Saving a Simple and Kind Baroness Whose Engagement Was Broken and Sentenced to the Labyrinth Prison – Chapter 25

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“Get behind me, Nadia.”


I stand in front of Nadia, shielding her from Hernan, who threatens us with the tip of his saber.

“Hahaha, what exactly is this?! Do you like the girl who called off her engagement to that muslebrain Donato?! You have poor taste.”

“…Well, it suits a talentless, inept noble like him.”

They both looked at us and made disparaging remarks.

“Pfft, haha…”

I laugh at them, as if mocking them.

“… What’s so funny?”

“Don’t you see what’s so funny? That’s because it’s you guys who are chasing after that ass-licking-lousy woman who puts yourselves on the line and says such things.”

“Huh?! What are you talking about?!”

“Take that back!”

Haha, let alone the brat Chico, Hernan also has a low boiling point.

If someone told them the truth, they’d be embarrassed and angry, right?

But I’m the one who should be angry.

I will never forgive them for insulting Nadia.

“There’s nothing to take back. Do you think you’ll get away with it if you say you’re going to kill us?”

I hold my hands when I say it quietly.

“All right… Let’s get started…”


I used earth magic to create a bundle of long, thin metal cylinders.

“Eat this, 【Gatling】!”

Using my words as a signal, fire magic flung a large number of compressed magic bullets out of the bundle of cylinders.

“Hernan, behind me! 【Ankire】!”


Chico, not to be outdone, summons a shield large enough to cover both of them and stop the bullets.

【Gatling】is good for attacking quickly, but it isn’t very powerful, so it can’t help but be blocked.

Nonetheless, it is more than capable of killing humans and lower-level demons.


“It’s great that you’ve stopped them, but what will you do now? You’ll be minced meat the moment your magical shield runs out.”

“Sh*t! I never heard the small fry could use magic I’ve never seen before!”

The sound of bullets slamming into the magical shield from the rapidly spinning cylinders echoes throughout the labyrinth.

So, because I have ten times the magical power of a regular wizard, as well as a unique magic recovery power, I can keep releasing 【Gatling】 semi-permanently.

What about Chico, though?

“Sh*t! Normally, you should have exhausted your magic by now! Why are you not stopping your attacks?!”

“…What’s the plan?! — The shield will not last long if you do nothing!”

“I know! If you’re going to say that, do something while he’s attacking!”

Haha. Those two are diametrically at odds.

But I can see the outcome of whatever they try to do from now on…


Chico is gradually drawing his magical shield closer to the corridor wall.

He’ll most likely pull back around the bend and reposition himself.

Well, suit yourself.

More importantly,

“Can I have your back, Nadia?”


Nadia replies softly.

That’s it!

Nadia and I are now on the same page!

“Haha! Let’s get this over with!”

I laugh hysterically as I take one step at a time toward Chico, who is gradually retreating.

Chico would most likely take advantage of this brief respite to launch a desperate attack.

But, in order to do so, the magical power that keeps the magic shield in place must be turned off; at that point, Chico’s entire body will be covered in beehive-like holes.

In other words, they’re doomed to perish.





Chico burst out laughing like a lunatic.

“…What’s funny.”

“Ahahaha! Of course it’s funny! You were certainly unexpected! I’ll admit it! However, you failed with your other partner!”

“Partner? Are you referring to Nadia?”

“You are correct ♪.”

I thought I heard Chico laughing.

“…It’s all over.”

Hernan’s low voice rang out from behind us.

…They are truly a bunch of idiots…

” … Gah?!”

“Fufu… You were right, It’s all over.”

Nadia’s giggle accompanied Hernan’s scream.

“What the hell happened…?! H-How did such a magical beast come to be…?!”

“【Grasha Labolas】, this summoned beast, has the ability to become invisible.”

Yeah…that’s exactly what I had hoped for.

Chico was hiding behind his shield when Hernan bypassed the passage and went behind us. That’s when he attacked.

Above all else

“Chico, you’ve always underestimated Nadia—just as you’re expected to become a high-level master wizard—Nadia is also an unrivaled master summoner in the empire.”

The fact that the magical shield obscured his vision when Nadia summoned the beast also contributed to the situation’s reversal.

Furthermore, the intense noise from my Gatling made it impossible to hear Nadia’s mumbling voice, which contributed to their defeat.

“So, now you can die without any worries.”

“Sh*t! Sh*t! Oh, sh*t, oh, sh*t, oh, sh*t, oh, sh*t, oh, sh*ttttttt!!”

Chico’s magical ability lasted about fifteen minutes.

“Ah!? Gi, gya, a, gagaga…!”

Chico’s magical power eventually ran out, and the countless bullets he was hit with all over his body literally turned him into minced meat.

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