Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Martina and the Dragonmancer 13

“Hahaha! Wasn’t this mistress the first demoness to possess this? Now, Holy Tear, one of the World’s Seven Holy Swords, obey this mistress!”

It’s a beautiful sword, particularly the blade. It’s both translucent and gleaming.

It’s almost as if the light itself is the blade.

However, its power is terrifying.

Dormina swings the sword lightly with one swing, sending out a fierce wave of light.


A distinctive high-pitched sound.


Barvel blew helplessly and was thrown against the hall’s wall.


“Gu… Ggh…! Don’t worry! I’m not that weak to be killed by something like this…!”

Dormina was dissatisfied with the exchange.

“You…?! Didn’t that blow hit you as well?! How did nothing happen?!”

“Huh? I believe you have me mixed up with someone else.

“Don’t get smart on me!”


A wave of light comes flying again.

But it becomes distorted and disappears in front of this old man’s eyes.

This old man’s [storage] appears to have an effect on the holy sword’s strike.

That’s what I’m talking about with a 9999 proficiency!

“I-I knew it…!”

With Dormina staring at me, this old man assesses the situation quickly.

Usage Rate:60/100%

Other List:

Dragon’s Flame: 3

Holy Sword Wave: 2

[Holy Sword Wave]

Storage Status Bonus:

All Abilities Increased  x1.3

When stored, it gains the power of the Holy Sword. The more there are, the more powerful the weapon.

I see, it was originally 10%, so each blow is now 25% more powerful. It’s quite potent.

However, the stored effect is quite strong as well.

The multiplier is the same as the Pearl of Life. The power of a holy sword in a weapon? Does that mean this old man’s “Greatsword of Black Dragon Scales ” weapon…?


The sword’s blade was gilded in the same way as the “Holy Sword Holy Tear.”

“Oh…! This old man’s sword now looks exactly like the Sacred Sword…!”

“Excellent, Ash! With the holy sword, we can damage Dormina within!”

“What the hell are you?!?”

“Ash Aberth! I’ve come to get Tina! Now return her to me!”

This old man lunges at Dormina with his glowing blade.

“No… take this, aaaaaAAAAAAAAH!”

Dormina swings the holy sword repeatedly, constantly releasing waves of light at this old man.


And the slash of the “Greatsword of Black Dragon Scales” intercepts the incoming light waves.

Bikiying! Biking! Biking!

Dormina’s attack still hurts a lot, but the “Holy Sword Wave” of this old man’s sword crashes into it, making it useless.

“Mmm…! I’ve got this…!”

The blow from the Holy Sword is powerful, but I can counter it.

I’ve already reached 60% usage on my item box.

It will be difficult to store all enemy attacks.

If I continue to receive them, the usage rate will quickly exceed 100%.

In that case, it will be necessary to deal with it in this way.

According to the current exchange, if you store the power of two Holy Sword Waves, you should be able to win the game.

“Tsk! We’re not getting anywhere…!”

Dormina becomes agitated and approaches me.

“You b*stard! You should die!”

“No, that is not the case!”

Dormina’s slash collides with this old man’s slash.

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