Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Martina and the Dragonmancer 15

“What the hell…? It’s almost as if you’ve been… Did you cut corners?!”

“No, I won’t do that! I am stronger here and now!”

―”Barrage Thrusting”!

Gagagaga! Gagagaga!

Now the collision point is moving towards Dormina.

“What the…?! What kind of bullsh*t is this…?!”

“Sixty years of toil! I’ve had a thorough education!”

“Shut up! That’s not much time for this mistress…!

Dormina’s face is stained with rage as the force of this old man’s thrust blows her away.

“Gugh… What the…!”


Regardless of the distance, this old man strikes with his sword.

So, the sword comes out and shoots at Dormina’s holy sword, which throws her off balance.

Finally, Dormina’s sword slips from her grasp and falls to the ground as a result of the impact.

―Barvel is closest to Dormina in position.

“Barvel now! Take away the holy sword!”

“I’m on it!”

Barvel reaches for the “Holy Sword Holy Tear” that has fallen to the ground.


But the sword shatters into a ball of light and slips through Barvel’s hand, as if to deny him.


“Fools! Do you think it’ll allow a demon to touch it?!”

The sword floats away and lands in Dormina’s grip.

“Barvel, are you all right?”

This old man rushes over to Barvel and joins him.

“No, I’m fine. But… Dormina! You’re using borrowed energy…! You’re always taking something and using it for your own gain, whether it’s the power of dragons’ corpses or the Holy Sword! I don’t like it!”

“Fufu… So let’s be like that… Come on out, corpse dragon spirits!”

Dormina’s back sprouts several pale, translucent dragon heads and dragonkin faces.


Each of them writhes, seemingly in some sort of pain.

“What the…? Are they in pain?”

“Powerful dragons are far too proud to be tamed by others. They suffer as a result of their power being used against them.

“Kukuku… With that rage and resentment comes a newfound power…! The dragons are so obstinate that their trapped souls produce an endless supply of negative energy.”

This old man whispers to Barvel when he hears this.

“… That’s a revolting ability…”

“Yeah! She has to be killed right now…!”

“But don’t go too far and hurt Tina’s body; this old man is here to get her back!”

“You say so, but are we able to afford it? Do you have any plans?”

“Yes…! If only I could get close enough to her and stop her from moving…”

―That was my plan all along.

The conversation happened right before the ritual of the Holy Sword’s descent was finished…

The opposing party may believe she has bought time, but this old man also has definitive information.

So I had a chance to win. I’m certain.

“Then I’ll take your word for it…!”

“I’m sorry, please! “

The conversation between this old man and Barvel has concluded.

Dormina smiles mischievously, surrounded by translucent dragon heads and faces.

“Kukuku… It’ll be a terrible burden for this vessel… but it can’t be avoided. If you’re worried about this body, then let it slay you!”

The heads of the dragons turned towards us in unison, each spitting out a pale bullet.

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