My Fiancé Was Cheating on Me, so I Left a Letter and Disappeared – Chapter 8

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All the commotion in the hall was heard in the waiting room where Marian was.

Events were going as planned until Minerva showed Nick Marian’s letter and told everyone else that their relationship was unfair.

However, it was not expected that Emilia would cut Nick off early and run away, nor that Nick would raise his hand to Emilia in anger.

It is a bit disconcerting that such passionate talk of love could fall apart so easily.

Moreover, they caused a commotion in the royal palace and were taken away by the guards whom Leo had called.

Because the situation has gotten so bad, it’s difficult to believe they won’t be held accountable in any way.

“Marian doesn’t have to worry about that. Those two totally deserved what they got.”

Marian got into the carriage for the return trip with Minerva, who left early, saying she was feeling ill.

Leo was going to do everything to explain the situation and report it to his superior (the Crown Prince).

—I think I’ll have to thank him properly later.

“It’s true that they had it coming, but…”

Marian breathes a sigh at Minerva’s words.

—I just don’t want to be the villain.

She can’t imagine marrying Nick, who embraces other women with impunity.

It was Marian who thought so, and talked to Minerva and Leo about it, but she didn’t think she would ruin Nick and Emilia’s futures as well.

“Yes, there are many romance novels about people who fall in love and elope (run away) with people they shouldn’t.”

Minerva says quietly to Marian, as if she knows what’s going on in her head, trying to ease the guilt she feels.

“For the most part, the main characters in these novels have run away from home or said a proper goodbye to their fiancés. But there is no one like Nick in these novels, trying to enjoy his love for Emilia and keep the engagement at the same time…”

Nick loses everything because he is greedy and tries to have it all.

Marian agrees.

Nick was certainly too greedy.

He wanted to marry Marian while enjoying his love with Emilia.

If Marian had not seen them in the garden, Nick would still be Marian’s fiancée with an innocent look on his face.

—Besides, I didn’t think he would raise his hand so easily.

It is true that Emilia betrayed Nick and tried to escape.

When he asked her if her love was only for him, and she told him he was wrong, he was rightly angry.

But she didn’t think he was the kind of person who would hurt a weak woman.

It remains to be seen how the two who made a scene at the palace will be punished, but Nick’s punishment will be much harsher than Emilia’s.

On the other hand, Emilia’s future will surely be greatly affected as she has been exposed as a woman who touches someone else’s fiancé in front of so many people.

—In that context, perhaps they had it coming.

Convinced, Marian nodded her head in agreement.

—That is all we have done. We can only hope now that they understand.

After returning to the duke’s house, Minerva and Marian discuss the future.

The plan has worked, but Marian is supposed to be missing, so she can’t go home easily.

“If I do that, my father will punish me for the reason of the disturbance. And I am sure that he will soon find another fiancée anyway.”

The daughter is nothing more than a political tool for the father. Then it might be better to run away like this.

Such a thought comes to her mind.

“I’m curious to see what Nick and the others will do, and I think it’s best if you stay here for a while.”

In fact, she also wondered what would happen to Nick and Emilia. Minerva said the same thing, so she will stay with the Dukes for a while.

“It will be late at night when Onii-sama will be home anyway, so let’s take a rest today.”

“Oh, come to think of it…”

Marian recalls and looks at the ring that was still on her finger.

“I got tangled up with a nobleman in the waiting room. But when I showed him this, he suddenly turned blue and ran away.”

She has mixed feelings, remembering how frightened he was when she called out to him.

“…Isn’t this proof that you are related to the Dukes of Sazaria?”

“Yes, it should be…”

Minerva says and nods her head in agreement with Marian.

“Onii-sama doesn’t have a very good reputation. Maybe he got scared and ran away from fear.”

It seems that, rather than a bad reputation, he is said to be ruthless and unforgiving to those who defy him. Marian used to think so too, but he has been very kind and helpful in this matter and is concerned about Marian.

“But if it works so well, it’s convenient, so you should put it in. It’s not that expensive—just a “ring” with the ducal coat of arms.”

“Yes, that’s true. I’ll borrow it a little longer.”

—Since I’m going to be a maid for a while, it’s reassuring to know that I have a way to protect myself.

It was already late in the night, and Marian went back to her rented guest room to rest. Tomorrow, Leo would explain to them what had happened.

She changed into pajamas and laid down on the bed.

She held out her hand and looked at the ring on her finger.

—Was the man really only frightened by the name of the Duke of Sazaria? Seeing the man who had been so domineering and then turned pale in an instant, it seems as if there was more to it than that.

But she doesn’t think Minerva or Leo would deceive her because they’ve both been so accommodating.

—Yes, I’m thinking too much, aren’t I?

With that in mind, she closed her eyes again.

Maybe it was because she was a little tense and tired after today’s events and immediately fell asleep.

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