Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: [Storage] Skill, Proficiency: 9999/9999 Part 3

“Hmm. This is a good one―.”

The Mithril Sword piqued my interest.

[Mithril Sword]

Status Bonus When Stored:

Arm Strength +50 (Upper limit: 400)

When stored, a specialty “sonic boom” can be used.

The increase in status and the upper limit are both large, and they even come with a “sonic boom”.

This is an absolute must-have.

Other noteworthy items include.

[Flaming Jewel Wand]

Status Bonus When Stored:

Magic+30 (upper limit: 280)

When stored, the magic “fire arrow” can be used.

[Ice Treasure Staff]

Status Bonus When Stored:

Magic+30 (upper limit: 280)

When stored, magic “Freeze Bullet” can be used.

[Shugden Staff]

Status Boost When Stored:

Spirit+20 (upper limit: 250)

When stored, the magic “heal” can be used.

I don’t have anything that can increase my magical or spiritual power.

Purchasing something like this would be a good idea.

“Heal” is particularly useful for adventuring.

Apart from that,

[Silver Chainmail]

Status Boost When Stored:

+20 Strength (Upper limit: 250)

When stored, the “Automatic recovery (small)” property can be used.

[Magic Stone Pairing]

Status Boost When Stored:

Arm strength + 30 (upper limit: 500)

Strength + 30 (upper limit: 500)

Agility +30 (upper limit: 500)

Magic+30 (Upper limit: 500)

Spirit+30 (upper limit: 500)

When stored, the owner can use the property “One Life”.

The “automatic recovery (small)” of chainmail is also good for safety.

The limit of magical stone pairing is extremely high.

This could be worthwhile.

I believe that pairing is a trait that allows you to share a strength or a weakness with a connected partner.

This could work in your favor or against you.

It is said that people who have two skills are sometimes born with them.

However, the skills, traits, and magic that result from them are not usually easily acquired.

It should be obtained through the development and practice of one’s skills.

It’s terrifying that you can get it simply by throwing it in the item box.

It may be worth the effort since the [storage] skill is assumed to be raised to 9999 proficiency, but… What would happen if you stored a more powerful sword, such as a legendary holy sword or a magic sword?

“Hey, how much for the mithril sword?”

“It’s our signature item. It’s one-of-a-kind, made of rare mithril, and extremely expensive. Twenty-five gold coins”

“Whoa! That’s expensive …!”

That alone would mean I have almost nothing on hand.

“What about this staff?”

“That is five gold coins.”

“What about the silver chainmail?”

“That’s 5 as well.”

“How about a magic stone pairing?”

“That one is the most expensive, 50 gold.”

“You’re a f*cking …! Have you lost your mind?”

“Certainly not! The material is valuable, it is a well-known craftsman’s brand, and it sells well to wealthy people.”

I see…”

I don’t think we’ll get anywhere with this.

“What about the steel sword?”

“2 gold”.


Let’s just use it for now.

I’ll store it to enhance my status, earn more money, and start working on other items.

“All right, then, give me the steel sword and the mithril sword, will you?”

“Thank you very much! But you’re going to buy two swords? Double sword holder?”

“I’d love to, but I have a few things on my mind. Can I have a little test cut?”

“Sure thing, old man. Please come in.”

This old man is led down into the cellar by the owner, who is carrying the two swords.

It’s just a basic practice area with a few wooden scarecrows.

“All right then. May I borrow your swords?”

“Here you go.”

This old man accepts it and places the mithril sword in the item box.

Usage rate: 1/100%.

Item List:



Deathcocktrice Feathers: 62

Mithril Sword: 1

Status Bonus:

Arm strength: 200

Physical strength: 100


Additional specialties:


“Sonic Boom.

“Now let’s get started!”

“Hey, old man Ash, are you not going to use the Mithril sword?”

“Well, this old man’s fine with this.”

The mithril sword is for storage, while the steel sword is used.

This is even more the case with this old man.

You gain a higher stat bonus and the ability to use “sonic boom” from the mithril sword when stored.

This old man holds the steel sword at the ready, his breathing steady and his mind focused.

“You’re far off target, old man. Are you playing?”

“No, it’s fine. Haaaaah! “Sonic Boom!!!”

As the sword slashes down vertically, a shockwave follows it!


As it slashes toward the wooden scarecrow, the shockwave creates a rut in the ground.


With a booming boom, it shatters the wooden scarecrow!

“Ohh …! It actually works!”

“Good Lord?! That sword move was fantastic! Since when can you do that, old man?!”

“Hohoho. Even old men mature from time to time, don’t they?”

“That’s great! Oh, I’ve seen something nice one!”

“But I’m sorry, I broke the target.”

“Sure, no problem. Thank you for showing me something worthwhile.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll take care of the bill now.”

This old man finishes his shopping and leaves the shop.

My back is already bothering me, so I’m going to rest at home.

And tomorrow―.

Let’s go to the Gynt Aqueduct ruins that Ellie mentioned earlier.

If there are vicious demons there, we should be able to get a good price for them.

There are still some goodies in the weapon shop, and more status bonuses can be stored.

This old man may be an old man with a bad back, but he’s just as hungry for strength as any kid out there.

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