Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Martina and the Dragonmancer 12

Usage rate: 40/100%.

originally 10%, so 15% for each attack.

That’s a lot of damage, but there’s still plenty of room. Just as I predicted.


“I’m returning it!”

This old man extends one hand to each dragon.

And he releases the freshly stored dragon breath from the tips of his palms!


The white dragon breathed on the black dragon, and the black dragon breathed on the white dragon.

These two probably have opposing attributes.

That means their weak point should be each other breaths.

If I can take advantage of that―

“What…?! Gowaaaah?!”

“No way! Gowaaaah?!””

They screamed and vanished, engulfed by the breath of their weaknesses.

Only a smoldering ember remained.

“Huh? Two of them died quicker than I thought. “

Because each of them has their own special weakness, which they have allowed this old man to exploit.

This is the quickest way for this old man to defeat them.

On the other hand, it would have taken longer if they had been summoned one at a time.

“Well, I suppose there’s no point in saying that now.”

Nothing can be said about those who have vanished.

“Now I want Tina back!”

As this old man approaches, Dormina in Tina’s body snorts and smiles.

“… How are you going to reclaim her? This old woman is already under this mistress’s control. When this mistress regained consciousness a moment ago, she was taken aback. It will never happen again. And your pathetic attack will only hurt this body, not this mistress!”

“Why are you attempting to manipulate Tina right now? You’ve already had your chance. Were you waiting for Tina to get old and weak?”

“…I’ll tell you something to take with you when you die. That’s correct. The Holy Sword has identified this human hero. Even this mistress can’t control her that easily. I’ve been possessing her in secret, waiting for the right moment.

Why would she go to such trouble to wait for such a long time?

Was it resentment for being beaten once…?

Dormina continues before this old man can inquire.

“In the past, this person used the power of the holy sword to break the vessel of this mistress, and this mistress herself was severely injured. But at the time, I was thinking… If this mistress could obtain the power of the holy sword, she would become even more perfect…! This mistress has no intention of being a mere one of the eight demon generals…!”

She talks a lot, which is a complete departure from the original topic.

“With the demon power of this mistress to control the dragon corpses, as well as the power of this vessel and the Holy Sword. I’ll be the next Demon King…!”

“Hmph…! I’m sorry I’m just a corpse…! But this piece of corpse will kill you now…!”

A voice from overhead.

Barvel landed near this old man with a thud.


“Mm. You smashed the castle good. That made it much easier to grasp.”

“No, it wasn’t done by this old man…”

“Oh my, Barvel. I know you’re dead. And yet you’re such a stubborn one, one who revives with my power and refuses to be ruled! You’re a scumbag who eats other people’s power for free!”

“This was not something I requested! I will not let you go the way you manipulate my men after their deaths to serve you… My rebirth and refusal to submit to your will is a sign to you that you must be extinguished!”

“Where are your men, Barvel?”

“I tied them up and left them. I couldn’t bear the thought of killing them. She’s all that’s left now!”

“Well, yeah… Huh?”

Something’s wrong with Dormina. No, the magic circle at her feet is.

The previous light has faded and converged on Dormina’s right hand.

“Kyaahahahahaha! Thank you for your lengthy and silly conversation! I just finished the ritual of descending the Holy Sword. Thanks to you!”


“…?! Her goal is to buy time…?!”

“That’s precisely what I mean! Even for a holy sword wielder like this vessel, it’s a ritual that necessitates intense concentration, which I lack when fighting! It’s a good thing you’re a talker! Come out, Holy Sword!”


A roaring torrent of light and stormy winds!

Within it… a spatial distortion appears at the tip of Dormina’s right hand.

Slowly, a pure white sword with glittering ornaments emerges from its hilt.

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