Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: [Storage] Skill, Proficiency: 9999/9999 Part 9

This old man stares at the jewel.

[Pearl of Life].

Status Boost When Stored:

Arm Strength +400 (Upper Limit: 400)

Physical strength +400 (upper limit: 400)

Agility +400 (Upper limit: 400)

Magic+400 (Upper limit: 400)

Spirit+400 (Upper limit: 400)

All skills increased x 1.3

When stored, it rejuvenates you into a youthful appearance full of vitality.

“Oh …! This is truly extraordinary…”

This was most likely the source of the life wave’s power.

The application resulted in Barvel’s special move ‘motion wave blast’.

The upper limit is not so much, but the status bonus is maxed out.

If you [store] one of these items, items with a maximum value of 400 or less are no longer required for the status bonus.

Not to mention “Stone”, “Herb”, “Feather of Deathcocktrice”, “Mithril Sword” and “Silver Knight’s Rapier” are no longer needed for status bonuses.

Although the Mithril Sword and Silver Knight’s Rapier are still needed for special skills.

“…But what a magnificent trophy.”

It was most likely formed from the power Barvel had absorbed from the humans he had gathered.

The item is known as the “Pearl of Life.”

The crystallization of so many human lives. It’s frightening to think so.

The spirits gathered here will be enlightened, rather than being used by demons or hidden away where no one can find it.

This old man should be able to make better use of the pearl of life than anyone else.

That’s what a [Storage] skill proficiency of 9999/9999 is all about.

“…Please help this old man. I will not treat you badly. “

This old man places his hand on the Pearl of Life and bows politely before storing it.

Also, a status check.

Usage rate:21/100%.

List of articles:



Deathcocktrice Feathers: 62

Martial Arts Pendant: 1

Mithril Sword: 1

Rapier of the Silver Knight: 1

Shield of the Golden Knight: 1

Great Axe of the Great Warrior: 1

Pearl of life: 1

Other lists :

Life wave: 1

Status Bonus:

Arm strength: 450

Physical strength: 450




Additional specialties:


Sonic boom

Barrage Thrusting

Extreme protection

Day Break

Additional Properties:

All abilities increased x 1.3

“Well …! Looks like I’m even stronger now.”

All abilities have gained 1.3 points. Furthermore, my usage rate has dropped by 40% since I just fired two Life Waves.

Because the Pearl of Life is an item, storing it has almost no effect on [storage]’s usage rate.

That’s another benefit.

Since its 1.3 times the multiplier of the “Pearl of Life” seems to also apply to the increase of all abilities, the “Life Wave” can be let go.

As a result, the usage rate can be reduced to the original 1%.

“Now let us save the survivors and return home.”

This has been an extremely worthwhile journey.

I had grown stronger and I had been rejuvenated to ten years old, as if I were a different person for my purpose.

Then this old man returned to the guild and tried to leave the survivors to Ellie―

“Huh? Did you rescue all of these people?! Thank you very much! And have you ever seen an Oji-chan named Ash-san?!”

“This old man is Ash. Here’s this old man’s adventurer’s card―isn’t it?”

“I-It’s Ash-san’s adventurer’s card …! That means Oji-chan is dead! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Ellie burst into tears.

“W-Well, that makes sense. You suddenly look like a different person at the age of ten. So, here’s what we’re going to do―”

Then this old man removes the Pearl of Life from his item box.

On the way home, the last “Life Wave” had already been used to blow away the debris.

So with the Pearl of Life removed, this old man’s body has reverted to that of an old man with a sore back.

“What, eh? A-Ash-san?! What about that kid?”

“Both are this old man! It’s the item in my storage that has made me young again.”

“Eeeeeeeee? You can do something like that?!”

“Watch and see―.”

The “pearl of life” is then re-stored.


Then this old man quickly turned into an adorable 10-year-old boy.

“What do you think?”

“Wow, that’s incredible! And you were so adorable when you were younger, Ash-san.”

He patted me on the head. It’s not all that bad.

“Anyway… I’m glad to hear that Bangel-san and the others are safe, but did you find the knights from the earlier surveying party?”

This old man shakes his head―.

“No, it was terrible. They were already trapped by the demons and their lives had been sucked out of them by the time this old man ran to them.”

“…! T-There’s such a terrifying demon?”

“Yes. But it shouldn’t be a danger anymore. I’ve defeated it.”

“I-Is that so? What kind of demon was it?”

“Rather than explaining it with words, see for yourself. I’ll need some space.”

And this old man caused Barvel’s corpse to appear in a large space in the guild’s center.

He was powerful.

Even as a corpse, his size and the aura of strength he exudes overwhelm anyone who sees him.

“…! W-What is this vicious-looking demon?! It’s got a face like a dragon and a hard body, but it’s shining and beautiful and―This thing was in the Gynt Aqueduct Ruins?!”

Not only Ellie, but also the other adventurers, are taken aback.

“Ahhhh?! What in the world is this demon?!”

“A dragon… A dragon knight?” Man, it looks really strong!”

“Does it have a crystal-like skin? Does it become a great material if we peel it off…?!”

This old man decides to tell everyone what Barvel said.

“It was apparently sealed further down at the Gynt Aqueduct ruins. He introduced himself as Barvel, one of the Demon King’s Army’s eight demon generals. “

“””eeeeeEEEEEEEEEH! The demon army? The eight demon generals?!”””

The place was filled with astonishment.

“Isn’t that some kind of legendary demon?! Wait a second! I’ll go get the guildmaster! And the content for the Demon’s Illustrated Book!”

Ellie fluttered along―.

She came back with the guildmaster, a short, fat old man.

The guild master is carrying a large book.

He was so taken aback when he saw Barvel’s body that he nearly passed out.

“Aaaaahhhh?! I-I-It’s true! It’s Crystal Dragon General Barvel, one of the legendary Eight Demon Generals of the Demon King’s Army…! Everyone, Ellie! Take a look at this!”

The Guild Master brought a large-sized picture book with Barvel’s name and figure drawn in it. It also stated that Barvel had “destroyed a thousand of the elite with a single strike” and that “his skin is harder than steel and cannot be damaged by ordinary weapons.”

He was, after all, a very famous figure amongst the demon tribe.

“Wow! He beat that thing!”

“Then, he is, without a doubt, a hero!”

“Who the hell is this kid?!”

The guild is suddenly very lively.

“A-A-A-Anyway, this is a great achievement! We’ll make an exception and promote you to S-rank adventurer right away, so you don’t have to take any advancement exams!”

The word came from the guildmaster.

I have no reason to say no. I’ll accept.

To be honest, that makes me happy.

This old man wished to be a better adventurer than his parents.

I’m not sure if I have… but I have joined the ranks of the great adventurers.

In the midst of the guild’s excitement, this old man had made up his mind yet again

―The moment has arrived.

Of course, it was time to fulfill my promise to Tina.

I promised to pick her up more than 50 years ago.

Tina was still secretly helping this old man.

Even after all these years, this old man was wrong and stubborn.

That can’t be helped.

It is certain that too many years have passed between us.

But I owe it to Tina to let her see this old man for once. I must keep my word.

When we’re ready, we’ll ride to Tina’s palace in the royal capital.

I understand she recently resigned from her long reign as Queen due to health concerns.

I’m worried. But I’m confident that if this old man arrives in time, he will be able to save Tina.

Anyway, we need to hurry!!!

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