I have finally made it to the bottom of the Labyrinth of Eterna.

Ahead of us now is a single corridor leading to the altar.

“We’ve come this far, Ivan.”

A single tear spills from her indigo eyes and falls to the floor.

“Yes, all that’s left is to get out of here and be happy…”

“Yes… Yes!”

Nadia squeezed my hand tightly and nodded repeatedly.

“… let’s go.”

To get Nadia out of this labyrinth.

Step by step, we move forward, remembering what has happened up to this point.

…It had been a long time.

From the dream I had on my eighth birthday to now, thousands of times.

I’ve been killed numerous times, betrayed numerous times, and beaten numerous times… Still, I’ve been making small steps forward with the sole intention of saving Nadia.

And it will be realized in a short time.

And then


A sword is stuck on the altar in front of us.

That is what we require to escape this labyrinth.

—The Heroic Sword “Tithona”.

It is said that the legendary dragon Elensge was sealed with this sword by the first emperor of the Astoria Empire.



We walk slowly to the altar and hold Tithona’s hilt together.

“Here we go…!”

Nadia and I both pulled out the Tithona at the same time.

“We did it, Ivan! We succeeded!”

“No, not yet. Look…”

I point to where the sword was inserted.

Darkness peered through the hole where the sword had been.

“Nadia… You will return to the surface world if you take Tithona and fall into this darkness.”

“I see! Then let’s move this pedestal out of the way so we can pass!”

Nadia smiled and placed her hand on the pedestal.

I put my hand on hers and we moved the pedestal together.

“Ivan… It has finally happened…”

“Yes, at long last…”

I then softly whisper my final words in Nadia’s ear.

“Eh? Ivan?!”

Nadia’s eyes widened.



Nadia was then engulfed in darkness.

“Ivan! Ivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!”

From the darkness, Nadia’s voice cries out my name.

Tithona is held in her right hand.

… Only those with Tithona can pass through this darkness.

There is only one hero.

That was the final despair I felt in my dream.

But… It’s all right.

I was successful in saving Nadia.


“…Hey, thanks for your patience.”

When I turned around, there stood a massive red dragon.

The legendary dragon, “Elensge”, was sealed by the heroic sword Tithona.

Let’s get started.

—This is my final mission.

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