Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Martina and the Dragonmancer 17

An exasperated Dormina raises her voice.

“Argh! Take them out!”

As Barvel flies through the air, the curse of the corpse dragon pursues him.

Barvel expertly avoids the numerous attacks fired at him.

” Just keep dodging!”

” But what are you going to do?! We’re too far away to launch a counterattack!”

“Don’t worry!”

This old man makes a move to swing his sword at Dormina below.

Of course, it won’t reach her in this manner, but―

The sword stretched itself out to reach the ground and was quickly approaching Dormina.


Dormina evades immediately.


The sword hits the spot where Dormina used to be, cracking the ground and leaving a claw mark.

“Oooh?! Is it really that long…?”


I tested it while searching the castle.

“Take evasive action! This old man is going to attack and corner her!”

“Leave it to me!”

This old man’s offensive power and Barvel’s mobility.

When we combine the two―.

I can stand up to Dormina, who has unleashed the power of the Curse of the Corpse Dragon!

“That’s it! “Battle Thrusting!”

A massive thrust of massive mass rains down like a hail of arrows on the ground!


As holes are drilled into the ground, it becomes uneven.

“Oh, no…!! What a ferocious assault!”

Dormina’s movements are hampered by deteriorating footholds, and she is being pushed further back.

We’re pushing! It appears to be self-evident.

“We just need to get closer to her and stop her, right?! I’ll get closer to seeing the opportunity!”

“Right! “

While this old man maintains his attack, Barvel gradually loses altitude.

The resistance on the other side is not as strong.

They say that the best defense is an attack, but Dormina is so focused on dealing with this old man’s attacks that she has little to counterattack with.

“Good. Keep up the good work!”

And take advantage of the situation by grappling Tina…!

“All of the corpse dragons…! Cast off your flesh, transform into pure power, and join me!”




“What?! “

The voices of the Corpse Dragon’s vengeful spirits can be heard echoing from all directions.

Countless corpse dragon spirits are flocking to Dormina from all over the Royal City.

Are they the fire dragons and flying dragons stationed in the royal capital?

“She’s taking the final risk…?!”

Barvel grumbled to himself.

The Holy Sword takes in all of the dragon corpse spirits that have gathered around Dormina.

“…! The Holy Sword is sucking the vengeful spirits of the Corpse Dragon?!”

“Look…! The holy sword…!”

“Is it changing…?!”

Wiggle… wiggle… wiggle… Swish-swish-swish-swish…!

With an unpleasant noise, the holy sword turns blue and black.

The blade has a curved and thickened edge. It’s a hideous figure with prongs and thorns strewn about.

Finally, some faces of corpse dragons emerge, bobbing and bumping.

It’s a horrifying sight. And…

Dormina’s, or Tina’s, arm was veined in an unusual pattern as she held it.

They throb and pulsate, and the arm gradually turns blue-black.

“It’s infiltrating Tina’s body!”

“This is bad…! If this continues, that body will be devoured by the sword and will never return!”

“Kyahahahahaha! It’s better than defeat…! Even if she loses the vessel, this mistress will always be able to find another…!”

Dormina laughs maniacally.

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