Outlier Skill [Storage], Proficiency Level 9999 – The Strongest Cheat Awakened After 60 Years of Hard Work – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: [Storage] Skill, Proficiency: 9999/9999 Part 8

“That’s all there is to it! Let’s get started!”


“Gohooo…?! That’s absurd; you didn’t have this much power before…!”

This old man’s “ki-bullet” continues to push Barvel’s body up against the wall.

In quick succession of Ki-Bullets, Barvel’s body is pinned against the wall like a crucifix and buried deep for greater impact.

“Hohoho! It’s more powerful, and I can catch my breath even after firing in rapid succession!”

The power of the “Ki Bullet” has been greatly increased as a result of the increased status of the “Life Wave.”

Furthermore, I used to be unable to fire the Ki-Bullet for more than a few rounds in a row, but now I can shoot it as many times as I want without running out of breath.

I’m wondering if it’s because my body has gotten younger.

“Above all, my back and knees are not in pain! I’m doing fantastic!”


Barvel’s depressed voice falls into an ever-expanding hole.

Rumble rattle rattle …!

Finally, the hole collapses so wide that Barvel’s body is obscured by the debris.


This old man exhales and stops hitting with the “Ki-Bullet.”

“I’ve worked up a good sweat―Now then…”

This may not be the right time, but I’m curious, so I move closer to the reservoir’s edge and check my reflection.

I see a young boy, about ten years old.

He has an innocent expression, firm, youthful skin, and eyes that seem to sparkle.

I’m certain of it. This is definitely this old man when he was 10 years old.

“Hohoho. I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but now I realize what a cute child I am.”

Would my grandchildren look like this if I had them?

“Tina will be surprised to see me like this… And, besides, this could be a nice souvenir. I’m going to stay here for a while.”

This old man’s mind was racing with ideas.

And, tactically, there was no reason to activate the Life Wave, which would boost all of his abilities.

The issue is that it consumes a large portion of the item box usage.



Barvel emerges from the ruins with vigor.

But he has wounds all over his body, his shoulders move up and down, and his breathing is all over the place.

“Really? You’re a tough fella to still be standing after all this time.”

“You. What is your name?”

“Ash Aberth.”

“I see. This Barvel, the Crystal Dragon, has never faced an opponent as formidable as you in his entire life! So, haaaaaaaaa!”

The jewel in Barvel’s chest glows so brightly that it transmits to the two blades in his hands.

―Motion Wave Blast.

And now he’s going to use both of his swords?

“…Motion Wave Blast?!? But that didn’t work, did it?”

“You can’t be sure you’ll be able to take the next one! And my greatest attack is this technique. Then I will use my best technique! Or else I’ll regret it as a warrior!”

“I see. Then go ahead and do it! Come on!”


Barvel charges forward with the greatest speed yet, two shining swords swinging down at the same time!

“Double Motion Wave Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaast”

This old man dares to catch it without moving.


At this old man’s feet, a crater twice the size of the previous blow has been left.

It’s a frightening blow.

With its massive destructive power, this single blow can take out dozens or even hundreds of enemies at once.

But, sadly, this old man was unharmed.

Check the status

Usage rate:61/100%.

Item List:



Deathcocktrice Feathers:62

Martial Arts Pendant:1

Mithril Sword: 1

Rapier of the Silver Knight:1

Shield of the Golden Knight:1

Great Axe of the Great Warrior: 1

Other lists :

Life wave: 3

Status Bonus:

Arm strength: 340

Physical strength: 180

Agility: 230.

Additional specialties:


Sonic boom

Barrage Thrusting

Extreme protection


Additional Properties:

All skills increased by 1.25

Indeed, regardless of the number of the same “life waves,” the magnification of the increase in total power does not appear to increase.

“How is it like this―?!”

“…I’m sorry about this!”

This old man extended his hand to the heavens.

He pulls out the Mithril sword from his item box and grips it tightly.

The blade was engulfed in the seven-colored light that Barvel had emitted.

“W-What the hell? Now you want to claim all this power for yourself?!”

“Yes! It’s a powerful technique that I’ve been wanting to try! Haaaaaa!

With all his might, this old man swung his Life Wave sword down at Barvel.

“Motion Wave Blaaaaaaaaaaast!”


A huge pillar of light engulfs Barvel.

Its energy has scorched and ripped Barvel’s body to shreds.

“Fu,fufufufufu! … Brilliant! Brilliaaaaantー!”

Barvel let out a shriek in praise of this old man.

As the pillar of light disappears, an ugly, smoking body crashes into the center of the cratered destruction.

“You’ve always been a man of integrity. Thank you for the compliment. I apologize, but it’s all part of the game, so don’t take it personally.”

This old man bent his hand to Barvel’s and stored his body.

As the hulking figure disappeared into the item box, there was something left behind.

It was a large jewel that glowed in seven different colors.

“Huh…? Isn’t this―?!”

It’s the one that shines on Barvel’s chest!

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