Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 4

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We proceed to our respective classes after successfully completing the entrance ceremony.

Nadia and I are both in class B, while her fiancé, Donato Hymes, is in class A.

This distinguishes between royal children and other high-ranking nobles and the rest of us.

Though a count, I’m barely in B class, but it’s nice to be in the same class as Nadia.

Besides, I’m relieved she’s no longer with that Donato guy.


“Donato-sama, if you’ll excuse me. “


Donato is arrogant and bossy, and he always treats Nadia like property.

He exploited the fact that her family, the Viscounts of Jest, is part of the Counts of Hymes and thus cannot be disobeyed.

My gaze was fixed on Donato.


Nadia appears to have noticed my gaze.

“…I’m sorry you witnessed something upsetting…”

“N-No… We’re starting the same class today, so please take good care of me.”

I used this greeting to divert her attention away from the topic at hand.

“Yes. Please look after me as well.”

She makes a deep bow as she says this.

Her appearance is so reserved that may mistake her for the Duke’s daughter, Lady Carina, the Crown Prince’s fiancée.

And may compare her to Lady Aria, the girl who will win the hearts of many sons, including the Crown Prince and his cronies, and, of course, Donato.

But I’m the only one who knows.

I know she’s a woman with more inner strength and tenderness than the beauty she displays on clothes.

“U-Um, what’s the matter?”

“Huh?N-Nothing. In any case, we should get to class as soon as possible.”


No, no. If I continue to adorn her, she’ll think I’m weird.

I’ll be in big trouble if Nadia hates me for that…

I tried to remain calm as I accompanied her into the classroom.


“Well, that’s all for today. Tomorrow, each of you should write and submit a class of your choice.”

The homeroom teacher informed us and then exited the classroom.

Except for compulsory subjects, each student at the Imperial Academy chooses classes based on his or her own characteristics.

This takes into account the roles that each house is expected to play within the empire.

In short, it makes no sense for a knight commander or military family member to learn magic, or for a court mage family member to learn swordplay.

on the grounds that

“Which course do you intend to take, Nadia-san?”

When I approach her seat, I casually inquire.

“Me? I’m thinking about taking a swordsmanship class, but…”

Nadia responded timidly, a puzzled expression on her face.

“Is that so? With all due respect, Nadia-san does not appear to be suited for swordsmanship…”

In fact, her swordsmanship proved useless in my dream.

Perhaps she is fatally lacking in swordsmanship talent.

“…I am aware of it.”

Nadia bites her lower lip in frustration at my words.

The main reason she decides to take swordsmanship classes in the first place is out of consideration for Donato’s family, the Hymes family.

Because that house’s territory is on the front lines with neighboring countries, military power is always present… They needed strenght.

This also applies to her as the fiancée, who will become a member of the Hymes family in the future.

In my dreams, Nadia told me these things.

She got engaged to Donato solely for the sake of the Jest Family, learned swordsmanship, which she was terrible at, and kept working hard.


“…I don’t believe that learning something you’re not good at is ever beneficial to the family. Then I believe it is in the best interests of the house to have what it lacks.”

I won’t say what that means, but she’s told me everything in my dreams.

The bonds, the hardships, the pain.

Nonetheless, she has made every effort to progress.

“…Really, is that so?”

Nadia inquires, peering into my eyes after a few moments of thought.

As if clutching at me.

“Yes, I believe so. This, I believe, is also the quickest way for you to be recognized.”


My words caused her eyes to widen.

Her lovely indigo eyes welled up with tears.

After that…


She burst out crying.

“I’m going to help you figure out what you’re good at and what you can do from now on… So let us consider it together.”

“Yes… yes…!”

Nadia bowed repeatedly to me with tears in her eyes before leaving the classroom.

I smiled as I looked at her.

Then, after she was out of sight.

“…those idiots.”

I muttered a few words, expressing my rage at Donato for pushing her to this point, as well as at the Hymes family, and the Jest family.

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