Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Martina and the Dragonmancer 16




It hit the floor and bounced off, making a strange screeching sound, gouging out the floor and leaving a claw mark.

” What the…?! “

”The Curse of the Corpse Dragon”: That kind of thing has destructive power! Be careful! You may suffer physical harm if you are exposed to them! Try not to eat it!”


Each shot is not lethal.

However, every dragon spirit shoots out of their mouths in quick succession!

In the blink of an eye, the area around this old man and the others would be covered in cries of curses.

Oooooooooooooooooooooooo~ !

Carpet bombardment in all directions!

The attack is so dense that even this old man is slightly struck in the right leg by a curse.

My right leg immediately feels as heavy as lead.

“Gugh…? Is this the curse’s effect?!

Usage Rate:93/100%

Other List:

Dragon’s Flame: 3

Holy Sword Wave: 3

Curse of the Corpse Dragon: 1

The Curse of the Corpse Dragon is calculated at 8% per shot based on the original usage rate of 85%.

[Curse of the Corpse Dragon]

When stored, the resistance to curses is increased. The more there are, the more resistance there is.

So it seems that the weight of the body is such that it has become unbearable.

“… It’s a pretty nasty trick, in my opinion.”

Close combat with a Dormina would be a bad idea at this point because my movements would be hampered.

“Where did it affect you?!”

“My legs are so heavy!”

” Get on! Don’t take any more!”

Barvel urges this old man to get on his back.

“No…! Wait!”

While holding Barvel back, this old man lets go of the dragon fire he got from the fire dragon at Dormina.


The red flame flew straight to Dormina!

“It’s only lukewarm!”

A brandishing of the holy sword. The flames are easily extinguished.

―This is a foregone conclusion.

In turn, this old man is confronted with the curse of the corpse dragon.

“Ash, it’s going to hit you again!”

“But hey, if it’ll make you stronger!”

Curses strike this old man!

It vanishes without a creepy cry, and then poof!

Of course, I’ve stored it.

Usage Rate:100/100%

Other List:

Holy Sword Wave: 3

Curse of the Corpse Dragon:  3

The usage rate is now exactly 100%!

I’ve made some room in my usage rate by releasing dragon’s flame to increase my resistance to those nasty curses.

And the amount of resistance I’ve built up…

“Finally, I can move properly…!”

I hardly notice the curse’s effect any longer.

“Did you absorb it again?!”

“Well, thanks to that, I feel lighter! Okay, take off!”

Even though it is not subject to the special effects of the curse itself, it is, of course, a technique that also has pure destructive power.

We can’t take it any longer.

“You’re a difficult foe to deal with…!”

With this old man on his back, Barvel flaps his wings.

With a mighty thud, his huge body rises and dances into the sky.

“You’ve been exposed to it, haven’t you? Are you all right?”

“Remember how I used to be a corpse dragon? A corpse dragon cannot curse another corpse dragon.”

“I see…! You’re a troublemaker who defies the Dragonmancer despite being a corpse dragon!”

“I suppose it’s both of our faults!”

“That’s got to be it!”

This old man and Barvel exchange nods.

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