Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 43

Chapter 43: The Bandit’s Demise│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

“Hey Carlos, I’m your partner.”

I smile as I stand in front of Carlos and tell him.

“Huh? How on earth did you know my name? Yeah, that’s right. After all, I’m well-known in this country.”

Carlos smiled and scratched his head as he said this.

“Yes, I am very familiar with you. After all, we’ve met hundreds of times.”

Haha… Yes, that’s right.

And every time, I’ve gone crazy with anger because you messed up with Nadia.

Only a year ago, I was able to defeat you in a one-on-one fight.

“However, you don’t smell rotten in real life.”

“Huh?! Oi, what’s that supposed to mean?

“Don’t you understand, Carlos the Elder Lich?”

I lifted the corner of my mouth, revealing Carlos’ true identity.

Carlos, who had been laughing, became solemn.

That being said, that’s also a phony expression.

“…Who in the world are you?”

“Me? I’m only a recent Imperial Academy graduate. I was sentenced to Labyrinth Prison, just like you. “

The only distinction between myself and Carlos is that I am a human and he is a demon.

Carlos, on the other hand, fell into the labyrinth because he wanted to.

“It doesn’t matter, I have to defeat you right now and go to Nadia.”

“Oh… You’re quite arrogant, aren’t you? Are you sure you’re not getting carried away because you can use that rare magic?”

“What if I am? What if then?”

“What if?! Let this misguided child experience despair! Old man! Don’t kill her! I’ll break her myself!”

“…You’re a real pain in the ass, you know that?!”

At Carlos’s words, Grayman shook his head with a wry smile.

In other words, Grayman agreed to take Nadia alive.

Haha, I got what I wanted.

Carlos is an Elder Lich, the empire’s most powerful wizard, but he is easy to deal with due to his short temper and the stupid bones in his body.

Besides, Carlos enjoys torturing people until they break.

At the very least, Nadia will not be killed right away.

“Well, let’s get started. Um? Is this the kind of magic you used?”


Carlos has no trouble using my synthetic magic 【Harpoon】.

…This guy is an expert at imitating others.

“All right, then, go f*ck yourself with your own magic!”

Carlos’ 【Harpoon】was then fired at me.

It would be simple to block 【Harpoon】myself, but Carlos could imitate my defensive magic.


“【Mill Unit】!”

I deployed a large number of 【Mill Unit】

in front of the incoming 【Harpoon】.

I can’t expect much defense, but I can still generate 【Mill Unit】 semi-permanently, and most importantly, I’ve shown Carlos this composite magic, so I don’t mind if he copies it.

“Oh, the magic that earlier sabotaged us. However, it cannot withstand the power of the 【Harpoon】—are you stupid?!”


I ignore Carlos’ words and begin working behind the scenes on the next synthesis magic while generating the 【Mill Unit】.

In my dream, I used this magic to kill Carlos.

If it was two against one, Grayman could see through my preparations and stop me.

But now, no one noticed my movements behind the 【Mill Unit】.

Following that,



The blast of the 【Harpoon】 released by Carlos and its heat intensity destroyed all the 【Mill Unit】 that had been deployed, and I, who was in the background, also suffered.

It’s my turn now!

“Hahahahahaha! What’s the problem? You were speaking with such bravery, and now you’re dead. Huh?”


Because of the speed of the bullet, Carlos’ stomach exploded and his upper body flew through the air, and a tremendous gunshot echoed in the corridor.

—Synthetic magic, 【Railgun】.

A metal cylinder tightly squeezed with earth magic is electrified with lightning magic in the shape of a spiral helix, and a projectile ejected at super-high speed is created by repeatedly squeezing it with earth magic to withstand the speed.

This magic is my trump card, but it takes a long time to generate bullets and cylinders.

As for the bullets, I’ve been repeatedly compressing them since defeating the lousy woman, so I was able to prepare them in time.

I only needed to keep the cylinders until they were fired, so it’s not a problem if they break after firing.

It’s just… I didn’t want Carlos to copy my 【Reactive Armor】, so I didn’t use it, and as a result, I got quite burned by Carlos’s【Harpoon】.

My trump card, 【Railgun】, would have been blocked otherwise, so I had no choice.

I push my aching body up and slowly make my way to Carlos’ upper body.

“G… kiki, k-ko…”

Carlos, whose human mask had been removed, was shaking his skeletal jaw and letting out resentful clicking noises.

“Shut up. You’ve been beaten by me. Be quiet and die.”


The bandit leader finally met his end when I crushed his skull with my right leg.

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