Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: [Storage] Skill, Proficiency: 9999/9999 Part 6

“Who the hell are you?!”

This old man walks up to the reservoir’s edge and looks down.

The rainbow-colored, shimmering haze makes it difficult to see.

But there was a huge shadow there that the haze couldn’t hide.

“What on earth is that thing?!”

It is two or three times the height of this old man.

Although it is a bipedal skeleton, its face is that of a terrifyingly dignified dragon.

Its body is covered in light blue scales that shimmer like crystals.

It carries two massive swords around its waist and two more on its back.

Its armor is beautifully decorated in silver and white, giving it the appearance of a knight.

a massive knight with the face of a dragon. That’s the impression I get from looking at it.

In its chest is a gem-like object that shines in seven colors that give off a haze.

It’s clearly unique and more powerful than anything I’ve ever seen.

It appears to be meditating rather than moving.


The demon’s eyes suddenly open.

His gaze was clearly fixed on this old man.

“… Do you want to know? Human.”

Then he speaks, quietly and clearly.

“Huh…?! It awoke…?!


The demon bends down and jumps up.

Its massive body leaps from the bottom of the reservoir and lands behind this old man in an instant.

The ground trembles beneath its weight.

It’s surprisingly agile for a demon of its size.

“I am Barvel, one of the Demon King’s eight demon generals, the Crystal Dragon General Barvel…!”

“The Eight Demon Generals?!”

He’s considered a high-ranking member of the demon tribe’s army. What is it doing here…?!

The demon army was increasingly moving around the Lacia Kingdom when this old man and others were still young, but we had never heard of this Barvel.

If we had known, the Gynt Aqueduct Ruins would have been guarded more closely.

That means that it has been sleeping here since the mythical time of the all-out war between humans and demons.

“It’s been a long sleep… I’ve been gradually gathering your kind’s energy for many months… Now my resurrection has finally been completed!”

From the back of Barvel’s body, a series of clear tubes grew that led to a round, jelly-like sphere.

Inside… There were dozens or hundreds of human bones crammed inside.

“What? Is that…?!”

“Sacrifices I’ve had my followers gather. That’s what happens when you drain all of their energy.

Adventurers who visited the Gynt Aqueduct ruins were secretly captured and used as food for resurrection over a long period of time?!

Perhaps the Knights, as well as Bangel and the others who had come to investigate, were also…?!

“No, that or …!”

Bangel and his companions appear to be the only ones who are unconscious but not yet skeletonized. There was no sign of the knights. Which means that they already have―.

“There are still survivors! Let them go!”

It’s probably pointless to say, but Barvel’s response surprised me.

“Very well!”

The tube is ripped apart and separated from Barvel’s body with a snap.

“They are a hindrance to battle anyway! You may be an old and frail man, but you have defeated my followers by standing here. You are the ideal prey to test whether this one’s resurrection is truly complete! Now demonstrate how you can defy me with all your might!”

Barvel took a two-sword stance, drawing the swords at his hips.

“Bloody fellow…! But I’m willing to play with you!

It goes without saying that I cannot abandon Bangel and the others.

Maybe not!

This old man wishes to put his strength to the test. And he wants to be certain of his power.

If it’s enough to defeat a top-tier demon, this old man’s chest will swell with pride as he approaches Tina.

It’s taken 60 years, but this old man has caught up with Tina.

This is, in a sense, the final exam to make it. Let’s do it for ourselves!


Barvel strikes hard.

This old man cannot react because the line is too close. But―.


“Sonic boom!”


This old man unleashes a sonic boom!

The shock waves collide head-on, swell, writhe, and then vanish like a massive whirlwind.

“Hoo~! That is quite an accomplishment for a human! Are you a saint or a hero?!”

“Neither! I’m just an old man with a [storage] skill!”

“Hmph! Don’t joke around with me!”

“I don’t care what you think!”

Once again, the “sonic boom” hits each other.

Another massive whirlwind is on its way.

But not this time.

From the other side, a shockwave enters the whirlwind !

“This one has two swords!”

So says the other side, who is superior in rapid-fire capability.


Shock waves are bearing down on me.


This old man leaps to the side to avoid it―

But then there’s Barvel, charging right into me.

“There it is!”

He knew that this old man would leap to the side to avoid him.

Of course, he didn’t let the opportunity go to waste, but pounced on me like crazy.

But this old man had anticipated it!


My body floats up and changes its trajectory as the Ki-Bullet is fired directly downwards.

This old man leapt over Barvel’s head and landed behind him.


“There’s a gap!”

―I’ve got him!

“Barrage Thrusting!” ooOOOHH!

Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud!


Barvel screams as countless thrusts come at him.


Kinking, kinking, kinking!

With a dry thud, this old man’s thrusts slide over Barvel’s armored body.



My iron sword shattered as a result of the attack.

The clash between this old man’s skill and Barvel’s hardness was unbearable.

“Huh…? Is my sword not strong enough?!”

“Haha! That’s not enough!”

“How about this?!?”




Barvel turns around and uses his right sword to sever the Ki-Bullet.

“What the…!”

“Good move! It numbs my hand!”

In other words, it only has that much power.

As one would expect from one of the Eight Demon Generals! He’s not like my previous enemies.

“This isn’t the end, is it?!”

Boohoo! and a left cleave appears.

I leapt up to avoid it!

And as I land, I prepare for the next attack. But the moment I try, an electric shock hits my body.


My back aches! At this point in time, this old man squats unexpectedly. He is immobile!

“Then take this!”

The sword of Barvel glows with a fiery light. It’s the same seven-colored light that shines through the jewel in his chest.

Is it also transmitted to his sword?!

“oooohH! Smash to pieces! “Motion Wave Blast!”


This old man is definitely caught by the sword’s attack, and an explosive pillar of light is created in its place.

The floor beneath my feet is gouged out, leaving a crater-like destruction mark.

If you take this sword seriously, this old man’s body, which is as dead as a dried tree, should be in shambles.


“Huh …?”

“W-What the…it definitely hit you! You ate my motion wave blast and you’re still alive?!”

Barvel was startled and took a few steps back.

Yes, this old man had taken a serious hit from his special moves, but―.

Oddly enough, nothing happened.

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