Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: [Storage] Skill, Proficiency: 9999/9999 Part 5

The lowest level is the Gynt Waterworks Ruins.

At the deepest part of the ruins, where all of the waterways converge, there is a large reservoir.

This old man was planning to go there, but―

As soon as I stepped onto the bottom floor, I found a demon I had never seen before wandering around.

“…What the hell―.”

It has the same translucent coloring as the Aqualizard, but its structure is completely different.

It walks like a human on two legs.

It’s as if an aqualizard stood up and began walking.

It’s quite large, standing more than two heads taller than this old man.

It has long, well-developed fingernails that resemble sharp blades.

Is it a more advanced species than the aqualizard? Whatever it is… it’s a monster I’ve never seen before.


“Huh…?! It took notice of me!”

I’m at a greater distance, but it’s running towards me.

It appears to have superior vision.

It charges forward, its footsteps sounding like a fish jumping.

Then it slashes at me with its long, sharp claws.

It moves quickly. But―.

“I can see it!”

Ging! The sword and claws clashed with sparks.

It’s big… but I think I can beat it in a strength contest.

I’m going to make a move when―

It leapt backward at that point, perhaps realizing it was no match for its strength.

It seems to have more cunning than the Aqualizard.

But it’s still a simple and large movement, as if it doesn’t expect to be launched at.

“Take this!”

This old man aims for the enemy’s landing and unleashes a “Sonic Boom”.

A shockwave hits the enemy. blows it up loud and hard.

The severely injured enemy is still struggling to get up.

The other aqualizards I’ve encountered were all killed with a single blow, but not this one.

“Hmph! Ki-Bullet!”

After him!


Finally, the demon is rendered completely silent.

“Hmm. I can defeat it, but it is more difficult than the Aqualizards.”

Strength, endurance, and judgment all certainly improve.

One of them would suffice, but more than one might be too much for me to handle.

For the time being, the enemy I killed has been stored.

I keep going. Continuing on the path that leads to the reservoir at the far end.

“Huh… What’s this?!”

I find weapons scattered on the floor.

[Silver Knight’s Rapier]

Status Boost When Stored:

Arm Strength +50 (Upper Limit: 400)

Agility +50 (upper limit: 400)

When stored, the specialty “Barrage Thrusting” can be used.

[Knight’s Golden Shield]

Status Bonus When Stored:

Strength + 80 (upper limit: 450)

When stored, the specialty “Extreme Guard” can be used.

[Great Axe of the Great Warrior]

Status Bonus When Stored:

Arm Strength +90 (Upper Limit: 450)

When stored, the specialized “Extreme Guard” can be used.

“Was it abandoned by those who came here…?”

The Order’s emblem can be found on the silver knight’s rapier and the knight’s golden shield.

So this is the gear used by the Knights who came here to investigate…?

And wasn’t that Banger’s favorite weapon the [Great Axe of the Great Warrior]


The great axe with the magnificent dragon carved on it that he must have inherited from his father.

“So they either came here and were attacked, or they were abducted…”

Because there are no bodies, it is more likely that they were abducted.

It’s crucial circumstantial evidence. But more than that―

“… That’s a nice piece of equipment… As one would expect from the Order and our skilled adventurer.”

The status bonuses and special skills at their disposal were impressive.

“… Let’s put it in storage for the time being.”

This old man puts the equipment he finds into his item box.

Usage rate:1/100%.

List of articles:



Deathc*cktrice Feathers: 62

Martial Arts Pendant: 1

Mithril Sword: 1

Rapier of the Silver Knight: 1

Shield of the Golden Knight: 1

Great Axe of the Great Warrior: 1

Status Bonus:

Arm strength340

Physical strength: 180

Mobility: 230.

Additional specialties:


Sonic boom

Barrage Thrusting

Extreme protection

Day Break

“I’m just collecting misplaced items and keeping them. Fufufu…”


This is such a significant improvement that you find yourself saying, “I’m going to keep this forever!”

I’ll take my time deciding what to do later.

Vichan. Vichan. Bichang. Bichang.

There were footsteps that sounded like water rushing from everywhere.

―The enemy from before! There are seven or eight of them, forming a circle around me.

Oh no, they’re all rushing towards me at the same time!

They’re attempting to crush me with numbers!

“Interesting―! Then I’ll take them!”

This old man dared to remain where he was. He made no movement to flee.

As the enemies close in on me, they all swing their clawed blades at me at the same time.

Slashing blows rain down from the front, back, left, and right.

If I don’t, I’ll be killed… Of course, I have a strategy!

“Extreme Protection!”

This old man crosses his arms and curls his back in a defensive stance.

A thin wall of light forms along the surface of this old man’s body.

“Extreme Protection” has created a light wall.


The protective wall strengthens this old man’s body, repelling all of his enemies’ slashes.

This has a brief duration of effect, but if timed to coincide with the enemy’s attack, this is what you get.

He survives unharmed and launches a counterattack!

“Barrage Thrusting!”

Thud, thud, thud!

Countless sharp blasts rained down on the opposing side.

When I try to use it, my hand moves extremely quickly and nimbly. It’s like a different creature.

At close range, the “barrage thrusting” pierces the enemy’s body with numerous holes.

It wasn’t a completely complete beehive, though.

This old man’s status bonus has been significantly increased.

As a result, the speed and power of each thrust are incomparable.

The power of the thrusts is stronger than my senses.

Zashushushu! Boshuboshuboshuboshu!

It is not satisfied with a beehive, so it dismembers the pack of demons.


I couldn’t help but think of it as a relentless scourge.

I found myself surrounded by pieces of the demon’s flesh scattered around my feet.

Fortunately, their bodies are light blue and transparent, so it only appears to be a splattering of jelly.

“I guess I went a little too far… We can’t sell it right now.”

The bodies have been severely damaged.

Let’s just collect them all and destroy them all at once.

It was a last-minute countermeasure, but it worked.

“No, I’m honestly sorry…”

I couldn’t help but join my hands with those poor demons.

It’s another of those so-called “too powerful” techniques for my senses to keep up with.

The new techniques and status bonuses, on the other hand, are very satisfying.

I keep going until I reach the deepest waterways.

“Huh …?! It looks completely different than before. What’s this hole?”

There’s a large hole that hollows out the center of the reservoir.

Water is pouring down the hole like a waterfall.


“Does something exist down there?”

From below, there’s what sounds like a terrible moaning.

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