Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: [Storage] Skill, Proficiency: 9999/9999 Part 4

The following day

This old man went to the Adventurers’ Guild first thing in the morning to see Ellie.

I wanted to go to the Gynt Aqueducs Ruins today, but I also had a daily cargo quest to finish.

I could drop it off on my way to the aqueducs .

“A-Ash-san! good morning!”

“Hey, good morning. Sorry, but I’d like to take another cargo-carrying quest today.”

“No, it’s not the same anymore!”

“Huh? What is it?”

“Didn’t I tell you there have been some vicious demons recently in the Gynt Aqueducs Ruins?”


“When we reported it to the capital, the Order of Knights sent a survey team. As a result, the knights went to the ruins.”

“…They didn’t return?”

“Y-Yes. It’s been three days now. So I sent a few of our best adventurers to check on them, and I sent Bangel-san and the others to… I had the same question for you, Ash-san! Of course, you’ll be compensated.”

That’s a good thing. I’m glad to hear that.

I had intended to go to the Gynt Aqueducs from the very beginning.

“So be it. But are you sure this old man is the right person to ask?”

“You defeated Bangel-san the day before! And I saw your awesome status bonus!”

“Oho, well―it’s the first time I’ve ever been called awesome. It feels good.”

“Well, human beings grow up at all ages, don’t they?!”

“Yeah, I’m glad I’ve been working so hard.”

“So it’s a good underworld journey!”

“Hey, don’t jinx me! This old man still wants to reap the benefits of his skill!”

“Then make sure you come back safely. Be careful, okay?!”

“So be it. Then I’m off!”

This old man changed his mind and went straight to the Gynt Aqueduct ruins .

There are several underground entrances to the ruins located throughout the town.

They were originally the sewage systems of an ancient city that had fallen into ruin.

Over time, they were transformed into dungeons.

Because there aren’t many powerful monsters here most of the time, it’s a good place for new adventurers to hone their skills.

Looking back, this old man and Tina were frequent visitors in the early days of our adventure.

It’s also a fond memory of being stunned by being outmatched in terms of ability.

Since I became an old man, I’ve mostly stopped fighting, but―

It’s great to be back at the entrance to these underground aqueducts with a fresh mind again.

I take a step down the moss-covered stairs and into the sound of running water.

Then, as soon as I did, I came across a demon.

It is a large lizard with a semi-transparent body and a light blue coloration.

When it dives into the water, it goes almost all the way down, making it very hard to detect.

Its spouting water is tinged with strong acid, and its long, thick tongue can be detached at any time.

A predator that wraps its abdomen around its prey, immobilizing it before detaching and finishing it off.

“Is that an aqualizard?”

Aqualizards are found only in small numbers at the far end of the Gynt Aqueduct Ruins.

Even if you look for them, you may not find them.

Because they are so uncommon, their strength stands out from the rest.

They aren’t as powerful as Deathcocktrice, but they’re a significant burden for a low-level adventurer.

Previously, this old man would have lost ten out of ten fights.

But not now.


A shot of acid spurts towards this old man.

―I can see it! I can dodge it!

This old man dives out of the way of the acidic water and kicks the ground toward it.

Take a step forward and slash!


But the sound of footsteps is much louder than this old man thought it would be.

I’m far too quick. My senses haven’t kept up with my quick ascent.

As a result, I was unable to draw my sword and slash in time and ended up shoulder tackling the demon.


However, as an attack, it is still effective.


The aqualizard’s body crumples and crashes into a wall, its body bending in an unexpected direction as it crumples to the floor.

I killed it with a single hit. This old man cannot believe how much he has changed.

“Fufufu — you’re too strong for your senses to catch up with you. What a luxurious misery.”

For a brief moment, this old man grimaces, shakes his head, and comes to his senses.

“No. We must exercise extreme caution. But there’s something odd about an aqualizard at an entrance like this.”

I stored the Aqualizard’s corpse.

I’m sure the guild will pay a good price for this.

I nod and continue to go deeper and deeper.

“Oh, another aqualizard.”

This time, there are two of them. They don’t appear to have noticed me.

If this is the case.

“If my senses continue to fall short of my strength, then…”

The sword has been drawn, the tip has been extended, and the posture is sideways.

“It’s better if I charge with a thrust!”


This old man charges at the enemy while maintaining his thrust.


Two aqualizards skewered together!

But they’re still flailing around, struggling.


I swing my sword with all my might through the two bodies, completely severing them.

Don’t forget to collect the two corpses.

“All right, let’s keep going!”

I take the stairs to the bottom, hoping to reach a lower level.

“…! Another group of aqualizards? What’s going on? I didn’t realize there were so many.”

This time, there are four or five of them.

“Just enough to get my senses used to it!”

From afar, this old man unleashes his technique “sonic boom” acquired from the mithril sword!


Then dash after the shockwave, hiding behind it as it bounces across the ground.

The shockwave slams into the Aqualizards.

Three bodies are devoured, ripped apart, and blown up immediately.

There are two more! I rush in and slash at one of their necks, severing it!


Now I’ve succeeded in running in and cutting them off.

I’m becoming accustomed to moving so quickly!


The remaining Aqualizard’s outstretched, translucent tongue wraps around one of this old man’s legs.

It tugs at me, attempting to drag me down―

“You’re not powerful enough!”

I pull my leg hard in the opposite direction―.

“Come on!”

The Aqualizard is dragged in and slashed in half!

“―Hmm… I never thought I’d be able to hunt them so many times…”

Yes, this is not a battle.

It is a one-sided hunt in which the hunter’s and prey’s positions are irreversible.

“This old man has grown strong, Fufufu…!”

I’m far too happy to stop smiling!

Getting drunk on your own power! This is the sweetest wine in the world.

This old man smiled as he descended the next staircase to the bottom level.

At the bottom there were demons I had never seen before.

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