Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Hot Springs Village and the Legendary Castle 1

Tina and this old man left the capital and traveled north.

“There it is, Ash―The hot spring town of Kuphin.”

“Oh. It’s quite famous. “

The mountain town has a row of magnificent inns.

It is one of the world’s leading recreational destinations due to the high quality of the hot springs in this area.

This old man has never been here before, but it’s a lovely place.

“It could be a long walk ahead of us. Why don’t we rest our bones first, since it’s just around the corner?”

Tina gives this old man a friendly smile.

“I suppose so―Despite the fact that I’m young again, I’ve been fighting a lot lately―I had hoped to get some rest.”

He may appear to be ten years old, but he is an old man at heart.

I suppose it’s natural to be tired and want to rest after a hard day’s work.

“Well, it’s a shame Ash is still a boy… But I’m an adult. I’m young and spunky, so enjoy me to the fullest.”

“W-What exactly do you want me to do?!”

“I’d like you to… You can look at me, touch me, and do whatever you want with me. I’m always prepared, okay?”

Tina gives a seductive smile and pats her chest.

Her ample breasts swayed in response.

The sweet smells you can smell just being near them, and that adorable sight.

She appears to be more sensational and alluring than before.

Is it because this old man can now afford to care about it?

This old man was overcome by a sense of helplessness and despair.

“No, no, no… Now this old man is just a kid.”

“Yes―Now that you mention it, Ash.”


“We share the same life-force rejuvenating effect of the Pearl of Life, but our apparent ages are vastly different. What do you make of this?”

“Well, that’s what this old man wonders as well… I’m not sure.”

“Perhaps we’ve both returned to our best selves. I was at the pinnacle of my abilities and, more importantly, in love with Ash. I believe Ash avoided it unconsciously before the age of 15 because he was experiencing a lot of difficulties.”

“Well… Since the age of 15, this old man has been plagued by feelings of powerlessness and inferiority. Even now, that I’m an old man and my abilities have blossomed, I’m still thinking about it.”

“Yeah. I don’t believe Ash is ready to be satisfied with his life. So, to be a child who is innocent―and that means we only have one thing to do…!”

Tina tightly embraces this old man.

She hugs this old man tightly, most likely on purpose: his face is buried in Tina’s chest, and it feels like heaven.

“W-What are you planning to do…?!”

“Fufufu…I’m going to seduce you to the point where you want to forget everything that happened in the past. You’ll be in good shape to fulfill your desires when reason blows over, won’t you?”

“Is that the case…?”

“It’s just a theory. I’m not sure, but it’s better than not trying, and I’d do it regardless, so it doesn’t matter. Rather, I’m confident that I can do it.”

“How about tracing the origins of the Pearl of Life?”

With my [storage] effect, the Pearl of Life is currently rejuvenating this old man and Tina.

It is natural to wonder if it is possible to change the age by modifying it or using a similar object.

The Pearl of Life, according to Barvel, was left behind by a certain dark elf who appeared in front of the sealed and motionless Barvel.

He said he didn’t even mention his name, so he had no further information.

So we decided to meet the Dark Elves and gather information, so we headed north to a Dark Elven settlement Tina mentioned.

The spa town of Kuphin was located on the northern border of Tina’s kingdom of Lacia. It would be a good place to stop before we leave the country.

“Of course, I’ll take your lead. But, surely, the more options we pursue, the more likely it is that I will be the mother of Ash’s child sooner. That’s what I mean; let’s go!”

With a smiling Tina leading the way, we arrive at the hot spring resort.

We immediately started looking for a place to stay in town, but


“What’s the matter, Tina?”

“I feel like there aren’t many people around. It was much busier the last time I was here.

“Hmm…? Is that a sign that something is wrong?”

“Let’s go check into the inn.”

So I went to Tina’s chosen inn, “Ishibatei”.

“Sorry. We’d like to spend a couple of days here. We don’t mind sharing a room.”

Tina approached the hostess at the counter near the door.

“Oh, you’re siblings? You’re very close.”

“No, we’re in a relationship.” Isn’t that obvious?”

“Eh…?! You’re a little too green behind the ears to mess with a little boy like that Onee-chan…! That’s all well and good, but…”

The hostess’s face clouded a little.

“What’s the problem? Do you mean that this old man and others won’t be able to stay?”

“You have a peculiar way of speaking…”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s simply good manners.”

“It’s sort of a dialect.”

“I-Is that so? All right. And I’m not saying you can’t have the room, okay? It’s just… Okay, here’s the issue: The hot spring that used to flow has stopped bubbling. You’re welcome to stay if you still want it.”

“Eh…?! We’re staying in a hot springs hotel, but there aren’t any hot spring baths?”

The hostess sighs deeply and nods in response to Tina’s question.

“That’s right… One day, just like that… I’ve spent my entire life in this hot spring town. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. We’re in big trouble.”

“I see, that’s why there weren’t many people out on the street.”

“Yes,―That’s right. Not only have we come to a halt, but so have others. At this rate, all of Kuphin’s inns will go out of business.”

The gloomy hostess―Tina spoke softly to this old man.

“Ash… there doesn’t appear to be a hot spring. But can we still stay?”

“Yes. This old man is okay with it.”

“Then I’d like to stay here for a while.”

“Are we going to find out what caused this?”

“Yes. This is a province of the Kingdom of Lacia. I’m no longer a queen, but I was once one. I can’t just ignore it. I’m sorry…”

“Well, I guess we won’t be able to enjoy the hot spring. But this old man will assist because Tina’s problem is also this old man’s problem.”

“Oh! I’m happy to feel Ash’s love.”

Tina says with a cheerful smile.

“All right, hostess. We’ll be staying here for quite some time!”

“Really?! Thank you kindly. Have a great time!”

“One more thing… have any government officials looked into the anomalies? I’d like to know how the latest investigation is progressing.”

“No…I heard they dispatched a messenger to the Royal Capital, but… “

The capital, such as it was, was the capital.

Either they’re slow to respond or something happened to the messenger along the way.

“However, the Adventurers’ Guild here has requested an investigation. The best place to learn more is the Adventurers’ Guild.”

“I see. We’ll look into it later. Right Ash?”

“All right, let’s do it.”

This old man and Tina went into the room to rest for a while before heading to this town’s Adventurers’ Guild.

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