Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: [Storage] Skill, Proficiency: 9999/9999 Part 2

“I’m sorry, but I need you to appraise my skills!”

When this old man returned to the Adventurer’s Guild counter, he immediately requested to do so.

“Didn’t you see it just this morning? Have you forgotten? That’s why you’re such an Oji-chan.”

Ellie, the Guild’s receptionist, sighed in response to this old man’s request.

This girl’s mother also worked as a receptionist at the guild, and this old man had known her since she was a child.

Maybe that’s why she’s so outgoing.

“This old man hasn’t lost his mind yet!”

“Alright, alright, that’s what people who have gone insane say. Okay, I’ll appraise you.”


You can store items in an invisible item box.

The item box menu allows you to view the list of stored items as well as their usage rate.

The item box’s capacity grows as your skill level grows.

You gain status based on the items you store (Proficiency: 9999).

The number of types of objects that can be stored increases (competence 9999)

Proficiency: 99/99

Status Bonus:

Arm strength150

Physical strength: 100


Additional specialties:



increases the growth speed and performance of the owner’s other skills.

The effect increases with proficiency.

Proficiency: 99/99.

Status bonus: None

Current overall status

Arm strength: 10 + 150

Physical strength: 8+100




On the left side of the number, you can see the character’s physical state.

This is partly due to the fact that this old man is now an old man, but the additional benefits are far greater.

This demonstrates how much a person’s strength is determined by their skills.

“Oh, the [Storage] skill is highlighted in blue! And it’s a great status bonus!”

“You gain status based on the items you store…! That’s the effect! I had no idea that 9999 proficiency would have a secondary effect―.”

It also means that you can store a wider variety of items.

Is this the effect of the phenomenon that [storage] nullified the feather blizzard of the Deathcocktrice?

“If it’s in blue, that means you’ve reached the maximum level of proficiency, right?!”

“That’s right. But what a long time to wait until 9999 is reached.”

“Perhaps it’s unprecedented?”


This old man also has a [Genius] skill, which is already highlighted in blue.

Although I have the [Genius] skill in blue, it took me about 60 years to reach 9999 on my [Storage] skill. And I worked on it nonstop for almost every day.

I’m sure I’d be dead before I got there without my [Genius] skill..

“This is great! Although it doesn’t make me rethink the value of [storage] skills!”

“I’m not sure… But I think you’re right.”

Only this old man could have made it this far.

If you can’t grow to the point where almost no one uses it, it doesn’t affect the general evaluation.

“But just in case, I’ll report it to the higher-ups as a new discovery! Please feel better because you will be rewarded for your information!”

“Oh, and while we’re on the subject of rewards, I’d like you to purchase the demon I’ve killed.”

“Ash-san killing a demon is unusual. What kind of demon is it?”


“Huh?! Deathcocktrice?! Oji-chan?! What’s the matter with you…?”

“Wait a minute, you just saw this old man’s status bonus. Regardless, the proof is in the pudding. I’ll show you.”

“Y-Yeah… Please!”


And from this old man’s item box comes a Deathcocktrice.

“eeeEEEEH?! Is that a Deathcocktrice?!? Isn’t Ash-san incredible?!”

Her jaw drops open in surprise.

“Whoa! Is that a Deathcocktrice?!”

“Old man Ash killed it? I still can’t believe it…!”

“Really…! That old man Ash, the legendary low-class adventurer…?!”

“W-Wait a second! The current market value of a Deathcocktrice is… Holy smokes! Fifty gold coins! That’s enough to get by for a few years, right?”

“Wow, isn’t that amazing…?”

The usual work of this old man, picking herbs and carrying cargo, only costs a few coppers.

Fortunately, if I spend this money on weapons and armor and keep them in the item box, I might be able to become even more powerful.

I want to keep getting stronger!

For 60 years, this old man has been yearning for strength!

“I’ll get it off your hands as soon as possible.”

“Wait a second!”

This old man and others were stopped by a loud voice.

He’s an adventurer in his late thirties, with a good figure but a bad physiognomy.

He resembles Barbas, who used to mock this old man when he was younger.

As it should be, this is his son, Bangel.

He is an adventurer in the mold of his father, who has retired.

He is currently the guild’s most powerful member.

“Bangel-san, what’s the matter?”

This girl is annoyed by Bangel because he constantly bothers her.

“Our party’s target was this Deathcocktrice! We did all the damage first, and then old man Ash went after the goodies!”

“What?! Is it true, Ash-san?”

“―I didn’t think so.”

I felt like I was on pins and needles. I can’t say there’s no conclusive evidence.

“Didn’t Ash-san slay it?”

“Hahaha! How on earth can old man Ash defeat a deathcocktrice? He’s been doing dreadful trash-collecting quests for decades. He would have done it a long time ago if he could!”

“That’s right!”

“I’m sure you’re right!”

“Don’t dare steal what we hunted!”

Bangel and his band of adventurers are talking smack.

“The quest Ash-san is doing is something someone has to do and needs to do! Besides, today’s Ash-san is not the same as the old, stuck-up Oji-chan we’ve seen before―.”

“Uppity is unnecessary! I can’t deny it, but this old man isn’t looking for any trouble. So, what do you think about splitting it 50/50, gold and all?”

After Tina was temporarily banned from the guild for assaulting Bangel’s father, Barbas, they told her she’d be expelled the next time she got into trouble.

Now, this old man would be in for a fight, but he’d rather avoid the trouble that can be avoided.

But Bangel didn’t appear to be up for it.

“Idiot! Nothing an elderly garbage adventurer can do! Get out of the way!”

And as he extended his hand to push this old man away.

purely by instinct.

This old man swerved slightly, causing Bangel to stumble and trip.

“D*mn you!”

Bashi! This old man deflects the hand that is reaching for him by grabbing it in the opposite direction.

“Aaahh, the hell with this old man?! What the Fck…?! I-It isn’t moving…?!”

“Hmmm …?”

Just barely, I twist up.

The strength of this old man appears to be winning.

“Oh, my God!!”

“Wow, Ash-san! That’s some good medicine! Please give him some more!”

Ellie speaks her mind in the heat of the moment.

“…Once again, we’ll split it 50/50, right?”

“Sh*t…Okay, okay, let me go…!”


So we divided the Deathcocktrice purchase price into 25 gold coins.

Two more gold were given as a reward for the skill information, bringing the total to 27.

“So then! This old man is in a hurry!”

With these 25 gold coins, let’s get some items for [storage]!

“A-Ash-san! It’s fine to be enthusiastic, but you should avoid the Gynt Aqueduct Ruins! I’ve heard there are vicious demons out there these days!”

“Oh! I know!”

This old man then proceeded to the weapon shop.

“Hey old man Ash. Are you on a quest today?”

“No, I’m going shopping today. Let me take a look at what you’ve got.”

“? That’s unusual. You don’t go demon hunting anymore, do you? Is that really necessary?

“Fufufu, It’s a big deal!”

“You appear to be in good spirits. I don’t mind what you buy. Take a look at this.”

He takes a few items from the shop and checks out the effect.

[Bronze sword].

Status Bonus When Stored:

Arm Strength +10 (Upper Limit: 150)

[Iron sword]

Status Boost When Stored:

Arm Strength +15 (Upper Limit: 200)

[Sword of steel]

Status Boost When Stored:

Arm strength +20 (upper limit: 250)

[Mithril Sword]

Status Bonus When Stored:

Arm strength +50 (upper limit: 350)

When stored, the specialty “sonic boom” can be used.

“Wait…this is.”

It seems that real weapons are something different than a simple stone.

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