Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 44

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I look at Nadia immediately after stomping on Carlos’ skull.


“Kuku… Well, this is troublesome.”

“Fufu, is that so?”

Grayman summons countless mouths and attacks Nadia, but her summon blocks all of his attacks, and the situation is nearly a stalemate.

—The summon, “Belzebub,” a beautiful female figure with two pairs of translucent wings on her back, flaps her wings and looks at Grayman with folded arms.

The figure was truly deserving of the title “Queen of Flies.”

“My Lord… This one is a little tricky. He looked unconcerned even after consuming my scale powder…”

Grayman appears to have consumed all of Belzebub’s attacks.

If this is the case, even Belzebub’s powerful and unrivaled attacks will be ineffective against Grayman.

Because there is nothing but void at the end of Grayman’s mouth.

Grayman himself mentioned it in my dreams.

He has been constantly hungry since his transformation into an Advan.

Grayman, like Carlos, has voluntarily entered this labyrinth.

He is not satisfied with just humans but also wishes to fill the belly of the void with demons.

“Nadia… I’ll join you.”

” Ivan, huh!? That injury?!”

“It’s not a big deal… but we need to focus on that guy now.”

I take a stand next to Nadia and look at Grayman.

I can’t move as much as I’d like because of Carlos’ 【Harpoon】, but I can’t talk about that right now.

There is no future for us if we do not defeat this man.

“Let’s go! 【Vigilant】!”

I make a few long cylinders and fire them at Grayman.

“I’ll cover you. My Lord’s beloved.”

Fortunately, 【Belzebub】 strengthened【Vigilant】with scale powder.

All that remains is to keep the attacks from getting caught in Grayman’s mouth. What?!

“Hmm… It’s not as delicious as that magic 【Harpoon】.”

Grayman appeared from the floor and devoured all of the 【Vigilant】 with his mouth at once.

D*mn… This guy is the worst…!

“… My Lord. I’m sorry to inform you, but I recommend 【Astaroth】to defeat this individual.”

“…I see. Thank you very much, 【Belzebub】.”

【Belzebub】nodded slowly and vanished from the scene when Nadia said this.

“N-Nadia… Are you sure you’re okay with summoning divine-class summons in a row…?”

“Yes… I can still do it.”

She smiles at me.

But she looks pale and breathes a little rough.

“Come! 【Astaroth】!”

A magical circle of light appears, and 【Astaroth】, one of the three divinely summoned beasts, appears straddling the dragon.

He is an aristocratic-looking mature man with three horns on his forehead and jet-black wings on his back.

This 【Astaroth】is the one who controls all the world’s boundaries.

“Are you calling me? My Lord?”

“Yes… Please help me to defeat him.”

“Yes, my lord. I see that he’s using his mouth to lure you to another world.”

“?! You understand?”

“Hoho, of course. I’m 【Astaroth】.”

As he said this, 【Astaroth】’s beloved dragon breathed a miasma-like flame from his mouth toward Grayman.

“Hou? Miasma breath is extremely rare. Let’s see how it tastes… Huh?! Kuku, sweet, sweet.”

Grayman swallows with his huge mouth, but suddenly a miasma-like substance attacks him.

Grayman barely avoids it, but the expression on his face has changed.

“You idiots… My mouth throws everything into a void.

“Hoho, this emptiness is just one world after all. Then there are boundaries between worlds.”

I see… Because 【Astaroth】controls the world’s boundary, he can connect our world to Grayman’s world, even if it’s in his belly.

Grayman’s advantage vanished as a result.

“Even so… I looked into your world of emptiness and saw some things filthy in the air.”

【Astaroth】frowned as he pinched his nose.

Apparently, it was very filthy.

“Dare you to deny what I ate?!”

It appears that 【Astaroth】’s words harmed Grayman’s self-esteem, and the normally calm and collected Grayman became agitated for the first time.

“All right. Then I’ll show you all the dirt you’ve been eating.”


At the moment, Astaroth said that…

“Huh?! Blegggggggggh?!”

“What do you think? This is the filth within you.”

Grayman’s mouth began to spew out a variety of things in large quantities.

People of various ages, demons, weapons, protective equipment, construction debris, sediment, rocks, and… are those my 【Harpoon】and 【Vigilant】?

They all surrounded Grayman at the same time, and 【Harpoon】and 【Vigilant】were both activated.


The area around Grayman is blown apart with a roar.

“Damn… 【Reactive Armor】!

To protect Nadia, I immediately construct a defensive wall.

“Are you all right?!”

“Yes… I’m more worried about… Thank goodness…”

Nadia gently stroked my cheek, tears welling up in her indigo eyes.

She tenderly caressed my burns.

“Well… it looks like it’s over.”

The labyrinth fell silent again, and Nadia and I peered out of the Reactive Armor in response to 【Astaroth】’s words.

Then there was a large mouth on the floor where Grayman had been.

“Did Grayman escape into the mouth?!”

“It seems so. But I must say this is a bad move. Because…”

As he said this, 【Astaroth】snapped his fingers, and Grayman’s mouth was forcibly closed at the same time.

“That mouth, in a sense, is the world’s boundary. Then you can’t go against my will.”

The massive mouth struggles to stay open, but it keeps closing.

Following that

The mouth completely closes, and the mouth itself vanishes from view.

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