Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 3

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“Do your best, Ivan!”

“Imperial City is a big city, don’t be fooled!”

“Onii-chan! Good luck!”

Finally, my parents, my lovely sister, and all the servants came to see me off on the morning of my departure to Imperial City.

No, although our territory is in the middle of nowhere in the Empire, that doesn’t mean I’d be fooled, okay?!

“Hahaha…Anyway, I’m leaving.”

Everyone wishes me well, and I board the carriage they’ve prepared for me and travel to the Imperial City.

It takes about a month to get to Imperial City from the Count’s territory because it is truly in the middle of nowhere.

Despite its remote location, our Escobar counts are not frontier counts.

It has no diplomatic significance, let alone value, because it is just a piece of countryside on the outskirts of the empire.

So, in terms of treatment, it’s the same as the regular count family.

“Well, I like how laid-back this place is.”

My mouth drops open as I look out the window of the carriage.

I guess I won’t see this view again for a while.

“So… Shall we go ahead and do it?”

I quietly close my eyes and begin to hone the magic in my body.

I can gradually increase my magical power by repeating this every day.

I’ve been doing this since the day I discovered I could use magic.

As a result of this, I now have four times the magical power of an ordinary wizard. No, I believe I have five times the magical power of an average wizard.

Unfortunately, my magical abilities were mediocre, so the power of each of my attack spells was only mediocre as well.

“Well, skill and experience can cover that up.”

I learned that fact in my dreams, too.

You can gain as much experience as you want there.

“Oops, concentrate, concentrate…”

I gather my wits and rekindle the magic in my body.

I’m going to save Nadia, who will make a reappearance in my dreams today.



I’ve been away from my hometown for a month.

When I first arrived in Imperial City, I was taken aback by the sheer number of people and buildings.

“I wondered if I’d be able to last three years in a place like this.”

I expressed my concerns. The Imperial Academy is a school that all children from noble families in the Empire have to go to.

“Besides, even in my wildest dreams, I would have spent three years here.”

I muttered as if I were telling myself, after all, in a dream, it’s different from reality.

Furthermore, I haven’t seen it in my dreams because my dreams begin with the prince’s cancelation of his engagement at the graduation party.

“Anyway, when I get to the academy, I’ll have to unload.”

As I sit in the carriage, I think to myself.

After that…”

Maybe, just maybe, it was all a dream… Maybe that’s not the case…”

I say, slumping my shoulders.

Actually, Father has proposed an engagement to me several times before, but my feelings for Nadia are so strong that I have turned them all down.

That’s why, despite being a nobleman, I’m still without a fiancée at the age of fifteen.

“Hahaha… Nadia could never exist in real life…”

Even if what happened in my dream is true, she already has a fiancé.

even if they call off the engagement on graduation night.

My heart ached.


“So this is the Imperial Academy…”

I muttered to myself as I looked up at the school building, which is one of the most magnificent structures in the Imperial City.

I’m immediately overwhelmed, but I’ll get used to it once I’m here. I’m confident I will.

I resolve myself, grab my trunk case, and enter the compound.

“Humph… watch where you’re going, little shit!”

“P-Please excuse us…”

In front of me, I saw a nobleman walking arrogantly with a pretty big sword. Behind him, a young woman was apologizing.

“…That’s…”It can’t be.

But there was no way I could have been mistaken.

That gorgeous indigo-colored hair. Those indigo eyes were filled with compassion.


I’m certain of it.

There’s no denying it.


Nadia Jest, who has been the love of my life for seven years…!

The miracle of meeting her caused me to cry in public.

The thrill of finally meeting her in person.

After that…

“A-Are you okay?”

Before I knew it, Nadia was standing beside me with a worried expression on her face.

“Ah, ah… I-I’m sorry… I think I got a little dust in my eye…”

I smiled as I wiped my tears away with my sleeve, trying not to worry her….

No, I was so happy to see Nadia that I thought my face was going to burst.

“I-I understand… If that’s the case, I’m glad.”

Nadia gave a modest smile.

Her adorable smile was the same as it had been in the dream.

“T-That right, I am Ivan Escobal, the eldest son of Count Escobal, and a new student at the Imperial Academy.”I-I

, too, am a freshman… I’m Nadia Jest, the Viscount Jest family’s eldest daughter…”

Yes, I know you better than anyone else.

I am more aware of your kindness, bravery, strength, hard work, and dedication than anyone else on the planet.


“Please look after me from now on.”

—I’m going to save you from everything.

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