Reincarnated Witch’s Carefree Gourmet Journey – Chapter 68



Marie finishes her meal.

Meanwhile, Nurarihyon creates Yokai and attacks, but. . . . . .

『It didn’t even scratch her. . . . . .?』

Marie had already prepared a delay spell, which guarded against the attack.

Marie stands up and points a stern finger.

“Your tricks are predictable. You rely on numbers. But it’s a shame.”

She says, rubbing her stomach.

“If you can’t defeat me while I’m multitasking, you have no chance against me when I’ve finished eating.”

Indeed, Marie hasn’t used any new magic.

She dealt with it using only the magic she had prepared in advance.

That means, Nurarihyon’s attacks were ineffective and limited in number.

“I’ve seen your tricks. I know your habits. Do you still want to continue?”

Her eyes were completely looking down on Nurarihyon.

No, that’s not it.

She was looking down from a high vantage point.

Like she would on an ant crawling on the ground.

Confidence born from overwhelming power.

Sweat trickles down on Nurarihyon’s forehead.

It’s hopeless.

Nurarihyon sounds the alarm.

And yet. . . . . .

『How dare I be underestimated by a young girl!』

Nurarihyon thrusts both hands forward, creating Yokai with all his might.

A swarm of lesser Yokai surge forward like a tidal wave.

Marie doesn’t pull out her Elderberry Divine Wand.

She doesn’t use multiple spells at the same time.

“Flame Barrage.”

Intermediate-level fire magic.

Countless bullets are fired from a large ball of flame.

ZUGAGAGAGAGAGA. . . . . .!!!!!!!

One bullet takes down a single lesser Yokai.

She, too, fires a barrage of flame bullets like a tidal wave.

The Yokai are completely pushed back.

Their numbers reduced in an instant. . . . . .

Finally showered with a downpour of bullets. . . . . .

Nurarihyon turns to dust and vanishes.

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