Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 45

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“My Lord, it’s done.”

【Astaroth】places his hand on his chest and bows reverently at these words.

“Thank you very much, 【Astaroth】.”

“Hoho, I’ll see you later.”

【Astaroth】smiles and disappears from the scene.

“Really… Nadia is incredible… After all, she can defeat Grayman. “

“Eh!? Ivan!”

Perhaps because I was so relieved, I wanted to fall to my knees due to the injuries I had received from the 【Harpoon】, but Nadia hurried to hold me back.

“haha…. I’m sorry…”

“You were truly reckless…!”

“But we were able to defeat the two criminals… Now all we have to do is defeat this level’s guardian, Michael…”

So… Nothing can now stand in our way.

I can now save Nadia…

“Anyway! Ivan’s wound treatment comes first!”


When I lay down on the spot, Nadia is cleaning my body with the most water.

Oh, that feels good…

With that in mind, when I closed my eyes… I just fell asleep.


“Mmm… “

“Have you woken up?”

When I opened my eyes, I saw Nadia’s worried expression on her face.

Ah… Nadia… My beloved Nadia…


“Nadia… I will never, ever let you go… I will never leave your side again. I will not let you go…!”

“Ivan… Me too. I won’t let you go. I won’t ever let you go… I won’t ever leave you!”

I wrapped my arms around Nadia, and she wrapped her arms around me as well.

I never expected such a miracle to occur in the midst of such despair.

That allows me to continue dreaming…

“Nadia… Nadia… Nadia…”

“Hmm…Choo… “Ivan… Ivan!”

I was so happy that I asked for Nadia for a moment before making the final preparations.

Of course, to get to the lowest level.

“Let’s go, Nadia.”


I hold Nadia’s hand tightly so that we don’t get separated, and we head for the room with the guardian in the shortest distance possible.

The demons we encountered on the way were nothing more than roadside stones in front of us.

And then



We’re standing in front of the Guardians’ room door.

“Michael,” the last guardian, is present.

“Michael uses light magic, which is no longer available on earth. And his attacks are powerful. But…”

I looked Nadia in the eyes.

“Michael is weaker than those two criminals…”

“Fufu… Then we have no reason to lose.”

“That’s right. So let’s get this done right away.”


Nadia slowly opens the door with a big smile on her face.

There, sitting on a pedestal in the middle of the room, is an armored man with peacock feathers praying.

“Let’s go, Nadia!” 【Hauser】!”

I used earth magic to make a solid pedestal and a cylinder to mount on it, and then I fired fire magic into the cylinder.

Michael’s eyes widened when the bullet landed with a roar.

Then he drew the sword from his waist, recognized us as his enemies, and charged us from the pedestal.

“Come! 【Belzebub】!”

【Belzebub】, the divine-class summon, appears from the magical circle of light in response to Nadia’s summons.

She is nobler and more arrogant than all the others.

“My Lord, I’m going to clear my name right here!”

She’s probably upset that her attack didn’t work on Grayman. Belzebub bared her fangs and swooped down on Michael.

“Fufu, eat it.”

【Belzebub】smiles ferociously and sprays power scales over Michael’s head.

Because of the unprotected exposure, Michael’s skin sores and turns purple.

“My Lord’s beloved, be careful with the scales if you don’t want to die. Even a trace of it will kill you instantly.”

【Belzebub】 warns with a grin.

But of course, I avoid them at all costs.

Then I make a 15-meter-long slender cylinder and prepare a bullet, which is also compressed and created.

“Nadia…! Together…!”

“Yes…! 【Belzebub】!”

“Yes! My Lord!”

【Belzebub】sees through our intentions and immediately jumps back.

Because of 【Belzebub】’s scales, Michael was unable to move.

And then.


Nadia and I chanted together, and a bullet shot out of the cylinder at breakneck speed.



At the same time as the projectile’s sound, a hole appears in Michael’s forehead and the back of his head explodes.

“Ivan! We finished!”

Nadia looks over at Michael, who is motionless on the floor, and hugs me with a big smile on her face.

Naturally, I am.

“Haha! We did it, Nadia!”

“Yes! Ivan!”

We were so happy that we twirled around the guardian’s room, enjoying ourselves.

“Fufu… My lord, I must depart.”

“【Belzebub】, thank you!”

【Belzebub】smiles and walks away from the scene with a fluttering hand gesture.

“Oh, we can’t keep going like this! Let’s go to the lowest level as soon as possible and get the Tithona!”


We exited the guardian’s room and descended the stairs to the lowest level.

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