My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 9

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Near dawn, it seemed that her brother Leo had finally returned home.

Minerva, who had been napping, woke up after hearing the maid’s report. Still in her nightgown, she goes to her brother’s room.

He has just returned to the house, and his clothes are a bit disheveled. Minerva sees this and raises her eyebrows uncomfortably.

“Onii-sama? Don’t tell me you’ve been with another woman while Marian was there?”

“…Nick got violent. He even jumped at me.”

“That’s… Then it’s over. “

Rioting in a royal palace is a felony.

And to even attempt to assault her brother, the heir to the Dukedom of Sazaria… even the second prince can’t protect him anymore.

Their father, the Duke of Sazaria, is so busy with his political duties that he rarely returns to the house, but he is not without interest in them.

In fact, he is a loving father.

If he knew that his son had been hurt, he would hold Nick accountable to the hilt.

The second prince, Crate, was planning to make Nick’s sister, Rietta, his fiancée, but that will probably be off the table as well.

“It doesn’t matter, Onii-sama.”

But Minerva didn’t wait for her brother to come home to hear how Nick was doing.

“Don’t you know that Marian didn’t understand the meaning of the crest ring at all?”


Her brother, who might have been thinking about it, rose with a surprised expression on his face, very depressed by Minerva’s words.

“That can’t be…”

“But what Marian asked me [Isn’t this proof that you are related to the Dukes of Sazaria?]”

“And what did you say?”

“I said, [it should be.]”


—Only with my best friend Marian does Onii-sama, who is said not to show mercy to anyone who opposes him, get so upset.

Her brother, who is so terribly smart about other things, could do nothing about Marian except destroy his own engagement story.

Eventually, Marian would be engaged to someone again. It was only natural for a lady her age to do so.

But if her brother, the legitimate son of the Duke, had asked for Marian’s hand, it would have been the Count’s boon. No matter how many promises he had made to the Marquis of Deedaloid, he would always have given preference to the one who would benefit him the most.

Minerva was dumbfounded by her brother, who remained motionless.

Marian had accepted the engagement of his childhood friend (Nick), so she thought her brother’s wishes would no longer come true.

Nick’s unexpected betrayal gives her brother a chance. She wants her brother to do his best this time, but all he can do is give her a ring with a coat of arms on it.

The fact that it is a token of courtship does not go down well with Marian (she has no clue).

“Brother, don’t miss your chance this time. You won’t get another chance like this again.”

Leo nodded, with a thoughtful look on his face.

She had come to warn him, fearing that he would take a different direction, but she still felt quite uneasy.

—I wonder if I should talk to Master Roland about this…

Minerva sighed deeply as she thought of the face of her fiancé, the crown prince.


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My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared

My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
In the garden, Countess Marian comes across her fiancé Nick, who is whispering his love to another woman. She sees them both drunk with tragic love and fears being turned into villainess. Marian decides to vanish with the assistance of her friends.


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    1. Kouheu says:

      Yes, he is. The ring as it states is a sign that he is courting Marian. Marian is not aware of the significance though.

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