Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 28

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In response to my question, Lady Carina’s mouth turned up at the corner of her mouth.

“…What’s so funny?”

“Of course it’s funny. Because a mere country viscount and a mere scion of the House of Hymes both misunderstand.”

Lady Carina responds with a vulgar guffaw.

She is a far cry from the graciousness she demonstrated at the academy.

“Do Lady Rita and Laura-sama agree with Carina-sama?”


Nadia asks with a sharp look, and both of them turn away and remain silent.

All of them are, of course, Lady Carina’s cronies.

A mere servant who is terrified of Lady Carina.

Taking a look at the three of them together


I laughed.

“…What’s so funny?”

Lady Carina, rumored to be the most beautiful girl in school, asks with a frown on her face.

“No, because when I asked why you were looking for Nadia, you said something out of line. Is it possible that Lady Carina can’t hold a decent conversation?”

“Huh! What did you just say?!”

“Then answer me quickly —Why were you looking for Nadia?”

“Sigh, I see, fufufu…”

Lady Carina sighed and laughed with a disgustingly ugly expression, finally ready to show her true colors.

“Of course, it was because I wanted to punish the arrogant Nadia-san personally. I wanted her to understand her position.”

Lady Carina then pulled out… is that a horse whip?

“I don’t suppose you’re going to hit Nadia with that?”

“I am, indeed. It’s only natural that I’d discipline livestock, isn’t it~?”

Lady Carina says with a puzzled expression, as if it’s the obvious thing to do.

Her broken character has been amazing since she revealed her true nature.

“Do you believe we’re simply ignoring it? —You’re not good enough for us to begin with!”

Next, one of her cronies, Lady Rita, is about to cast a spell on Nadia.

“I won’t let you.【Wad Cutter】.”


I shot Lady Rita in the chest with a magic bullet before she could do so, and she collapsed to the floor.

“‘Sigh, worthless…”

“…She’s one of you, and yet you treat her with such coldness.”

“Rita isn’t one of us; she’s a piece of livestock. If she’s no longer useful to us, we’ll simply discard her.”

…Really, she hasn’t changed all that much from the Lady Carina of my dreams.

“Is Lady Laura going to challenge us next? If you want to be like Lady Rita, who is currently lying there.”

“Hi, hiiii…!”

Laura scrunched up her face in horror as she witnessed what had happened to Rita in front of her.

I wish she’d just back down, but… I don’t believe she will.

“What are you doing? —Go!”


At Lady Carina’s insistence, Laura made up her mind, drew her dagger, and launched an attack on… She’s attacking Nadia, not me.

She most likely intends to take Nadia hostage because she appears weak, and I won’t be able to attack her if I take her hostage.




When Nadia says that, a magical circle of light appears in front of Lady Laura’s eyes, and a masked skeleton knight slowly emerges from the labyrinth.


Laura’s entire body trembles at the sight of the hideous and strange figure.

“Isn’t he adorable, Laura-sama? My summoned beast…”

“No, I can’t… I can’t…”

Lady Laura hid her face in her hands, clutching her head.

At that moment


“Huh!? Aaahhh!!? It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!”

“Seriously, they’ll need to be killed if they don’t listen to their masters.”

Lady Carina, who had changed from a horse whip to a fleuret (foil) (fencing sword), stabbed the tip of the fleuret into Laura’s cowering back.

She twisted the fleurete’s blade, causing more pain.

“Gah! Please! Fuh… Stop… Stop..s-sto…”

After the fleuret went through her chest and she coughed up a lot of blood, Lady Laura died quickly.

“Sigh… I can’t believe I’ll have to deal with this…”

“Despite this, you’re in a good mood and smiling. Is this how you treat those who have been following you?”

“Don’t make me say the same thing over and over again. They’re livestock, and I have the right to treat them as such. A country Count like you wouldn’t understand.”


This scene is truly repulsive, no matter how many times I see it.

Then I’ll just destroy it like in the dream.

This sadistic, masochistic individual.


“All right, let’s do it.”

“Ufufu, sure.”

Carina raised her right hand as I raised mine.

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