Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 27

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Nadia woke up, and now we’re a short distance away, eating dried meat in silence.

I can’t believe Nadia was awake and listening to my embarrassing mumbling…

But those were my true feelings: Nadia is more important to me than anyone else, she’s cuter than everyone else, and I want her all to myself.

Therefore, I have no regrets about it.

Besides, in this reality, I will definitely say to her what I couldn’t in my dream.

I clench my fists with determination.

This time, I absolutely will…


“…Ivan—May I ask you a question?”

“W-What is it…?”

Nadia looks me in the eyes. I asked her fearfully as I looked at her.

Maybe she wanted to question me about that mumbling…

“… Y-You as well… that…me…I…”

Nadia’s face is flushed as she struggles to form her words.

I’m expecting her to when…

“Ara? What a coincidence that we happened to meet here.”

The Duke’s daughter, Lady Carina, The Count Calderon’s daughter “Rita Calderon,” and The Marquise Pedrosa’s daughter “Laura-Pedrosa,” who had their engagement broken off, appeared.

“…I’m sorry?”

Nadia asked in hushed tones, glaring at the three of them who had interrupted her when she had the courage to ask me.

“Nothing, nothing at all. I just happened to see that insolent Aria-san around here…”

“She isn’t here.”

“I’m afraid so. But still…”

Lady Carina looked at me and Nadia alternately with a clear expression.

“Didn’t Nadia-san have a fiancée? I’m curious what he thinks of the two of you being together at the Institute when you still haven’t even broken your engagement.”

When Lady Carina says this, she snorts.

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

Nadia gives her a stern look and tells her so.

Her words appeared to have enraged her.

“Do you not understand? — You let your fiancée swoon over that woman while ignoring my advice to punish that thieving cat!”

…I see.

Lady Carina was still bitter that Nadia had not joined her in her bullying of the lousy woman.

That explains Lady Carina’s rage in the dream.

“Sigh… So Carina-sama traveled all the way here to discuss such nonsense?”

“Did you hear what I was saying? I just happened to run into you guys while looking for that thieving ca—”

“—that’s a lie…”

I interrupted their conversation, which was deteriorating, and told her.

“….What do you mean by a lie?”

“It’s true that you were looking for Lady Aria, but weren’t you also looking for Nadia? Because Lady Aria can’t possibly be found anywhere near where we are.

Yes, the lousy woman must be far away from us now.

and very close to the first level’s exit.

I’m certain of it because the behavior pattern of that lousy woman has always been the same in the thousands of dreams I’ve had.

Besides, I was moving in such a way that I wouldn’t collide with her.

“…How could you have known that?”

“I’m under no obligation to respond.”

Lady Carina gave me a sharper look, and I responded without hesitation.

“So? Why would you tell us such a lie? — No, you were looking for Nadia?”

I dared to inquire as to why, but… Simply put, she was looking for Nadia because Lady Carina was envious of her.

To begin with, Carina Oliveira is of higher rank than any of the other people who have been thrown into the labyrinth.

more so than the crown prince, Emilio, or Donato, who was always arrogant and haughty.

And so forth. She is the only daughter of the Dukes of Oliveira, the Astraea Empire’s most powerful noble family.

Furthermore, she has been known throughout the empire as a talented girl since her childhood, so much so that rumors of her fame have spread not only among the nobility, but also among the general population.

But now she’s lost her fiancée to an unknown baroness.

Of course, Lady Carina has no feelings for Emilio.

She thinks that she is engaged to the useless crown prince because she is better than everyone else.

Despite this, her fiancée, who is inferior in every way to her, is in love with a woman who is also inferior in every way.

Because she is so high-minded, I can only imagine how her guts must have been boiling.

Then Nadia, who she thought was plain and dull and could do nothing but stare at Donato’s face, is now happily together with me in the academy.

A woman with less ability, status, and honor than she does.

(How can she be so happy while leaving me behind?! — She was betrayed by her fiancé just like me!)

With that kind of self-esteem, Lady Carina searched for Nadia.

to show her how low she could sink, just like that lousy woman.

She couldn’t touch Nadia at the academy because of her position as a duke’s daughter, which was notoriously insufficient.

And, unlike the lousy woman, she had no valid reason. On the contrary, such a move would have caused problems for the Dukes of Oliveira.

But now that she’s in the labyrinth, there’s no one to intervene or criticize her actions.

She doesn’t need to be restrained then.

She was born with her hidden personality.

—the love of cruelty to the weak

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