Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 5

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As usual, I awoke the next morning from my nightmare.

I’ve still not been able to achieve the outcome that will save her.

“However, I had some successes.”

After all, the most important thing was finally meeting Nadia in person.

In my previous dreams, I began by teaching her various skills, because she could only use a clumsy sword after being trapped in the labyrinth.

Last night, however, Nadia used magic.

However, she is not particularly gifted at magic, as that is not a talent that she deserves.

“Well, I can guide her through today’s class selections.”

I’m just wondering if she’ll really accept my option.

After all, “that” skill is not widely used in the Empire.

“However, I know better than anyone that her real talent is truly incredible…”

Because, despite the fact that she began using her ability after falling into the labyrinth, she always demonstrates it so well at the end of my dreams.

“Yes—I’m confident she’ll be able to escape if she can become strong enough to protect herself in the labyrinth.”

I mutter and clench my fists tightly, the edges of my mouth lifting up.


“Good morning, Nadia-san… Huh? What happened?!”

Her left cheek was red and swollen when I entered the classroom to greet Nadia in the morning.

W-What on earth…

“G-Good morning… I fell down a little and bumped into it, so please don’t worry about it…”

Nadia gives me a friendly smile.

But the sight of her is excruciatingly painful, and the smile she wears and the lies she tells not to worry me suffocate my heart…”

At this rate, things will only get worse. Let’s go to the infirmary right away.”

“I-Ivan-sama! I’m going to be fine!”

I take Nadia’s hand in mine and lead her out of the classroom, despite her rejection.

most likely to keep me out of it.


“You! Whose girl are you touching?!”

A tall, powerfully built student from A class, along with a couple of noblemen, shouts loudly.

Of course, it was Nadia’s fiancé, Donato.

“Nadia-san is not a thing, so I think it would be inappropriate to use the word ‘whose’. So who are you to yell at me in public?”

“What! You’re just a class B!”

I see… That’s why you’re so rude to me… you think I’m beneath you.

This guy treats everyone the same way.

He has the best swordsmanship in the academy and is the eldest son of a border lord. He wasn’t aware of it until he was thrown into the labyrinth.

And then

“Calm down, Donato.”

“Y-Your Highness! He has the audacity to mock me!”

The one who is laughing and chiding is Emilio de Astoria, the Crown Prince of the Astoria Empire.

This person doesn’t know how to discipline his subordinates, but he takes advantage of them.

“And where are you from?”

“My name is Ivan, the eldest son of Count Escobal.”


As I said my name with my hand on my chest, the crown prince looked at me with interest.

Despite being in the countryside, our territory is larger than the Counts of the Hymes Frontier.

“She’s hurt, Your Royal Highness—I’d like to get her to the infirmary as soon as possible.”

“Oh, yes…”

When I said this with a respectful bow, the Crown Prince looked perplexed, possibly because he was embarrassed.

“Wait! You must consult me first. “

“If you want to talk, after I take her to the infirmary, I’ll listen to you as much as you want.”

I ignored Donato’s subsequent shouting and walked to the infirmary with the confused Nadia.

After that

“I’m so sorry, Ivan-sama!”

As soon as we arrived at the infirmary, Nadia bowed deeply and apologized.

“Why are you apologizing?”

“Because of me…my fiancée Donato-sama and Ivan-sama have fallen out…”

“You are not at fault—so please, no apologies.”

I purposefully ignore the word “fiancée” she just said, and try to appear as gentle as possible as I admonish her.


“I don’t mean to intrude, but is that left cheek related to that man?”

“No! No, it isn’t! This is entirely my fault!”

Nadia takes a deep breath and vehemently denies my words.

‘Sigh’… She’s always been this way.

Even in my dreams, when that assh*le called it quits on their engagement, she just blames herself and drives herself into a corner…

“Nadia-san…It’s just you and me here. So try not to be so hard on yourself. I would never tell anyone what you said because I don’t want you to get in trouble. I’m just… concerned about you.”

Yes… She had been suffering alone at the academy for three years because she had always been quiet and shy.

How heartbreaking it was to hear that from her, crying in my dreams.

“I don’t want to compel you to discuss it. But please keep this in mind. I’m on your side. “


Nadia sobbed and covered her face with her hands….

I could only stare at her like that.

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