Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 47

Chapter 47: My Beloved Person in the World│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

—Nadia Jeste’s Point of View—

A year has passed since I escaped the labyrinth of Eterna on my own.

I’m now in Eltold, a small town far from the Astoria Empire.

Through the labyrinth’s deep darkness, I’ve arrived on the other side of the sea from the Astoria Empire… the Kingdom of Ferris.

Fortunately, I had a summoning art, so while traveling back to the Astoria Empire, I earned money by accepting requests from the adventurer guilds in every town and city.

I considered taking a ship across the sea to the empire, but that would reveal my identity when I entered the country.

It would be that emperor’s plans if that happened. He’ll try to kill me and take Tithona from me.

And even if that’s the case, Tithona will never leave me, because…

“Hey, hey, is there anything tasty in this city?”

“Fufu… let’s find out.”

A young lady with white hair, brown skin, and red eyes.

Her name is “Tithona”

She is the embodiment of Tithona, the heroic sword I wielded as I escaped the labyrinth.

According to her story, the sword was created by the gods and given personality through a miracle.

She fought as the sword of “Alfonso de Astoria,” the first emperor of the Astorian Empire and the “Heroic Emperor,” and managed to seal the legendary dragon Elensge.

The first emperor then established the Empire of Astoria and safeguarded the labyrinth underneath the empire to ensure that the seal was never broken again.

When I told her how I had pulled out Tithona.

[What?! What was Al’s descendant(emperor) thinking? I’ll never forgive him!]

She was enraged and kicked the ground several times.

But I couldn’t understand why he (the Emperor) wanted Tithona at the risk of breaking Elensge’s seal.

Until  I fight alongside her.


“I guess that’s the end of today’s battle.”

We received a request from the guild in Ertold and slaughtered all the bandits we could find.

They numbered three hundred, but they were no match for me.

However, more than anything else…

“Heh! These small fries are no big deal!”

Tithona rubs her nose proudly while puffing out her chest.

But she’s absolutely right.

Tithona’s single swing is enough to sever the heads of all the bandits.

So… this is what Tithona is capable of.

The ability to simply destroy those whom the owner regards as enemies.

It does not require any skill on the part of the wielder.

All you have to do is wield it, and Tithona will handle the rest.

“The only person I’ve ever failed to kill was that idiot Elensge.”

“I-I see…”

I’m depressed on the way back to the hotel.

She claims that now that Tithona has been removed, Elensge’s seal has been broken and it is only a matter of time before he appears on the ground.

So I’ll have to seal Elensge again with this Tithona.

Apart from that… Ivan’s words, spoken as I was falling into darkness…

[In two years, on the day of the lunar eclipse in April, go travel to the city of “Carlitos”]

This coincided perfectly with Tithona’s prediction of Elensge’s resurrection date and location.

To put it another way. Ivan delegated this task to me.

“If you knew this was going to happen, why can’t we just be in this labyrinth together instead of saving me?!”

I’m choked up with regret that Ivan gave his life to save me.

What happiness does this world have without you…?!

My happiness is only next to Ivan!

“…Are you thinking about your boyfriend again, Nadia?”


Tithona inquired, concerned, as she noticed my tears.

It’s been over a year since that day, but I’ve never felt truly saved.

The truth is that I wanted to die many times after that day in pursuit of Ivan.

I wanted to go back into the labyrinth and slap Ivan.

But he put his life in danger to bring me back to Earth.

Because he put me in charge…

That is why I am traveling to Carlitos.

To fulfill my beloved’s wish.


Another year has passed since then.

Having returned safely to the Astoria Empire, I am now in Carlitos, the city of Ivan’s will.

“Nadia, the lunar eclipse will occur tomorrow night. Elensge will return.”


“Come on, pull yourself together! We’ll lose if you don’t get your head in the game!”

Tithona’s shoulders are tense. Of course, I am fired up.

If Elensge shows up here, Ivan must have been killed by the dragon…

I’ll never forgive Elensge for taking someone I love away from me.

So… After I kill Elensge, I will kill the emperor of this country next. I have made up my mind to do so.

And finally, the night after the day, we arrived.

Tithona and I were waiting for the moon to be obscured.

“Are you ready, Nadia?”

“Of course… I’m going to kill Elensge.”

“…To be honest, I also misjudged the weight of Nadia’s love for her boyfriend…”

Tithona chuckles at that.

But my love for Ivan is beyond measure.

…I’ll prove it in the fight against Elensge…


It appeared with darkness.

Not the colossal dragon Elensge, but a young man and a young girl.


Of course, I wouldn’t make a mistake.



“Ivan, Ivan, Ivan!”

“I’m back, Nadia!”

—Because I love him more than anything else in the world.

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