Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Martina and the Dragonmancer 20

“Oh, I did it!”

“Hey, you just made her younger…!”

Barvel was wide-eyed as he huddled on the ground.

“Pfft… Kukuku. So what if you’ve revitalized and strengthened this mistress’s vessel?”

“Yes, it did in some ways! Tina, are you hearing me? Dormina no longer has control over you, do you? You must regain consciousness and free yourself from Dormina!”

Tina was too strong to control as a young woman, so she waited until she was old and frail.

This is what Dormina meant while buying time for the Holy Sword to descend.

Dormina was pleased when we wasted time talking…

But she’d also revealed a critical flaw.

Dormina would be out of control if Tina were as young as this old man.

It was Dormina herself who had given this old man the idea.


Dormina comes to a halt and begins to suffer.

This old man then approaches Tina and shakes her shoulder.

“Tina! Hang in there! Let’s take this guy down and go on another adventure together! This old man is here to pick you up!”


Tina’s eyes return to their original, beautiful sky blue.

Her eyes were sharp and determined… But now there are tears.

“A-Ash… Sorry. Y-You kept your words. I’ve been looking forward to seeing you for a long time…!”

“It’s this old man who should be apologizing for making you wait so long…! Come on, get rid of Dormina!”

“All right! Dormina! I’m no longer at your mercy! Get the hell away from me!”

Tina’s body is engulfed in a blaze of holy light.

It’s the [Holy Warrior] skill’s power.


A blue-black translucent female figure slips out of Tina’s body.

“Is this the real Dormina?!”

A horned demon woman?

She appears to be a soul with no substance.

“Yes, Ash, it’s difficult to completely destroy her, but I can seal her up for good!”

“Alright, I’ll help you!”

“This mistress will have none of it! Then let’s put this big boy to use…!”

Dormina is about to leap at Barvel.

―Is Barvel going to be your host this time?

“I’m not going to let you!”

This old man steps in between them.

Barvel’s done me a favor. I’m not going to let her do whatever she wants.

“Fool! It makes no difference to this mistress if it’s you!”

Dormina goes straight for this old man.


“Come on! Let’s see what you’re capable of!”

This old man releases the Holy Sword Wave and the Curse of the Corpse Dragon from the item box.

The usage of the item box is now―

Usage Rate: 1/100%

I’ve released a lot of energy, and there’s now plenty of space in the usage rate!

“I’ll give you a possession fee!”

Dormina’s body is insubstantial. To put it another way, it’s a mass of energy with a will.

Then―This is the way to go!

“Come on, I’ll store you!”

This old man reaches out to Dormina.

Dormina herself vanishes there, as if she were being sucked in.

“Huh…? What on earth is this?! Are you trying to eat this mistress in return? Stop… stop… stop…! I don’t want to vanish… This mistress, this mistress… Kyaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!”

The screaming Dormina disappeared into this old man’s item box.

“A-Ash? What exactly did you do?! Are you all right…?!”

Tina comes running up to me with a worried look on her face.

“Oh, it’s all right. I’m fine.”

―There’s nothing wrong with this old man.

Usage Rate: 81/100%

Other List:

Dragonmancer’s Soul: 1

[Dragonmancer’s Soul]

When stored, you gain the skill “Dragonmancer”.


can use and manipulate corpse dragons’ bodies and souls.

Long-distance communication allows you to communicate with corpse dragons who have become your dependents.

Dragonmancer magic can be learned.

Proficiency: 99/99

Status Bonus:

Status Bonus:

Arm Strength: 396(4)

Physical Strength: 396(4)

Agility: 594(6)

Spirit: 594(6)

Magic Power: 792(8)

The figures in parentheses represent the bonus value for each proficiency level.

No, it wasn’t all right…!

Despite the worrying usage rate, it seems to have exploded into strength once again.

“All right, let me double-check.”

Tina puts her forehead against this old man’s forehead.

“What are you doing?”

“Appraisal”. I’m going to look for anything unusual.”

“I  think you can use “Appraisal” without getting that close.”

Shouldn’t just a light touch suffice?

“However, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be close, right?”


“Then don’t mind it. I can’t stand this adorable Ash!”

Apparently, decades later, even after becoming queen and growing old and young again, Tina is still Tina.

I’m feeling nostalgic, partly because she looks so familiar and partly because I’ve been rejuvenated.

“Okay, nothing appears to be wrong! But…! What on earth is this…?! Skill proficiency level 9999?! Is it also the effect of this skill that you’ve regained your youth?!”

“Yeah. The “Pearl of Life” can be found in [Storage]. I finally made it because of it!”

It was a game of chance whether this old man died quickly or mastered the [Storage] skill.

But, at long last, this old man has awoken!

“Dormina is now also…That’s incredible, Ash! You finally got stronger and came to pick me up, didn’t you?!”

“That’s exactly what I meant. I apologize for keeping you waiting.”

This old man pats Tina’s arm.

Tina is about seventeen or eighteen years old, and this old man is about ten years old.

Because of our height difference, I can’t reach her to pat her head.

Tina began to cry uncontrollably.

“Uwu~uuuuu! I couldn’t be more happier! Of course, I’ll go with Ash! But I’m sorry that we now resemble a grandson and a grandmother―.”

Tina appears to have been so preoccupied with this old man that she was unable to see herself.

This old man begins to recite a spell.

“Come forth, be my servant, curse the ice, blue gravel…! Freeze Bullet!”


A large block of ice appears nearby on the ground.

“Ash…?! What exactly are you doing?”

“Tina, you’re not the only one who’s gotten younger! Take a look at yourself!”

Tina saw her reflection in the ice.

“?! Eh…! I’m young as well?!”

“Yes! I realize how beautiful you used to be…”

Tina’s hands reached out and pushed this old man’s face to the side.

Tina’s face was filled with nostalgia, happiness, fascination, and many other emotions.

“Fufufu… That naive Ash has matured enough to say such a thing to me…. It hasn’t been that long, has it?”

Tina’s face approaches mine.

There’s no need to be shy or embarrassed anymore.

This old man proudly accepted the way things were.

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