Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Martina and the Dragonmancer 21

Following that,

Everyone, including this old man, stayed in the Royal Capital for a while.

To assist in the restoration of the destroyed castle.

Aside from the Royal Castle being partially destroyed, nothing important was found as a result of the disturbances.

Tina was quick to urge the evacuation and get the people out of the city, which was a good thing.

The city is now back to normal, as if nothing had happened.

And the castle’s restoration is moving along quickly.

It’s thanks to Barvel and the dragonewts he commands.

They are proud of their strength and ability to fly. They were instrumental in the restoration work.

Dormina was defeated, and the power that gave them a temporary life should no longer be able to exist.

However, because this old man has preserved the “Dragonmancer” skill, their power has been passed down to the world.

As a result, they have persisted.

Barvel’s followers, who had turned violent, were able to revert to their true nature and gladly assisted in the restoration of the royal castle.

Barvel’s injuries from the battle with Dormina were completely healed by this old man’s [Dragonmancer] skill.

And now that the royal castle has been restored, this old man and his men are ready to celebrate the occasion.

Of course, I’m referring to the day we leave the Royal Capital and embark on our adventure.

“Ash. Ash.. Get up right now.”

“Hmm… is it already morning?”

I’m tempted to stay in bed a little longer, but then I remember.

Yes, we are supposed to leave the capital today.

Pachi .

Tina’s cheerful smile was right next to me when I awoke.

“Good morning, Ash.”

“Good morning, Tina. This morning, we’re getting closer.”

“Yeah? I assumed you were expecting me to kiss you and wake you up.”

“No, that isn’t the case… and in any case…”

“Well, twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.”


Tina kisses this old man and climbs out of bed with him.

“Breakfast has been prepared. Let’s eat, take one last look around, and then get going! I haven’t had a good time with Ash in over fifty years! I’m excited!”

Tina is having a great time.

“But, Tina, are you certain?”

“What exactly is it, Ash?”

“Tina is the country’s queen. I wondered if it was selfish of this old man to take her away.”

Tina’s safety made everyone at the castle very happy.

They were surprised that she looked so young again, but they were also relieved that it was good for her health because it alleviated her health concerns.

It demonstrated Tina’s popularity among the general public.

that they needed her.

“You can be selfish―Am I that easy for Ash to give up?”

“No, I do not. I’m just wondering if Tina isn’t coercing herself into being with this old man.”

“Absolutely not. I’ve given so much of myself to my country. I should be able to retire freely. I’ve prepared a suitable replacement for that occasion. Don’t worry, take me with you. That is what brings me joy~.”

“I see―.”

Tina walks right up to this old man.

“If you’re feeling too restless, do you want me to kiss you again to cheer you up?”

“No, I’m perfectly fine.”

“What a pity…”

Tina was disappointed, but this time this old man kissed her passionately.


“Tina, thank you for waiting decades for this old man. I’m extremely grateful.”

“Hehehe~… It’s wonderful that Ash is doing this with me.”

This old man said it seriously, but Tina appeared to be grinning and not paying attention.

Anyway, we got ready, and this old man and the others went to the castle’s gate to leave.

His Majesty Elfin and the court magician Erica were among those who came to see us off.

“Your Majesty, are you still going by any means?”

“Of course I do. And I’m the former ruler. You’re now the King, aren’t you? Bring yourself together.”

“But it’s still a burden for me… If you have been rejuvenated and your health is no longer an issue, you can reclaim the throne. “

“Don’t be silly. I’m going on an adventure with Ash. I’m just a wayward queen on my way to an adventure with Ash. Allow me to be myself once more.”

“Yes! Isn’t it wonderful that they kept their promise to each other and are now together? It’s romantic! You can’t mess with happiness!”

Erica screamed at His Majesty Elfin.

Erica-dono appears to be positive about Tina’s departure.

“Hahaha! That’s exactly what I mean! Elfin, Erica. You are the heirs of the [Holy Warrior] and [Great Sage] I discovered. You will be as good as me if you work together. Take care of everything else.”

Tina patted Elfin and Erica on the back.

“Yes…! I will remember what you said!”

“Thank you for taking us orphans!”

They were both overcome with emotion and bowed deeply to Tina.

“Let’s go, Ash!”


When this old man and Tina exited the gate, Barvel and the Dragonewts awaited us.

They, too, wished to see this old man and Tina depart.

“Martina! Ash! It’s time to get started.”

“Barvel, I’m sorry. I owe you everything. Thank you very much.”

“The feeling is mutual. I’m still alive because you took Dormina’s power away from her.”

“That’s right!”

“We’ve finally come to our senses!”

“Many thanks!”

Barvel’s followers are upbeat and friendly.

“I appreciate it as well. You’ve sped up the restoration of the castle.”

“It’s nothing to worry about.”

“But haven’t you become Ashe’s dependents? Why don’t you join us?”

Barvel chuckles quietly and shakes his head.

“That is not something I intend to do. You two can have fun together on your adventures. We are now, as you say, Ash’s people. He can hear and summon us even when we are far away. Use us if necessary.”

“You’re a clever fellow for a man your size. Then I’ll flirt with Ash all I want!”

Tina is impressed.


Barvel appears embarrassed.

This old man, too, is embarrassed to be told such a thing so openly.

“But what are your plans for the future? If you’re still in Lácia, why not talk to Elfin?”

“No, if we stay in the kingdom for too long, we’re bound to get into some unnecessary squabbles. I’ll find a quiet place to live and hone my skills.

“I see.”

“Well, we’d better get going―See you later, Ash, Martina!”

Barvel’s wings flutter in the air with each flap.

“Call me if you need anything!”

“I’ll gladly talk to you even if you don’t have anything to say!”

“On the contrary, if there’s something tasty, call me! I’d like to eat it!”

The Dragonewts and the others quickly followed.

“…Shall we also go, Ash?!”

Tina squeezed this old man’s hand.

Tina and this old man appeared to be about ten and seventeen or eighteen years old, respectively.

In this regard, they are not an awkward couple, but rather close sibling.

First and foremost, it is puzzling why there is an age difference when we share the power of the Pearl of Life. Tina would be ten if I were ten.

But it’s better than an old couple who’re worried about each other’s health.

“Yes! A trip with no specific goal!”

“No, Ash, in my opinion, we have a goal, don’t we?”

“Huh? What is it?”

“Isn’t it true that Ash is the child and I am the adult?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“We must find a way to transform Ash into a more mature Ash! You’re adorable as is, but I want you to grow up a little bit!”


“Of course I can’t have children with Ash in his current form, right? Quickly transform into a young man and impregnate me!”

“T-Tina, please don’t say that too loudly!”

This old man and others are walking down the main road that leads away from the royal castle.

People who were walking by heard Tina’s statement and were taken aback.

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