Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: May Your Heart Heal│Read translated stories and daily updates at:

“Speaking of which, I don’t see the former crown prince…”

Nadia muttered as she rummaged through Hernan and Chico’s luggage for food.

“Oh, he fled on all fours right after the battle began…”


If Emilio had food, they would have already taken it out together, but the food had already been taken by the lousy woman.

It’s no longer worth it to kill him.

Instead, while he is barely surviving, he should beg forgiveness for getting Nadia into this mess.

In any case, he’ll die soon.

Even more importantly

“We now have enough food for two and a half weeks.”

It will take at least a month to reach the labyrinth’s lowest level.

Assuming that unexpected events may occur, we should have enough food for at least a week.

Above all, we can’t afford to let those guys catch up to us…


Nadia was looking at me with a concerned expression on her face.

“W-What’s the matter?”

“Are you worried about something?”


I was perplexed and did not understand the question.

“Because Ivan was wearing a grim expression…”


Right, because I was thinking about those guys…

The worst of them, you know.

“I apologize. I’ve been contemplating the future. But don’t worry, I’ve got it all figured out now.”

I smiled to avoid worrying Nadia.

“Really? Are you sure you’re not overworking yourself because you’re worried about me?”

“Don’t worry; it’s not like that. I don’t feel at ease in this place, so let’s move on.”

To avoid further interrogation, I took Nadia’s hand in mine and left the place.


“Let’s take a break here.”

Two hours after the killing of Hernan and Chico.

I suggested it to Nadia after we came to a dead end in the corridor.

If we don’t take a rest soon, it will have an impact on our future labyrinthine strategies, and more importantly, we have already killed four graduates of the same Imperial Academy with whom we had fallen with.

Even I, who have done it thousands of times, was tired. So Nadia’s first time in the labyrinth, as well as her first time killing someone, must have been even more painful than mine.

And yet… Nadia has been acting tough the whole time. On the contrary, she’s been taking care of me.


I set my luggage down and opened my arms to call her name.

“Fufu… What’s the matter…?”

Nadia approached me, smiling, and I gently hugged her.

I gently hold her so that her heart can heal a little.


“…Sniffle Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

I suppose it’s because she’s been through so much up to this point.

Nadia’s indigo eyes began to fill with tears.

“Hey, Nadia…Didn’t you tell me? “You should not keep everything to yourself.” Don’t keep it all to yourself.”


“I share your sentiments. I don’t want Nadia to be isolated. You always put others ahead of yourself.”

Yes, you have always thought about, cared about, and tolerated others instead of yourself.

That is also for me.

“Nadia… I’d be more than happy to have you rely on me if you’re honest with me.”

That’s because I love you above all others.

Since the day I met you in my dream and you protected me, I’ve been thinking only of you.

This is why

“Aaaah…!… Ivan… Ivan…!”


I just held Nadia, who was repeatedly calling my name in my chest.


“Suu… Suu… Suu…”

I stroked her indigo hair gently while wrapping my arms around Nadia, who had fallen asleep after crying so hard.

It’s a shame that the dust from the labyrinth has dulled her hair.

We can get water at the second and fifth levels, so we’ll just have to be patient until then.


“…She’s really cute.”

As I stare at her sleeping face, I mutter to myself.

She’s so cute, so kind, so strong-willed, and now she’s the empire’s best summoner… So, what prompted the academy…? I mean, doesn’t the empire understand that?

To be honest, she’s much cuter than the lousy woman or Lady Carina.

Having said that

“…I don’t want anyone else to notice how adorable Nadia is…”

Ugh… This obliviousness irritates me, but I’m torn between wanting to keep her to myself and showing the world her brilliance.

At the very least, no one in this labyrinth is interested in Nadia right now, which is a good thing… So, to summarize…hm?.



Nadia, who was red up to her ears, was looking up at me before I knew it.

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